T4 Plus Hub Tent Overland Edition Review

September 8, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the t4 plus hub tent overland edition tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be helpful to you.

The Gazelle T4 Plus Overland tent is an excellent option for overlanders with long bed pickup trucks who want quick deployment times. Unfortunately, its rain fly takes several minutes to install and deploy, making entry and egress difficult in wet weather.

Establish your camp within 90 seconds thanks to its advanced hub technology; sleeps four to eight people comfortably and offers 110 square feet of floor space at its peak height of 78″. Includes durable footprint for floor protection, upgraded all-terrain stakes and water-resistant carry bag.

Easy Setup & Tear Down

Looking for an easily deployable tent with plenty of headroom? Consider the Gazelle T4 Plus Overland tent. Constructed like a duck blind or soft-sided ice fishing hut, once set up it takes just under one minute once practiced.

Gazelle calls their t4 plus hub tent overland edition tent a “hub tent,” using aluminum hubs with poles that pop out and up through them for fast setup in just 90 seconds – and that claim stands up incredibly.

Gazelle tents may catch wind and cause their vertical walls to unexpectedly and violently pop inward, potentially hitting you in the head while sleeping in your sleeping bag. To combat this potential issue, guy lines and anchor points have been installed around each exterior hub point and anchor points can be used to tie down the tent to prevent this hazard from happening again.

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One drawback of the tent is that it doesn't fold up as small, making it cumbersome to haul with a long bed pickup. Nonetheless, those overlanding in dry climates with roof rack should have no difficulty using this tent.

Inside Storage Pockets

If you need extra room to store gear off the floor of your tent, this storage option may be one of your best choices. Each wall offers multiple pockets for keeping keys, wallets and flashlights safe while lightweight jackets and beanies can be stored under its hooded area – there is even an overhead “catch-all” area which has enough room to store small amounts of gear along with an attached loop for hanging a light!

This model of the t4 plus hub tent overland edition comes complete with a water resistant carry bag for ease of storage in inclement weather. Choose between either its standard version or an Overland Edition featuring upgraded stakes and water-repellent fabric to protect it against rough terrain conditions.

Gazelle T4 Plus Overland Hub Tent offers the ideal blend of quick setup and rugged durability, taking only 90 seconds from bag to camp and sleeping four to eight people comfortably on 110 square feet of floor space and featuring a 78″ peak height for standing room.

The tent comes equipped with an oversized rain fly that provides superior protection in adverse weather, and can be quickly attached. Plus, guy lines at each exterior hub point help secure it against winds. Plus there's even an optional mud flap to keep dirt off boots & shoes!

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Removable Gear Loft

The gear loft at the top of your tent provides you with space for extra sleeping bags and camping essentials without taking up valuable floor space. Additionally, this area makes an excellent place for hanging Black Diamond Moji Lanterns for additional lighting – plus, after your trip is complete you can easily clear out and rinse/drain any waste out as necessary!

This tent boasts an oversized rainfly that can quickly and easily be attached to provide protection from weather elements, along with unobstructed window viewing and an open mesh ceiling – ideal for viewing stars! Additionally, its bottom can be opened up so it can be cleaned after each trip as well as rinsed/drained in case of necessary.


Setup from bag to camp takes only 90 seconds with our unique hub technology; our retractable awning provides shade while still leaving ample room indoors; its 78″ peak height sleeps four to eight people comfortably with ample room for gear; upgraded all-terrain stakes provide added durability on overland adventures; while upgraded water-resistant carry bags add durability for overland expeditions.

One of the main challenges of ground tenting is dealing with windy conditions. But, the T4 Plus Overland was designed specifically to handle this element with its durable 210 denier Oxford weave polyester shell that's waterproof up to 2000MM HH rating and guy lines at each exterior hub point to prevent collapsing during windy weather.

The T4 Plus Overland tent boasts another outstanding feature in its ability to be converted into a screen room by using its included zip-out door and bug net, perfect for overlanders who like sleeping outdoors but who want to keep bugs at bay. Furthermore, this feature makes the T4 Plus Overland an excellent option for family camping or car camping with young children who can sleep inside while taking in all of nature without experiencing bugs!

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Windy Weather Protection

The T4 Plus Overland tent offers ample space, quick setup time and durable construction; however, its greatest drawback lies in its inability to keep you warm and dry in wet weather due to room dividers which are difficult to deploy during rainy conditions.

This issue arises due to the tent hub walls' curving outward, providing a lot of surface area that winds can whip across. As such, their vertical surfaces may become unstable during windy conditions, and violently pop inward during sleep-deprivation-inducing breezes – something which can become extremely disturbing in the middle of the night when sleeping!

Gazelle has designed their tent to prevent this issue by including guy lines on each exterior hub point of their tent to secure it and keep its hub points from popping inward during high winds, thus eliminating this problem and preventing its occurrence in the future. These guy lines will help prevent pop-in, making setup faster than ever, even in bad weather! And can even easily be taken down when necessary. It is a small price to pay for such ease-of-use.

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