Yeti Hopper Two 20 Review and Perks

September 11, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the yeti hopper two 20 cooler? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

The Yeti Hopper Two 20 is an upgraded soft-sided cooler from YETI that features upgrades in thermal performance and accessibility, such as its revolutionary Dryhide shell and Hydrolok zipper – two of the toughest waterproof and leakproof zippers on the market today.

YETI coolers have earned their reputation for producing top-quality coolers that can retain ice in even hot climates, for long. Unfortunately, however, their products tend to be more costly.


The YETI Hopper Two 20 is one of the toughest soft-sided coolers available today, boasting capacity to hold more than 18 cans of beer and an entire bag of ice, all while remaining leakproof when closed properly. You can use it to store food below safe temperatures for up to three days at once and has features that set it apart such as its HydroLok Zipper inspired by HazMat suits and Hitch Point Grid that allows attachment of Yeti Sidekick or Gear Case to help organize dry items properly.

The Hopper Two 20 is an ideal choice for car camping, beach trips, tailgating parties and tailgate parties. Easily carried with its convenient shoulder strap and built to withstand abuse in the wild – its waterproof DryHide shell offers mildew resistance as well as protection from UV radiation; plus its construction can withstand rough conditions in your truck bed or being jostled around while hiking trails or trekking tracks pass over it!


Though the Hopper Two 20 is generally reliable, it does have some noticeable shortcomings. When fully packed it may be difficult to open easily and some users have complained that it doesn't retain as much ice as desired – however these are typical complaints for any cooler and most can be rectified with minor adjustments.

YETI Hopper coolers have earned worldwide respect as top-of-the-line coolers capable of keeping ice cool for extended periods. While most people associate their brand with hard-sided coolers, YETI now also makes soft insulated models that match up to its reputation for toughness.

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The YETI Hopper may be expensive, but its lifetime guarantee makes up for its cost. Furthermore, its large space makes it perfect for fitting an entire case of beer or even sandwiches inside at once. Unfortunately it's not as compact as some other brands but still provides ample cooling capacity when traveling with food and beverages. Alternatively, consider the RTIC Cooler; less costly yet equally rugged; with room enough to hold more food.


YETI has gained global renown for their hard sided coolers that can keep ice for multiple days at a time, yet their soft-sided cooler has raised many questions as to its performance and whether its higher price tag justifies itself. Aside from the YETI Hopper Two 20, there are other products on the market which may provide better values depending on your specific needs and budget.

The YETI Hopper Two 20 is a soft-sided cooler designed to provide optimal ice retention and convenient storage, plus leakproof performance and portability. Perfect for car camping, beach trips and tailgate parties alike; keep food and beverages cold up to three days at a time with this versatile product – the Hopper Two 20 can keep cold drinks and food cold all weekend long, making it the ideal addition to any outdoor adventure!

Although the YETI Hopper Two 20 is expensive, its many features make it worth your while. For example, its durable Dryhide shell is waterproof and mildew resistant while the inside liner consists of heavy-duty food grade plastic while insulation comes from rubber foam – and its massive waterproof zipper easily accommodates an entire box of beer or bag of ice!


YETI's second version of its popular soft-sided cooler offers upgrades in thermal performance and accessibility while remaining tough as nails. Ideal for car camping, boating and tailgate parties alike, its updated design also boasts leakproof performance for easy transportation and highly portable storage needs.

The Hopper cooler from YETI may cost more than other soft-sided coolers, but it offers great value to outdoor enthusiasts who need something that will stand the test of time. Capable of holding 18 cans with ice in it at once and withstanding extreme heat conditions, its design shows why so many outdoor enthusiasts trust YETI products – including this Hopper. YETI stands by their quality reputation by continuing to produce top products at reasonable prices like this Hopper.

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Although the YETI Hopper Two is an exceptional soft-sided cooler, there have been some negative reviews. Some found its zipper difficult to open while others felt that it did not keep their drinks cold for as long as expected. While these issues might deter anyone from purchasing the cooler, these should not be considered deal-breakers when considering it as an option.


Are you in search of an ice-cold cooler that keeps ice for days when filled properly? Look no further than Yeti Hopper Two 20. With features that set it apart from competitors such as its ability to retain cold temperatures for multiple days when filled properly, and an ergonomic carrying handle and shoulder strap for easy portability; in addition, this Yeti cooler accommodates Yeti accessories such as its Ice Bucket and Sidekick attachments for convenient transporting of your items.

The Yeti Hopper Two cooler is an excellent option for camping trips and outdoor adventures, featuring its durable construction made of waterproof dryHide material and puncture-resistant ColdCell insulation to keep food and drinks cold for several days. Furthermore, its massive zipper opens wide to easily accommodate larger items.

One of the primary complaints with the original Hopper was its discomfort when carrying. This version addresses this by adding a shoulder strap and making the cooler more ergonomic, as well as tweaking zipper placement and adding tapered sides – seemingly minor improvements but definitely significant in improving comfort when carrying the Hopper.

The Hopper 2 has many features that make it ideal for camping and other outdoor activities, from being easy to carry to being equipped with an adjustable shoulder strap that's comfortable to wear and can fit your frame comfortably. Furthermore, its YETI Hitchpoint Grid allows users to attach accessories like carabiners or keychains.

Though not as cost-effective as some soft sided coolers, Yeti Hopper provides outstanding value for its price point. Ideal for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities; its rigorous testing stands up well under stress tests conducted by Yeti itself. No matter if it's for yourself or someone else; buying this cooler from Yeti brings peace of mind and is worth every extra expense involved.

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Yeti coolers have long been synonymous with tough coolers that are capable of keeping ice cool for extended periods. Their hard-sided coolers serve as benchmarks against which other models should be judged, but can their soft-sided alternatives perform just as effectively?

The Yeti Hopper Two 20 is a resilient soft-sided cooler designed to accommodate 18 cans and ice. Constructed from durable Dryhide material, its waterproof shell resists mildew growth while remaining mildew, rip, and UV damage-proof; cleaning it quickly is simple with quick-drier capabilities; it rolls up for storage when not in use, taking up less room than typical roto-molded models when not needed.

Hopper Two users generally found the cooler durable and ideal for weekend trips, while others noted its ineffective ice retention (an issue common to coolers in general but more so with Hopper Two). If this becomes an issue for you, some things you can do to help it retain more ice longer include pre-chilling the contents and using a 2:1 ratio between ice/contents ratio and contents/ice capacity ratios.

Closing Thoughts

Other reviewers noted difficulty opening the zipper, a common complaint about soft sided coolers. For some people – particularly children – this can be an extremely frustrating issue. Additionally, other reviewers had difficulty closing their lid, another common problem among coolers.

Though expensive, Yeti's Hopper Two cooler is worth its cost for those seeking an efficient soft-sided cooler from an established brand. There may be cheaper options out there; however, some people value having access to its premium feel and name brand status that comes with Yeti products.

The Hopper backpack is an excellent option for camping, hiking, fishing or other outdoor activities. Featuring enough room for food and drinks with an additional pocket designed to store snacks or toiletries. Furthermore, its water-resistant zipper and durable Dryhide shell make for easy cleanup; also making this backpack suitable for boating trips or backyard fun.

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