Under Canvas Grand Canyon Tent Review

September 16, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the under canvas grand canyon tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be helpful to you.

Glamping, or camping with added comfort, is becoming an increasingly popular form of camping. Under Canvas Grand Canyon provides safari-inspired glamping tents in its location near one of the world's iconic national parks.

Stargazer tents allow visitors to gaze upon the desert rock geology found throughout this part of the American Southwest from within an International Dark Sky Park setting.


Conde Nast Traveler says one of the best ways to experience the Grand Canyon is sleeping under its stars at one of the few destinations with Dark Sky status – such as boutique glamping company Under Canvas's recently achieved status as “One of the World's First Dark-Sky-Certified Resorts.”

This unique lodging experience can be found near Valle, Arizona – south of Grand Canyon National Park's South Rim entrance – on 160 secluded acres of majestic pinon and juniper forests that provide stunning sunsets and stargazing experiences. Relaxation awaits guests in safari-inspired tents featuring plush linens and wood-burning stoves; not to mention gourmet meals that honor American Southwest heritage!

Glamping company takes its mission of protecting the natural environment very seriously and is long committed to sustainable practices. Their “Mindful Approach” is at the core of their brand mission, manifested through initiatives such as low-impact development, resource conservation efforts and partnerships with organizations like DarkSky International – an organization dedicated to protecting nighttime environments by reducing light pollution in parks, cities, communities and businesses worldwide.


Under Canvas is the first hospitality company to earn this coveted recognition from DarkSky, thanks to their dedication to light-reducing design choices and operations as well as championing ecological and land conservation efforts. They've worked closely with DarkSky to establish a standardized certification program for hotels and other lodging properties so they can reduce light pollution to become certified with DarkSky.

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Under Canvas is a more low-key luxury glamping site than many, offering amenities such as pools and jumping pillows that encourage guests to unplug from technology and reconnect with nature. They provide adventure packages and tours ranging from family-friendly experiences to high-adventure journeys for guests to choose from.

Visitors staying at the Grand Canyon location will be delighted by dining on locally sourced ingredients in Embers Restaurant of their hotel, such as Under Canvas Burger, Pan-Roasted Trout and Superfood Quinoa Salad. Plus there's always grab-and-go food options available 24/7 in their lobby tent!


As autumn comes into full bloom, Canyon's sandstone walls glimmer with vibrant reds and golds that stand in stark contrast to the blue skies and green pines of its surrounding environment. Photographers should visit for breathtaking scenes that look like paintings come to life; regardless of your skill level however, fall is one of the most stunning times to visit due to all its glorious hues that brighten its sweeping landscape.

Winter and early spring in Arizona often see snow, while fall brings warmer days with crisp nights – making this Arizona destination the ideal location for outdoor adventurers who wish to hike, bike and soak up the scenery. Temperature fluctuations also provide an ideal opportunity to truly experience the Grand Canyon without fighting crowds and heat!

Under Canvas Grand Canyon offers plenty to keep visitors busy this fall season. Situated near Valle, Arizona's pinon and juniper forests and two national parks; close to Native American reservations; only an hour's drive to Grand Canyon South Rim entrance from Phoenix – Under Canvas Grand Canyon provides all that and more.

Additional Perks

At Under Canvas Grand Canyon, guests can sleep in safari-inspired tents featuring plush king beds and an en suite bathroom. Additionally, this campsite features a community fire pit, indoor/outdoor dining spaces and lounge areas; furthermore their staff offer guided tours that cater for family adventures as well as high-adventure excursions.

Under Canvas Grand Canyon offers its guests many activities in addition to its amenities, with the adventure concierge available for booking hiking, mountain-biking, horseback-riding and white-water rafting excursions as well as canyon helicopter tours and Native American petroglyphs, old stagecoach trails and Kaibab National Forest's incredible geology tours.

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Under Canvas Grand Canyon offers you both an unforgettable and relaxing getaway, or an exciting camping adventure, in safari-inspired tents paired with access to some of America's finest national parks – sure to create a one-of-a-kind vacation experience.


At dusk, take in one of nature's greatest natural wonders – from Hopi Point on the South Rim or looking out from along its edge, marveling at an unforgettable sunset experience in Grand Canyon National Park.

Under Canvas Grand Canyon tents are luxurious and accommodating glamping accommodations. Enjoy luxurious amenities like king beds, full en suite bathrooms and wood-burning stoves in safari-themed lodgings; meals will be served under a peaked canvas roof restaurant tent for an upscale outdoor dining experience that even non-campers find mesmerizing.

While not gazing into the sky from your tent, there is much to do at the resort itself. Explore 750 acres of pine and juniper forest on foot or bike; unwind in the hot tub; or get your cowboy on at Bearizona–a drive-thru wildlife park featuring North American animals such as black bears, bobcats and tundra wolves! Plus there are dining options, live music performances and toasty marshmallows at campfire!

Glamping property near Valle provides easy access to Grand Canyon National Park, making it the ideal starting point for an exploration of the Southwest. Under Canvas offers locations across the United States that make an excellent start or end point on a Grand Circle Road Trip; guests can visit Bryce Canyon and Moab along the route for unique experiences – or try them all to see which suits your travel style best!


Under Canvas Grand Canyon provides guests with more than just sleeping under the stars; it also offers many other activities they can enjoy in one of Arizona's most remarkable landscapes. Glamping places like Under Canvas offer guests a highly personalized guest experience from check-in through campfire talks – this ensures guests get the most out of their stay, which explains why so many love it so much!

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Spend your days trekking through an unforgettable canyon landscape adorned with serene ponderosa pine forests and millennium-old lava flows, admiring its scenic 15 trails of Sycamore Canyon; take in its colorful sunset sky while hiking. Or for something more relaxing visit Flagstaff's historic downtown district for delicious local fare and unique boutique shops!

Closing Thoughts

Grand Canyon National Park is an incredible natural wonder, and one of the best ways to appreciate its grandeur is by exploring its many trails that wind throughout its breathtaking terrain. Hikers of all levels will find something suitable, while horseback riders have their own paths here too – there truly is something for everyone at this International Dark Sky Park!

Experienced canyoneering enthusiasts should visit Elephant Canyon, where you can rappel down cliff sides or pass through grottoes, while for more of an active experience try taking an Elephant Canyon UTV Tour, with stunning mountain and canyon vistas en route. For something even more thrilling and relaxing take an Elephant Canyon UTV Tour over mountains and canyons for breathtaking vistas en route to Glen Canyon Dam or Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam guided UTV Tour.

Explore the stunning desert destination by taking a wildlife safari tour. These adventures allow visitors to get close to native animals such as black bears, mountain lions, and ringtail cats – you may even spot herds of elk or bighorn sheep!

Under Canvas Grand Canyon is conveniently situated only 25 minutes away from the South Rim entrance of Grand Canyon National Park and nearby many top attractions – making planning your ideal Arizona holiday much simpler.

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