Water Bottle Attachment for Backpack Review (2023)

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Outdoor enthusiasts need a legitimate water bottle attachment for backpack trekking. Let's cover some more of the specifics below.

Are you a gym freak? Well, even if not, then a water bottle is a must whether you are going to school or a walk.  For this, water bottle attachment for backpack is the most needed luxury required.  Here I have enlisted some of the best ones you are looking for.

There are various attachments available in the market that has a slender and delicate design and uses a pretty impressive built. There you need to work on the best one that fits according to your budget and needs. You must be excited now, to know more about this subject!

Get ready to purchase your favorite water bottle attachment for your backpack.

What’s more, is that you must dig into the product such that you may not have to regret it later on. So that it would convenient for you to rely on the product and make the most out of it.

Gonex Tactical Military MOLLE Water Bottle Pouch

The first water bottle attachment for a backpack in my list for the best and comfortable experience is Gonex Tactical military molle pouch. Here you will find enough information about this product. Gonex water bottle pouches are award-winning and this product is mainly preferred by professional users.

Perfect dimensions

The first look at the product gives you the idea of how much capacity of a water bottle it can fit in. The dimensions of this bottle pouch are worth spending your money on and work great as well. Whether it is a sports bottle or a simple one, it can fit all.

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Adjustable drawstring

Apart from this, the adjustments are made easily by easy drawstrings made of good quality material. The main function of this feature is to adjust and regulate the diameter of your water bottle pouch accurately.

Gonex Tactical has upgraded commercial-grade water bottle pouches to boost its quality and versatility. With this product, you can enjoy a wide range of features.

Mesh's bottom

Apart from the beauty and the design, another consideration should be taken into account for the best water bottle attachment for a backpack i.e. its bottom and materials.

 The Gonex tactical comes with a mesh bottom which is quite good at keeping the pouch dry. Both of these features add to its overall life. For example, it is great to carry all-around, making it a great water bottle holder for a backpack strap.

This was all about the specifications of this product. Now it’s time to go through the features, pros, and cons of the product.


Mesh bottom to keep the pouch dry

Adjustable drawstring

Durable mole attach the belt

Sturdy design

Light in weight and provides compatibility


  • Easy to carry
  • Great dimensions
  • Lasts long


•          Not suitable for large bottles

5.11 Tactical Unisex MOLLE H2O Bottle Carrier, SlickStick Webbing

Our second water bottle pouch on the list of best backpack water bottle holders includes a 5.11 tactical unisex Molle H2O bottle carrier. The 5.11 store is the premier brand in this regard. It has an adjustable strap which is a special feature. This is not the end. Here we will discuss more this water bottle pouch.

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Versatile design

Most of the water bottle pouches are designed on the principle of providing comfort but this one is quite different because of its typical military grade design. This one ensures a sturdy and robust design, preventing the overflow or dampness of water inside.

Locking clips

Furthermore, this water bottle pouch is easy to regulate continuously by the hooks the upper part contains. This lock feature also determines how travel friendly this product is.

What makes it even more attractive is the presence of a thoughtful design. It is made with great care while keeping all the necessary features in mind. This is how it saves your day, your time, and effort from wastage.

Most of the time people complain that water keeps the pouch damp. This is an exhausting con when you have to hold the pouch with your hands. To reduce this effort, the 5.11 tactical unisex water bottle carrier has a covering.

Great for heavy-duty purposes

Apart from all those special features which we discussed in this water bottle carrier, some other important features are on the list to be discussed yet.


Purpose-built great for easy usage

Thoughtful design

Universal web compatibility

Comes with a locking clip

Molle compatible


  • Heavy-duty built
  • Great design
  • Reliable to use


•          My get dirty quickly

Sports Water Bottles Pouch Bag Tactical Molle Water Bottle Pouch Military Drawstring

Sports water bottle pouch bags come 3rd candidate on the list of the best ones so far.  The product claims to hold the water bottles and offers a great display for your assistance. It is also perfect for outdoor, overnight outings such as camping, trad climbing, hiking and backpacking.

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Durable fabric

Another significant characteristic of Sports Water Bottles is the water bottle carrier which is made up of great quality fibers to avoid the damping of water all around. Along with this, the top quality fabric has a band so that you can adjust the settings accordingly.


Apart from the great design which is a luxury for a user like me who is not good at keeping things with care. The product is made durable with anti-tear technology. For a heavy-duty feature, it is a must-buy and works great for almost everyone. Let me mention here it also has drawstrings which are integrated at the top of the product, so you can find it easily.

Great color range

That being said, it also comes in a bunch of colors so that you can choose accordingly such that there is no need to worry about, as it can be termed as an ultralight water bottle holder.

Just look at the pros and cons of this water bottle pouch based on the public reviews.


Nylon hooks available

Waterproof design

Great fittings

Comes with a molle belt

Great for outdoors


  • Large enough to fit the bottle
  • High-quality material
  • Works well


•          Not designed for the bikers

Closing Thoughts

Finding a water bottle attachment for backpack or any other type of water bottle carrier you love the most is not an easy decision. No one would invest money without properly researching the product.

Hope you have got all the answers from this article and almost very close to buying your desired water bottle pouch.

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