Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 Review

March 12, 2023

By Nate


Seeking more information and specs about the wilderness systems tarpon 105 kayak? Looking for a reliable and portable boat? Welcome to Trad Climbers.

For paddlers who prioritize stability over speed, the Tarpon 105 is an ideal kayak. It's shorter and lighter than most other models so it's easier to transport around.

The updated Tarpon features a spacious rear storage well. Also, dry hatch on the bow that are both self-draining, so you won't need to empty them if your boat fills up.

Can You Stand on a Tarpon 105?

The Tarpon 105 is an expertly constructed kayak that excels on several fronts. It boasts comfortable deck grips and a thoughtful layout of storage compartments. In addition, it comes equipped with accessory rails to help you rig the best fishing rods and tackle boxes. The Tarpon 105 kayak is one of the few on the market. It allows you to bring along a child or two for the journey.

Not only that, but it's an enjoyable kayak to paddle and surprisingly stable too! The Tarpon 105 offers an enjoyable paddling experience with its durable construction and thoughtful cockpit layout. Getting on and off the water is a breeze with its clever hinged lid. That being said, there are some major shortcomings such as leaky hatches. Also, lack of true stern or bow deck stowage space.

Is Wilderness Systems Still in Business?

For recreational kayakers, Wilderness Systems has an impressive selection of sit-on-top kayaks to choose from. Their Tarpon series provides models suitable for sea, lake or river conditions.

The Tarpon 105 is a 10-foot boat designed for small lakes or sheltered ocean paddling. However, its shallow draft and easy maneuverability make it perfect for slow-moving rivers as well.

This sit-on-top recreational kayak is lightweight and comfortable for both adults and kids to use. While it isn't designed with fishing in mind, you can modify the vessel. For example, with rod holders mounted to accessory rails. In addition, as well as a fish finder screen or camera mount for added functionality.

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Do you want to add a rudder and make the Tarpon 105 even sleeker? If so, a rudder kit for this kayak can be purchased. This rudder kit works on most current and older Wilderness Systems solo kayaks.

The Tarpon 105 is one of the best sit-on-top fishing kayaks available. The reason is due to its comfortable seating system that adjusts three ways. Also, special perforated foam padding that promotes aeration – keeping you dry in the seat.


How Much Does a Tarpon 105 Weigh?

The Tarpon 105 may not be the heaviest sit-on-top kayak available. That being said, it does have some competition in the form of the XL Tarpon 120 at 390 pounds. This model boasts an impressive array of features. For example, a removable storage dry box and mesh cover for its stern well.

In conclusion, the Tarpon 105 kayak is an ideal choice for experienced paddlers. In addition, for those new to the sport who want something different than their standard boat. Its standout feature is its clever design and superior fit and finish. Plus, this kayak proves surprisingly durable; capable of withstanding years of rough use.

The Tarpon 105 is no slouch, though it may be on the heavier side. The kayak has a distinctive bow that cuts through waves like a pro. In addition, a clever keel design that keeps its nose above water. So, this boat boasts an impressive list of features – not least a well-designed cockpit. In addition, thoughtful seating system made out of some of the highest quality material I've ever experienced. Thus, it truly provides one of my most comfortable and enjoyable paddling experiences to date.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 Sit-on-Top Kayak

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 has been reinvented, offering all the qualities paddlers love. For example, its celebrated predecessor while improving comfort, stability, speed and paddler interface. It's ideal for any paddling situation – from sheltered ocean kayak fishing to multi-day wilderness touring. Thus, making it the ideal boat to use in any situation.

For fishing, the Tarpon 105 offers secure lash points for deck-mounted gear and convenient attachment points for fishing rod holders and GPS units. It's an ideal choice for anglers who want to customize their kayak with accessories like a tackle crate and dry storage in the stern well.

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The Tarpon 105 can support up to 325 pounds, which is enough for an average-sized adult and their day's worth of fishing or camping gear. If you need more space on board your kayak, Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 may be more suitable.

Wilderness Systems takes great pride in crafting high-density roto-molded polyethylene kayaks, so you can trust your Tarpon 105 to withstand years of rigorous use and various conditions. It also boasts a host of thoughtful features like large waterproof storage wells and magnetic water bottle straps. Furthermore, its Phase 3 AirPro seating system has earned rave reviews as one of the most comfortable available on the market.

Who Makes Tarpon Kayaks?

The Wilderness Systems Tarpon 105 sit-on-top kayak is ideal for a variety of uses. Weekend warriors and daily paddlers alike love it, as do commercial tourers, hotel/lodge owners, and rental shops.

The Tarpon 105 is designed with Wilderness Systems' SMART hull technology, offering stability, maneuverability, acceleration, responsiveness and tracking in a kayak designed for various water environments. With moderate speed and tracking but excellent maneuverability, you'll be able to navigate in windy conditions or choppy water without overheating or wasting energy.

The Tarpon 105 comes pre-plumbed for Wilderness Systems' XL Rudder Kit (sold separately), which helps the kayak track better and move more quickly in windy conditions. You'll also find four accessory rails on both bow and stern with solid lash points to mount deck-mounted gear like fishing rods, cameras or GPS units; plus there are two molded-in swivel rod holders on either bow or stern. Plus the stern also features a MagnaTech water bottle holder for even greater versatility; additionally the Tarpon has an extra convenient MagnaTech bottle holder on board as well.


What are Wilderness Systems Kayaks Made Of?

Wilderness Systems kayaks are constructed from high-density rotomolded linear polyethylene (PE). As part of the Confluence Outdoor group, which also includes popular paddlesports brands Dagger, Perception, Mad River and Boardworks, Wilderness Systems kayaks boast excellent durability.

Rotationally moulded kayaks are constructed using several grades of plastic. LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene; 0.910 to 0.925 g/cm3), MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene; 0.910 g/cm3) and HDPE (High Density Polyethylene; density equal or greater than 0.941 g/cm3) provide strength and durability respectively. The higher the molecular weight, the stronger and longer lasting your plastic will be.

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LDPE and MDPE, which are much cheaper to manufacture than HDPE, are commonly used in water tanks, bins and toys for general purpose uses. Unfortunately, they can become brittle due to oxidation, flex on flat areas, warpage and damage due to ultra violet light exposure.

HDPE on the other hand is more costly and difficult to manufacture, yet it offers superior strength and durability. It boasts higher levels of puncture resistance, abrasion resistance, as well as memory.

Rotomolded kayaks may need more maintenance than composite models, but the extra effort pays off in the long run with quality performance and durability. Scratches and superficial damage can easily be fixed with rubbing compound; more severe structural issues will need gel coat repair kits from your dealer.

Should You Wax a Polyethylene Kayak?

Generally, waxing your polyethylene kayak isn't necessary. Whether or not it's necessary depends on the type of hull you have, how often you use it and how much storage space is available.

Ideally, you should regularly clean your hull with mild soap and water before rinsing it with fresh water before storing for the season. Doing this helps keep the hull clean and prevents mildew build-up that could potentially harm it over time.

To clean your hull, begin by hosing down the surface with a garden hose to flush away any dirt or debris that has built up. Next, scrub down the hull using a sponge soaked in mild soap solution, being sure not to overuse it on its abrasive side.

After scrubbing, rinse your kayak with fresh water to eliminate any remaining soap or scum. If there are any stubborn marks, you may need to repeat this process several times until they are completely gone.

If you don't care for a glossy, sleek finish but still want your polyethylene hull looking good, applying UV protectant spray may be worth trying. There are plenty of products on the market; I personally recommend 303 Products Aerospace Protectant.


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