Vango Banshee 200 Tent Review

September 16, 2023

By Nate


Are you searching for more details about the vango banshee 200 tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be helpful to you.

Vango Banshee 200 tent is ideal for trekking and backpacking trips, and has even been recommended by Duke of Edinburgh Award authorities. It packs down to an extremely compact size and setup is straightforward.

Vango's TBS II Tension Band System adds extra stability for fluctuating weather conditions. While suitable for one person and their gear, two may find space too limited.


The Vango Banshee 200 tent is an economical, lightweight two man tent designed to be easily pitched and packed away into a small bag. Perfect for backpacking trips, its price points make it an attractive option; yet its insulation levels may not match that of some other models due to reduced ventilation and possible condensation problems; thus making it suitable for budget backpacking trips without compromising quality or durability. Another good alternative may be Coleman Cobra which has similar weight but less durability or ventilation.

The Banshee tent offers an exceptional space-to-weight ratio and features Vango's TBS II Tension Band System to provide exceptional wind protection. Recommended by DofE and youth trekking groups alike, its two pole design with all in one pitching (flysheet first then inner layer pitched simultaneously) makes for rapid pitching out of doors within minutes while Powerlite alloy poles increase rigidity for increased rigidity.

The Vango Banshee 200 tent weighs only 2.4kg when wet – quite impressive for an entry-level two person tent! In August 2011 Trail Magazine reviewed budget two person tents such as Robbins Trailstar 2, Berghause Peak 2.1 and Gelert Apex 2. Though not an ultralight, its weight remains highly respectable compared to ultralight models.


Are you in search of an easy, lightweight two man tent to accommodate camping or trekking trips? Consider the Vango Banshee 200; its high 3-000mm waterproof rating makes this tent perfect. Additionally, its double layer structure makes this model affordable enough for most budgets.

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The Vango Banshee 200 Tunnel Tent can easily accommodate a double mattress, though you will require tent pegs in addition to those included with your tent for this task. Extremely stable and weatherproof, including heavy winds. Easy setup that takes around five minutes after practice!

Vango's Vango Canvas Tent has long been one of the most acclaimed items in their selection and remains a firm favorite among backpackers and DofE expedition groups alike. Trail Magazine awarded it “Trail Best in Test”, besting such other popular budget two person tents such as Robbins Trailstar 2, Berghause Peak 2.1 and Gelert Apex 2, among many others.

Vango recently introduced an improved Tension Band System II (TBS II). The TBS II ensures stability for tunnel tents during sidewinds by bracing each pole with webbing, providing excellent side-wind stability. You can purchase this outstanding tent at Go Outdoors and Blacks for around PS100 which represents an exceptional value!

The Vango Banshee 200 tent may not be the lowest priced tent, but it offers great value for money and can be found both on comparison websites and Amazon. Ideal for hiking, backpacking and overseas travel; only downside is no porch area to make sharing more cramped if sharing with someone. Alternatively if willing to sacrifice some space then consider the Vango Zephyros Compact 1 as it offers similar value at half the price.

Easy to Set Up

If you want a tent that's easy and portable, the Vango Banshee 200 tent could be just what you're searching for. Perfect for hiking and camping adventures across England where weather changes quickly. Quick to pitch thanks to its all-in-one pitching design; includes stuff sack and poles for added convenience.

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The Banshee Trekking Tent from Vango has long been considered one of the premier trekking tents on the market, boasting an incredible space-to-weight ratio and featuring their TBS II Tension Band System for added performance in adverse conditions. Ideal for solo camping or two people sharing, and highly recommended by Duke of Edinburgh Award schemes!


This tent's compact and stable design features an internal awning to reduce windy conditions from blowing it over. Furthermore, there's also a small zipped mesh window to keep insects at bay. Ideal for backpacking and hiking trips alike with enough room for sleeping bags, clothing, shoes and gear, plus being light weight (weighing only 2.4kg!). Plus it makes travel much simpler!

One key feature is its user-friendly guying system, which prevents it from moving in windy conditions. It can easily be adjusted so you can achieve just the right tension on poles. Furthermore, its hydrostatic head of 5000mm makes this tent highly waterproof; keeping you dry when rain comes knocking!

If you're looking for a lightweight tent that will easily fit into your pack, this lightweight one from ENO may be just the ticket. Great for backpackers and hikers, this tent comes with its own carry bag so it can easily fit in a small pack when traveling by plane or train. Furthermore, this tent is extremely affordable, being available at numerous stores at reasonable prices; additionally it comes equipped with a footprint which protects against thorns, stones or debris on the groundsheet, providing added peace of mind on trips away.

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This 2-person tent is intended for backpacking and wild camping. Light but slightly cramped, its sturdy fabric should withstand windy and stormy conditions with ease, boasting a high waterproof rating with double layer tunnel tent construction for increased ventilation while remaining waterproofed against leakage and water intrusion. It also comes equipped with an inner breathable membrane and tough outer shell.

Trail Magazine awarded it “Trail Best in Test” status in an August 2011 review of budget two-person tents by Trail Magazine, competing against Robbins Trailstar 2, Berghause Peak 2.1, Gelert Apex 2, Coleman Cobra 2, Robbins Trailstar 2 and Gelert Apex 2, among others. However, Vango Banshee 200 triumphed with its high 3000mm waterproof rating and double layer structure designed to withstand severe weather conditions.

Another contributing factor to its popularity is its versatility. Constructed as a two pole tent that can be pitched either with or without its flysheet attached, making it simple to pitch in different situations. Furthermore, its side entry tunnel and TBS II Tension Band System help provide stability under windy conditions.

Vango have designed a streamlined footprint to increase the space within this tent by 1.7m2. Constructed of durable polyethylene material, it connects securely to the ground sheet using clips provided and is ideal for use with their Banshee 200 Pro tent; however, all Vango tents may utilize this footprint.

The Vango Banshee 200 tent may not be the cheapest but offers good value and comes equipped with everything needed for camping trips. Recommend for DofE use, it weighs in at approximately 2.5 kg when wet and is available to buy from numerous retailers such as Amazon.

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