Yeti Coolers Sizes Review and Benefits

March 23, 2023

By Nate


Seeking more information about the various yeti coolers sizes before investing in one? Are you looking for a legitimate cooler to keep your cold drinks enjoyable for days? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this post will be helpful to you.

The Yeti cooler line is one of the most renowned and beloved in the industry. They provide a vast selection of hard-sided coolers ideal for camping, fishing, rafting – or any outdoor activity!

Their extensive selection offers great performance and plenty of accessories, though their prices are relatively high when compared to other premium cooler brands.

What Are the Sizes of YETI Coolers?

YETI offers a vast selection of coolers and yeti coolers sizes suitable for any purpose. Their collection includes hard-sided and soft-sided models, drinkware, as well as accessories like bags and buckets.

Anglers, campers and hunters alike understand the necessity of keeping food fresh and cold. YETI makes some of the best-insulated coolers on the market with their Fatwall design ensuring your ice will stay cold for extended periods of time.

Yeti boasts one of the most comprehensive product lineups of any cooler brand, offering both hard-sided and soft-sided models to meet your needs. However, their premium coolers come at a hefty price point – but be warned: these premium options won't break your budget.

Yeti coolers are definitely worth the money, boasting impressive ice retention, high build quality and almost indestructibility. If you're searching for a tough cooler that will last forever, Yeti is THE premium brand to own. Plus, their features such as T-rex lid latches and Permafrost insulation have helped them remain competitive against other top-notch cooler brands for years.

What Size YETI is Most Popular?

YETI coolers sizes to meet different needs. You can find a small hard cooler that holds just two cans for your daily commute to work or opt for the larger tundra style cooler which will keep all your food and beverages cold on long camping trips.

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Yeti coolers come in an array of colors, so you can match your ice chest to your personal decor. Additionally, there are various closure options such as zip or magnetic closure and latch.

YETI's most popular coolers are the Roadie 24, 35, and 45 models. Additionally, their Hopper Flip series continues to gain ground.

If you need a compact cooler to take camping, the YETI Roadie 24 is your ideal option. It holds 14 cans and weighs in at 15 pounds, making it perfect for long hikes. Thus, yeti coolers sizes can accommodate all people.

For larger camping expeditions, the YETI Tundra 160 is your ideal companion. It keeps everyone's food and drinks cool while hunting elk or multiple deer, fishing for tuna, wahoo, mackerel or whatever else you need to bring back from the field.

What is the Difference Between YETI 35 and 45?

When shopping for the ideal Yeti cooler for your next adventure, size matters. The two most popular models are the 35 and 45, both available in various color options.

Both YETI coolers are built to be rugged and reliable, featuring features like BullDog Strap Guides and Dry Ice Compatible insulation.

The YETI 35 can accommodate up to 21 cans (or 26 pounds) of ice inside, making it the ideal choice for solo trips or small family camping excursions.

Contrastingly, the YETI 45 can hold up to 37.6 quarts of food and beverages – that's equivalent to 28 beer cans or 34 pounds of ice! That may not seem like much at first glance, but when put into perspective it becomes an impressive feat.

The YETI Tundra 45 weighs 3 pounds more than its smaller counterpart, but that extra space makes up for it. Plus, with more durability, this cooler can handle more abuse than its 35 counterpart can handle.

How Many Cans Fit in a YETI 45?

The YETI 45 is an impressive choice when it comes to cooling down your favorite beverage. Crafted with thick walled polyethylene, this large cooler can hold a whopping 450 lbs of ice. Plus, its lid features Coldlock gasket insulation similar to what refrigerators use – making it one of the most well-insulated coolers available on the market. Plus, its T-Rex lid latch makes opening and closing effortless while keeping drinks cold inside.

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The best part is, you can transport this cooler in the trunk of your car, strap it down to a truck bed or store it away in a kayak – all while enjoying your favorite beverage! Thanks to its rotomolding and ice retention technologies, YETI coolers are an absolute hit at picnics or camping trips. So if you want to show off at the next picnic or reserve a spot along the camping trail with ease, a YETI is definitely worth considering!

YETI Soft Cooler Sizes

YETI is renowned for its quality coolers and superior customer service. Additionally, they provide an extensive range of accessories to custom tailor your soft cooler to meet any need.

Accessory items like tie-down ice packs, dry goods baskets and bottle openers can help maximize the performance of your soft cooler and improve its durability as well.

Most YETI coolers are constructed with 1+ inches of closed cell foam, providing superior ice retention for days (or even longer when filled with Yeti Ice packs). Plus, these coolers feature the HydroLok zipper which creates an airtight seal to help keep food and drinks chilled.

Many of these designs are lighter than hard-sided coolers and feature padded straps for comfortable carrying. Premium models such as YETI's Hopper M30, RTIC's Soft Pack Cooler, and Engel's HD20 all boast soft handles and thick straps that make them more comfortable to haul over long distances. Budget models with basic strap systems may not be as durable but still provide decent ice retention at an affordable price point.

Which Size Soft Cooler Should I Buy?

When purchasing a cooler, size is an important consideration. If you are taking your family on vacation, then a larger cooler that can store more food and drinks may be necessary. On the other hand, if fishing is part of the itinerary, then bigger containers are necessary to transport bait and lures safely.

When shopping for a soft cooler, the first factor you should take into account is your budget. There are many models under $100 that provide great ice retention, are comfortable to use, and come with extra features like daisy chains or webbing straps. These coolers should also fit within your space requirements.

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For a premium design that will perform in all conditions, hard-sided coolers are your best bet. Made of one single plastic piece, these coolers have extra-thick walls for longer durability than their soft counterparts.

How Long Will My YETI Cooler Bag Keep Ice?

YETI coolers are renowned for their long-lasting durability and quality. Furthermore, they come with a warranty that covers any repairs or replacements you may need down the line.

However, ice retention isn't the only factor to consider when purchasing a cooler. How long a container will keep ice depends on its size, insulation level and materials used.

YETI coolers are rated to keep ice for 24 hours in 120 degree heat, an incredible feat. But there are other soft coolers that can hold ice even longer.

RTIC is a formidable rival to Yeti in many areas, particularly ice retention. Their Softpak 30 cooler allows almost the same weight as Yeti's Hopper 18 but offers significantly longer ice life.

They may be more expensive than Yeti coolers, but they make for an excellent option if you need an insulated tote-shaped cooler that fits behind cars and pickup seats. Although not as bombproof as the YETI models above, these bags provide great casual outdoor use and are worth considering.

Do YETI Soft Coolers Leak?

YETI is renowned for their premium rotomolded coolers, but the brand also offers a selection of soft-sided designs. While these lighter options are more portable and lightweight than their tougher cousins, they still maintain all of the same characteristics that have made YETI so popular over time: excellent ice retention, rugged construction, stylish looks, and top-notch attention to detail.

A soft cooler that claims to be leakproof must have a water-resistant shell and an ice retention system that keeps its contents cold and dry. This may involve features like an aggressive zipper, heavy-duty handles, and grippier exteriors that resist punctures, abrasion, and UV rays.

One of the best ways a soft cooler can be leakproof is by using dedicated ice packs that fit snugly inside it. Although these may be an additional expense, they guarantee your food and drinks remain cool without creating a mess when used multiple times over an extended trip.

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