Yeti 110 Cooler Review

March 23, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more information about the Yeti 110 cooler? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers.

For a cooler that can store plenty of ice and keep food and drinks cool, the Yeti 110 is one great option. Not only that, but it's also bear-resistant so you can have peace of mind when venturing out into grizzly country.

This cooler was engineered with the rafting community in mind, but it can easily accommodate any outdoor adventure you have planned. Crafted with the same rotomolded polyethylene construction used on white-water kayaks, it features two inches of insulation for superior ice retention.

How Many Beers Does a Yeti 110 Hold?

The Yeti 110 can hold up to 28 cans of beer and is an ideal size for rafting trips as it fits standard raft frames. It's also perfect for hiking, hunting and camping trips where you need plenty of room to store a few beers. If you need something bigger, we suggest the RTIC 45 Quart Cooler which holds 36 cans and made of rotomolded plastic with polyurethane foam insulation infused into extra-thick three inch walls. Available in four colors with double lid gasket to prevent air leaks, this cooler may not be quite as ice resistant as the Yeti but still makes an excellent choice for outdoor adventures.

How Big is a Yeti 110?

River rats, hunters and campers alike will love the Yeti 110 cooler. It's designed to fit snugly on all major raft frames and boasts 2 inches of insulation as well as dry ice compatibility for extended use in nature – even up close with hungry grizzly bears! We filled ours up with ice for a snow goose hunt and had no issues keeping food cold at the campsite.

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Yeti Brand

Yeti is a high-end cooler brand that sells both hard and soft-sided coolers (45% of sales), as well as drinkware items like tumblers, bottles, and mugs. Their products stand out from their competition due to their premium pricing, top-class quality standards, and brand recognition.

Established in 2006 by two brothers, Ryan and Roy Seiders, the company launched its cooler line with the goal of manufacturing a tough, reliable product that could withstand outdoor abuse. These coolers are made through rotational molding – taking polyethylene resin and spinning it at high speeds to eliminate seams and joints.

Yeti's pioneering cooler design has gained the attention of hunters, fishermen and other outdoor adventurers who were dissatisfied with the quality of coolers available at that time. To build brand recognition, Yeti promoted its coolers through specialty sports stores and trade shows.

The brand has successfully engaged their audience through clever storytelling. Their website showcases real-life stories of customers and ambassadors showing how coolers help them reach their objectives, giving the brand the ability to resonate with its target audience and encourage them to follow in their footsteps.

How Many Quarts is a Yeti 110?

The Yeti 110 cooler offers outdoor adventurers a lot. Not only does it hold plenty of ice for your next river trip, but its impressive design features make it even more desirable.

First and foremost, the 110 features a large lid to keep contents cool. Furthermore, its freezer-quality gasket wraps around the length of the cooler to block out sun and heat.

Finally, the top of the line 110 is a rotomoulded polyethylene construction designed for whitewater kayaking trips. It has two inches of insulation to retain ice and an advanced Coldlock gasket that's built to last as long as the raft itself.

Many people are unaware that the model number on a Yeti cooler or tumbler does not accurately reflect its actual quart capacity. Thus, leading to confusion for customers looking to purchase one of these products. Fortunately, we've compiled an overview of some of the most notable Yeti cooler. Also, drinkware models along with their respective quart capacities. So, you can make an informed decision before spending money you don't have to.

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How Long Will a Yeti 110 Keep Ice?

Are you in need of a durable ice pack that will stay chilled for days? If so, the Yeti 110 cooler might be just what the doctor ordered. These coolers boast impressive ice retention rates and make perfect picnic or camping companions.

These coolers boast an extended ice life. Also, are made with durable construction to withstand accidental drops or collisions with hard objects. Plus, they come in various sizes to hold all sorts of beverages.

YETI is one of the world's premier brands for coolers and drinkware. They're renowned for their superior quality, construction, customer service, and warranty coverage.

The company boasts a loyal following and produces an array of products, such as soft-sided coolers and drinkware. Plus, their prices are very reasonable – making them ideal for budget-minded consumers.

RTIC, YETI's main competitor, makes coolers that look and perform very similar to YETI's roto-molded models. Established by two brothers, RTIC offers more budget-friendly prices than Yeti while providing comparable ice life and build quality.

What Size YETI is Most Popular?

When searching for the ideal cooler to take on outdoor adventures, YETI is without a doubt your top choice. This brand is renowned for its rugged durability and superior ice retention capabilities.

They're lightweight, making them convenient to transport around. Additionally, YETI makes wheeled coolers such as the Tundra Haul and Roadie 24 that are easier to carry than traditional hard coolers.

The YETI 110 is one of the most sought-after sizes in their line, perfect for rafting trips. Crafted with the same rotomolded construction used on whitewater kayaks, it fits snugly inside raft frames.

The YETI 110 has a capacity of 92 cans of beverage and 114 pounds of ice, keeping your favorite drinks cold for days. It's ideal for camping trips with large groups as it can store food supplies up to one week.

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What is the Best Size YETI to Get?

When shopping for a cooler, the first thing you should consider is how much space you require. This will help determine what size YETI to get.

If you plan on taking a long trip, investing in a larger cooler is recommended. This will keep everything cold and fresh for longer.

Before making your choice, take into account how heavy a cooler will be once filled with ice and beer. Be prepared – once filled, it could be quite heavy!

YETI offers the Roadie series of lightweight coolers to make your life simpler. These compact models are popular among YETI enthusiasts for their portability and easy storage capabilities.

They pack well, are lightweight and easy to transport – just like their larger cousins. However, their smaller dimensions make them perfect for tailgates or other short trips where mobility is needed. Plus, each comes equipped with a retractable Periscope Handle for added convenience during transport.

How Many Beers Can You Fit in a YETI?

When shopping for a cooler, you want one that keeps your beers cold and makes traveling easier. YETI offers an impressive selection of coolers to choose from – each designed to make life simpler on the go.

For instance, the Yeti 110 is ideal for rafting because it fits standard raft frames and holds plenty of ice – ideal for those needing to stay hydrated during multi-day excursions down the river.

Before you spend money on a Yeti cooler, it's essential to understand that not all are created equal. Some have more ice capacity than others and so it's essential to select the one suitable for your requirements. As many variables can impact ice retention, research factors beforehand. Fortunately, most YETI coolers are built to last and keep ice cold for many years into the future.

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