What are the Best Hammock Straps?

December 6, 2020

By Nate


Wondering what are the best hammock straps? If so, you are not alone. We are going to cover a few of our top recommendations below.

One of the really exciting and enjoyable experiences in our lives is camping. In a natural world, spending nighttime or even a whole day brings us a unique sort of experience that can't be found elsewhere. Naturally and totally clean air gives us a comfortable and peaceful feeling and gets us away from the toxic air of the city.

So, there is a great demand for camping today. That being said, some artificial camping sites have been opened that are primarily built for campers to do camping safely. There is no need to worry about wild animals as many areas are relatively safe. When it comes to camping, the first thing you need to do is arrange a sleeping area where you can easily sleep and cover your body. Hammocks can solve your sleeping or resting problem while camping.

Hammock Design

They are designed to give you a maximum level of comfort in the forest or anywhere. We can say that hammocks are one of the most useful camping items in your backpack. Hammocks are useful in especially those cases where you don’t have any better place to sleep in wild. They can easily provide you a comfortable shelter to sleep and to cover your head.

For suspending and getting ready your hammock, you need a hammock strap to suspend your hammock from a tree. Some hammocks do come with built-in hammock straps, but if your hammock doesn't include a hammock. Then you need to purchase it additionally. Therefore, below we've mentioned some of the best hammock straps tailored just for you. So let's get into it!

HangTight Straps

Nature’s Hangout Hammock is one of the best hammock straps that you can found on the whole Amazon. With this strap, you can easily prepare and anchor your hammock in just 90 seconds (company claim). It does come with a D shape retractable hook which can be used to attach your hammock with a strap. However, your strap’s holding capacity is useless if the hook isn’t strong enough to hold your hammock. Therefore, the D hook which will come with a strap can weigh up to 350 lbs. of weight easily.

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The strap is 2 inches wider which makes it a certified tree-friendly strap. Because it's a general rule of thumb, the wider is the strap, the more tree-friendly it will be and will not damage the tree bark. The wideness of the strap makes it more durable and heavy-duty. Nature's Hangout is offering you 10 straps from which every strap is 10 feet long. Overall it's the best choice if you need some high-quality strap for your hammock.

ENO Hammock Straps

ENO Hammock Straps can hold up to 400 lbs. of weight easily. The ENO offers you nine feet long straps and weighs only 0.311 kg so that it will not increase your backpack weight. The strap comes with almost 30 different loops or anchors adjustable angles which makes it easy to choose your perfect suspended angle. It’s pretty large length allows it to cover even a large or wider tree bark easily.

The strap is about 2.2 inches wider which makes it eco-friendly and you don't need to worry about the trees. ENO is also offering you a strap holder and a traveling cover from which you can easily attach or hang the straps with a hook or surface. No matter what type of hammock you have, these straps are designed in a way that they will work with almost any type of hammock that can support a hook attachment or anything like that. Lastly, you’ll also get a free backpack cover by which it can be moved anywhere else easily.

Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps

The Bear Butt Kodiak Hammock Straps are a durable and affordable choice for hammock enthusiasts who take their hanging hammock or resting bag everywhere. They are renowned for their toughness since these straps are prepared by strong woven nylon material. It could be used up to six-foot apart because there are four points of adjustment across each brace to minimize or increase the length. It could be used with nearly any form of hammock and is, therefore, an excellent choice if you search for a perfectly compatible set of straps.

Each strap is about 10 feet longs and unbelievably comes with twenty loops on each strap (10 feet). Therefore, you can easily adjust it according to your desired lengths. Also, anchoring through the loops is way easier than teeing knots. The thing which we like about this product is that they offer an extremely easy return or refund policy. You can easily take a refund or return from a company without any hassle. “We want you to hang hassle-free and with no worries, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the greatest hammock straps in the world.” – Bear Butt.

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Emerald Mountain Hammock Straps

The emarald mountain hammock strap is about 12 inches long and one-inch-wide and can easily hold up to 120 kg of weight (single strap). The strap material is stretchy enough to give your hammock an ideal suspension without swinging a hammock too much. These straps are made from a nylon fabric which is a perfect and most common type of material used in hammock straps. The Emerald hammock strap is perfect for camping in the wild outdoors.

The straps are wide enough to prevent the digging into the tree bark and will not damage the bark of the tree. The set comes with 42 loop attachments set. Also, it features 21-loop adjustments on each set that are stitched strongly for security reasons. The strap can universally be attached with almost any type of hammock. Also, it will support a carabiner or D-shape attachment. Also, you can suspend your hammock for a maximum distance of 25 feet between two anchor points. The company will plant two trees to the Tree’s For The Future organization with each purchase.

PRO Venture Hammock Straps

The PRO venture hammock strap is one of the best and the most durable hammock strap on this list. It comes with a triple stitching layer for extra protection and offers 30 loops in one set (15 in each strap. The loops are also triple stitched to ensure safety and to hold heavyweights. Due to its triple stitching, it can easily hold up to 400 lbs. of weight (complete set) which makes it one the most reliable and heavy-duty straps.

 The company claims to have tested it for up to 1,200 lbs. which sounds like a joke but we advise you not to go above 550 pounds. Otherwise, the straps may break. These straps are made up of polyester which is usually known for its durability and weather resistance properties.  Therefore, this strap is completely weather-resistant and waterproof.

XL Hammock Tree Straps

The XL hammock tree strap is a multifunctional hammock strap kit ideal for preparing a hammock while camping, on islands, on the lawn, and in the garden. Durable and toughness are the key components of these straps. Forget about all those defective and powerless straps as they've been designed to last for years. These are made from high-quality material and are sewn into several loops.

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Furthermore, the reliability of the straps is noticeable because it contains strengthened stitches at all points of intersection. These heavy-duty straps can lift a weight of up to 200 pounds. for each strap and a whole set can hold up to 400 pounds easily. Lastly, the strap is wide enough that it will not hurt our beautiful tree's bark. Because usually, narrow and thin straps may hurt the tree's bark because they apply a huge pressure in a very small area.

NEWKITS Hammock Straps

NEWKITS Hammock straps are premium and flagship hammock straps which are specifically made for high budget users who need premium and strong hammock straps. The straps are ideal for a one-person hammock but it can hold up to the weight of 300 pounds in each strap. When it comes to the material, the straps are made from an industrial-grade 1000D polyester material.

The straps are designed in a way that they are ideal for a single person hammock. You can hang you single size hammock from it through a carabiner (included). The ends of the strap are covered by a D-shape hook which prevents any tear when you attach a carabiner to it. Each strap is 5 feet long so you’ll get enough length to suspend your hammock easily.

Closing Thoughts

Today camping is one of the most trending activities in the entire globe. It's the best way to enjoy nature and to experience clean air (free from any pollution). Even some artificial camping grounds have been opened for camping. Hammocks are one of the most essential items in camping because it helps to resolve all your sleeping or sitting problem in wild or while camping.

So, you must require good hammock strap to suspend your hammock with tree bark. It is strictly not recommending to use normal ropes as their narrow width can kill the tree barks. A hammock strap is usually wider than straps. In addition, it spread the weights and pressure in a large area and eventually the tree bark doesn't get hurt. We hope this post answers the question of what are the best hammock straps to invest in.

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