The North Face One Bag Review

September 9, 2023

By Nate


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No matter your experience level or outdoor adventure ambitions, The North Face One Bag sleeping bag offers versatile sleeping solutions for every outdoor journey.

This mummy-style bag features synthetic insulation to fight condensation, dew and storms while remaining comfortable in most climates. With its convenient layering system, this versatile sleeping solution makes adjusting temperatures easier than ever!

Multiple Temperature Ratings

No matter if you're backpacking or car camping, The North Face One Bag can be tailored for temperatures as low as 4degC/40degF, -6degC/20degF or even as cold as -15degC/5degF thanks to an innovative layering system which lets you add or remove layers to achieve just the right warmth for any trip. Hood and zipper flap displays show which layers should be used, eliminating guesswork. Plus, its zippers are twice as long as those found on typical sleeping bags to provide full length seal against drafts.

The North Face One Bag may not come cheaply, but its premium design comes complete with some excellent features and benefits that are only found with premium designs such as this. These include its water-resistant YKK main zipper and compression stuff sack that double as pillows. Furthermore, its roomy dimensions and well-insulated hood provide added warmth; fabric lining offers comfort; while its Heatseeker Eco insulation uses 30% postconsumer recycled content and the shell boasts non-PFC durable water repellent coating for increased water protection.

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Another premium feature is the oversized YKK side and foot vents, which allow you to regulate your temperature without compromising warmth. Additionally, its well-insulated hood includes an easy pull cord and fleece-lined collar; its pocket and shoulder straps also boast superior design.

Its multiple temperature ratings make this sleeping bag ideal for car campers, backpackers and anyone traveling between elevations and climates frequently. This is particularly applicable for those camping during shoulder season or winter conditions below freezing point. This bag may not be appropriate for everyone as its three layers weigh an impressive 4-pounds 4 ounces when connected; that makes it considerably heavier than most 20-degree synthetic bags we've tested. REI Co-op often offers discounts on this model, making it more cost effective to opt for Coleman's All-Weather Multi-Layer Bag or Teton Sports' Polara 3-in-1 which offer similar functionality but at lower price points.

Lightweight Design

Although not the lightest option on the market, this sleeping bag is still an excellent choice for outdoor sleepers in moderate temperatures. The One Bag features three interchangeable layers that let you customize its temperature ratings: 4degF/40degF, -6degF/20degF and -15degF/5degF; these temperature ratings represent comfort and limit ratings that most individuals who feel cooler will still remain warm enough.

The One Bag features an outer layer composed of lightweight synthetic fabric, while its inner layer contains 550-fill Heatseeker Eco synthetic insulation – lighter and more compressible than down. Furthermore, this bag boasts warmth-enhancing features like “gills” along the top that can be opened up to vent hot air (similar to Big Agnes' Lost Ranger 3N1); footbox zippers that enable users to stick out their feet on cold nights; an oversized hood that's easily adjustable even for those with very long heads;

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However, while these extra features help this bag keep users warm in winter conditions, they also add to its bulk and make it less suitable for ultralight backpacking or car camping. While its zippers may be durable and functional, they're not quite as smooth as on most North Face bags and may occasionally snag clothing or gear and become stuck or caught up.

At its price point, however, this premium sleeping bag makes an excellent option for nearly any outdoor adventure, whether camping in your backyard or hiking into the backcountry. While similar rectangular bags such as REI's Siesta 20 and The North Face Wawona Bed 20 cost roughly the same, this one boasts more versatile temperature ratings, includes a hood, packs smaller dimensions and weighs less when packed away for transporting or storage.

At a fraction of the cost and weight, quilts provide similar versatility as The North Face One Bag. A well-insulated 20o quilt can keep you warm even during freezing temperatures while remaining easy to vent by opening up arms or legs or half draping as a blanket.


Though The North Face is best-known for their mountaineering packs and jackets, they also produce quality sleeping bags – especially their One Bag which provides an innovative approach to warmth regulation and versatility. It features three separate layers that zip together for year-round camping use with adjustable temperature ratings suitable for each layer – this may appear gimmicky at first but actually delivers great value for the money spent!

This bag may not be lightweight or compressible, but it still makes an excellent choice for backpacking trips. The outer layer features a lightweight synthetic shell suitable for warm or damp conditions while its 800-fill down-filled inner layer can be used alone as a moderate-rated bag or zip into its outer shell for winter camping; together these layers create an unrivalled sleeping solution comfortable at temperatures down to 20F.

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Closing Thoughts

Another thing that distinguishes this bag from similar models is its wide array of venting options. There's a full-length zipper at the top that opens so it can act like a quilt; “gills” along both sides that open to release some heat; and even a footbox zipper that lets your feet out for additional ventilation – all easily operated features that provide great flexibility for changing conditions. All these features provide ample ventilation without being cumbersome to use!

The North Face One Bag is an ideal choice for travelers who plan to take multiple trips throughout the year without needing multiple sleeping bags, making car camping trips with varying elevations and climates less complicated. It also makes a convenient addition to backpacking expeditions.

The only drawbacks of this bag are its cost and sometimes finicky zippers; these shouldn't be deal breakers for most campers. Furthermore, its design makes it appear misshapen when worn as a backpack – its bottom will press against both your back and butt when larger sizes are used.

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