The North Face Dolomite One Duo Sleeping Bag Review

September 9, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the north face dolomite one duo sleeping bag? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this overview post will be of assistance to you.

The North Face Dolomite One Duo sleeping bag offers the ideal balance of warmth, comfort and cost when it comes to three-season camping. Rated 20 degrees Fahrenheit for comfort.

It offers several useful features, such as an oversized hood to accommodate standard pillows and draft tubes at its collar for seal-in warmth. Plus, it packs down quite compactly into its stuff sack!


If you're in search of a versatile double sleeping bag that can withstand different seasons and conditions, this might just be it. Its insulated bottom is constructed of soft yet durable fabric for guaranteed warmth throughout the night; while its water-repellent finish keeps moisture at bay while a cinchable divider helps block gaps that would otherwise allow heat loss. Plus, Coletherm hollow fiber insulation keeps two people warm while sleeping comfortably within its spacious interior!

The Klymit KSB sleeping bag is an adaptable two-person sleeping bag ideal for camping in any conditions. The lower half is made from synthetic polyester insulation, which resists moisture better than down. You can unzip its upper layers and use them independently as blankets – creating more than a three-in-1 sleeping bag but rather nine in total! You can configure its configuration according to your own individual needs.

This double sleeping bag is an excellent option for camping in warmer temperatures as it performs exceptionally at temperatures above-freezing. Furthermore, its lightweight nature and backless design makes it suitable for backpacking trips. Plus, its backless feature sheds off weight by cutting ounces while its detachable hood further reduces weight.

This double sleeping bag is ideal for campervan camping. With its lightweight construction and large interior space, its lightweight construction is the ideal solution for couples on long hikes. Additionally, its oversized hood and mummy shape offer more room than most sleeping bags while Coletherm insulation keeps you toasty warm all night long. Plus it includes fleece-soft integrated sheet and comfort cuffs to further keep you cozy during sleep!


If you enjoy camping in various environments or seasons, this multifunctional bag makes sure you're always prepared. With three configurations easily switchable between this all-in-one sleeping bag – from synthetic layer for warm weather (40degF rating) and midlayer with 800-fill goose down for colder temperatures (20degF rating), up to a down top section ideal for winter camping (5degF rating)!

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Dolomite One Duo offers generous dimensions, soft fabrics, an insulated draft tube to seal out cold around the neck area and a large hood that effectively traps heat. Furthermore, it weighs less than many of its competitors for backpacking use despite being on the heavier side.

Coleman's Kompact 20 sleeping bag is another fantastic option that stands out as lightweight for its synthetic 20-degree double sleeping bag, yet remains comfortable and well appointed with features such as water-resistant YKK zipper, spacious rectangular shape, and compression stuff sack that doubles up as pillow stuff sack.

The Dolomite One's primary drawbacks include its difficulty switching between layers and its restrictive nature for side sleepers who toss and turn at night, plus its bottom zipper opening which leaves an ineffective two-inch gap that lets cold air enter your footbox.

If you prefer an ergonomic and user-friendly design with extra conveniences, try the REI Siesta 20 or NEMO's Forte. Both options are lightweight and pack down compactly allowing them to be carried on short backpacking trips without overtaxing your shoulders. In particular, the Siesta comes equipped with a hood for extra warmth rating and slightly cheaper than its competitor Wawona Bed.


There's no denying The North Face's One Bag offers an intriguing method of temperature regulation, yet its layering system does come at the expense of comfort. When cold nights arrive, the layers converge into an uncomfortably tight ball at the foot box's base, leaving an open gap that lets in colder air into your feet and toes through colder nights. A small Velcro flap tries its best to seal this gap off from external air; unfortunately, however, this often breaks free during sleep leaving your exposed to exposed air for long enough time!

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Aside from its durability, the One Bag is an ergonomic sleeping bag designed for two, featuring generous dimensions, premium fabrics and smooth zipper operation. Lightweight yet packable for backpacking or car camping trips alike, its interior lining feels soft-touch while its hood keeps your head in place throughout the night. Other premium touches include an integrated pad cinch system for temperature regulation as well as two-way zippers with temperature regulating ability. Finally, its Blanket Fold draft collar traps heat effectively.


NEMO's Forte is another premium design packed into one lightweight package: much like The North Face's One Bag, it is an adaptable double sleeping bag ideal for different temperatures and environments. The unique spoon shape provides plenty of room for both sleepers to move freely throughout their sleep cycle and is particularly suitable for side sleepers who shift around during their rest. Finally, its durable yet breathable Cire polyester taffeta insulated shell makes for easy portability compared to its competitors.

At its price point, the Forte is hard to beat in terms of value. Boasting a 22-degree temperature rating and weighing less than four pounds when all layers are connected together, this bag comes equipped with a compression stuff sack for easy storage. Furthermore, its full-length zippers open into blanket mode; heat venting gills at the top; and footbox zippers provide added ventilation – not something many other bags provide.


The One Bag offers an entertaining approach to year-round camping comfort with its clever layering system and interchangeable upper layers, giving it impressive temperature ratings across its full temperature spectrum. Ideal for summer camping and warm-weather excursions, its synthetic bottom layer can be unzipped to reveal an 800-fill goose down midlayer that can keep you cozy at temperatures as high as 40 degrees; unzipping again reveals an 800-fill goose down midlayer which offers even greater warmth up to 40 degrees, before unzipping again reveals yet another 800-fill goose down midlayer (rated up to 40 degrees!), then when unzipped it becomes snow/sleet proof! This rectangular sleeping bag boasts impressive temperature ratings all year round!

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This three-in-one system is an impressive feat of engineering that will suit campers looking for flexibility across seasons and locations, or pinch-hitting on weekend backpacking trips. Thanks to its multilayered construction and high-end features (such as its generous oversized hood that accommodates standard pillows, wraparound zipper transformation into quilt form, insulated draft tube with drawstring cinch attachment and additional heat-trapping features like its generous oversized hood), we feel it more than deserves its premium price tag.

Closing Thoughts

However, if you're on a tight budget or plan on spending little time outdoors during colder temperatures, considering alternative solutions is wise. REI Co-op's Siesta 20 provides comparable comfort with soft fabrics and 600-fill down insulation at a lower cost and includes a hood. Coleman Brazos 20 and Teton Sports Polara 3-in-1 also offer comparable adaptability; they don't feature goose down top layers but still feature versatile adaptability features.

Though not quite as luxurious as some other top-rated sleeping bags, The North Face Dolomite One Duo Sleeping Bag makes an excellent option for versatile camping. Its simple zipping system enables easy layer swapping for an impressive range of temperatures and ratings; plus its breathable fabrics and roomy rectangular shape offer comfortable restful nights. Though somewhat heavier for backpacking trips, it makes an acceptable option for car camping or tent camping trips alike.

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