White Duck Alpha Wall Tent Review

June 1, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more information about the white duck alpha wall tent? If so, then welcome to Trad Climbers.

White Duck Outdoors' 12-by-14-foot canvas wall tent, currently on sale and guaranteed to withstand even the toughest snowstorms, could be an ideal temporary shelter.

Army Duck's double-fill cotton canvas tents are protected with fire retardants, mildewicides and water repellents for improved safety and convenience. Each tent includes poles, frames, angle kits and free-floating floors.

Easy to Set Up

When shopping for a canvas wall tent, be sure to select one made with durable materials that can withstand weather changes and keep you warm in winter months. One such great choice is the White Duck Alpha tent with its breathable material and sturdy aluminum frame; plus insulation makes this year-round tent enjoyable!

The White Duck Alpha tent is an excellent option for hunters, large groups and family camping trips alike. Its large size comfortably sleeps eight people comfortably while also including features like stove jack, windows, bug netting in its doors and other accessories – plus its removable floor can help keep you dry even during heavy downpours!

One of the greatest features of this tent is its ease of setup – assembly can take 30-40 minutes with two people. Cleaning will also be simple; expect an extended lifespan from this tent as it comes equipped with a waterproof polyester storage bag to protect and store it when not being used.

This white duck alpha wall tent is very similar to the Elk Mountain tent we discussed above, except it's significantly cheaper and offers additional windows and space than its counterpart. Perfect for families or anyone needing extra room.

Canvas wall tents are an excellent way to bring everyone together while experiencing nature together. Constructed to withstand any weather condition and offering features such as stove jacks, bug mesh in door/window openings and 5′ walls; these tents also come insulated to keep warm in winter. Cleaning them regularly should prevent mold or mildew growth.

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Weather Resistant

The Alpha is a canvas wall tent made with military-grade cotton designed to be your home away from home. Perfect for hunting, family camping, glamping or as a base camp. Arriving outdoors ready and easy to set up with poles, angle kits, floor and tool kit included for fast setup; water, fire and mildew resistance is assured, plus polyester UV ground sheet guarantees durability in extreme weather conditions such as heavy rainstorms and strong winds; its skirt structure helps secure it against tears during stormy conditions while its high density polyvinyl material prevents tears typically associated with tents during stormy conditions by keeping its skirt structure secure from tear outs at critical moments during these conditions – providing extra strength protection during stormy conditions without rips to be set up!

This tent is also easy to maintain, making its long-term condition assured. With plenty of ventilation and log-burning stove insulation in winter months, this tent comfortably fits 8 sleeping mats or 4 cots comfortably if occupants use sleeping mats – featuring an impressive 6'6″ ceiling height that exceeds many other cabin-style tents.

Additional Benefits

White Duck Outdoors' tent can also come equipped with an optional porch or awning, making this tent truly customizable to meet all your camping, hunting and glamping needs. In addition, they offer other products like cotton canvas tarps and work aprons.

The Alpha tent features windows on all four sides for optimal ventilation and visibility, featuring three-layered windows with roll up/down flaps for rain/wind protection and snow protection. In addition, hunters or anyone wanting to stay warm during colder climates will find its stove jack particularly helpful in keeping them toasty warm.

Although this tent is ideal for hunting or family camping trips during warmer seasons, winter camping poses unique challenges. Proper stake out is essential when camping during harsh conditions as gale-force winds may rip it apart or even crush it completely under too much snow load. Furthermore, long term exposure may cause its internal frame to collapse under too much weight – leaving this tent up all winter can only prove futile!

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Easy to Clean

White Duck Outdoors provides one of the top canvas wall tents available – Alpha Tent is a single-roomed 4-season tent which comfortably sleeps 10 people and features an aluminum frame with vertical canvas walls that breathe. Waterproof and designed to withstand any extreme weather condition, this tent is also easy to keep clean.

This tent is constructed of military-grade cotton canvas and treated with water, mildew, fire and mold repellent treatments to make it durable and versatile enough for hunting trips, base camps, family camping trips and extended vacations.

White Duck canvas tents are easy to set up and move between locations as needed, making them an excellent solution for emergency situations. By having one on hand you can rest easy knowing you will always be prepared no matter the situation!

No matter if it's for weekend glamping or wilderness survival camping, this canvas wall tent is an ideal solution. Boasting spacious interior and breathable fabric construction, the Alpha tent offers exceptional comfort and durability while accommodating cots or camping gear easily – providing shelter against insects or wild animals! It can even be assembled quickly anywhere around your campsite!

White Duck products specialize in quality products that are simple to set up and use, in order to encourage all members of society – regardless of experience level – to go outdoors and appreciate nature. Their vast array of tents, accessories, and camping gear will help maximize your camping experience.

If you are in search of a quality canvas tent this year, be sure to take note of White Duck Memorial Day Sale. They're offering up to 35% off top products like their 10×12 Regatta Bell Tent with savings available until Monday May 29th – as well as dog beds, work aprons, tactical pants and log carriers too!

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Easy to Store

Canvas wall tents offer an excellent way to camp outdoors, providing both comfort and shelter from the elements. Not only are these tents stylish but they're also practical; offering shelter while cooking inside, making them great basecamps for hunters as well as families spending the weekend glamping. White Duck has created the Alpha tent from their army duck cotton canvas range; not only are its sturdy frames great but it can be equipped with options like bug netting front screens and an awning at its entranceway if desired.

Alpha tents are not only durable and sturdy; they're also easy to assemble. As modular tents, they include everything necessary for set up and maintenance: frame, floor and tool kit components. Once unpacked from its bag of poles and bags of tent parts, assembling is straightforward: first lay the floor out before placing frame above it before attaching roof poles for complete assembly of tent.

Setting up the Alpha canvas wall tent takes around half an hour. The instructions are user-friendly, making assembly quick and efficient; best results will come if assembled all at once in one sitting. Furthermore, its insulation ensures heat retention during winter.

This company also offers tents in various fabrics and treatments, such as their signature army duck double-fill TREATED cotton canvas. Their “sweet spot” fabric is water repellant yet still breathable while being fire retardant; additional options exist for water, mildew, and flame-retardant treatments.

Canvas tents are not only easy to set up and maintain, but they're also simple to store away. Thanks to its breathable nature, storing extra gear within is hassle-free; use its walls as hooks to organize everything inside.


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