Snugpak Ionosphere Sleeping Bag Review

September 16, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the snugpak ionosphere tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope this review post will help you in your investment decision.

The Snugpak Ionosphere tent is an outstanding one-person shelter designed for backpackers and hikers, boasting light trail weight while packing down small thanks to its lightweight DAC aluminum poles.

It also features No-See-Um mosquito mesh and taped seams. Unfortunately, it takes some time to set up.

Weather Resistant

The Snugpak Ionosphere tent is an ideal one-person tent for backpacking. Offering maximum protection from the elements and easy setup in darkness, it provides shelter from rainstorms or thunderstorms while remaining comfortable and spacious enough for all your camping needs.

It may be slightly more expensive than some models, but this tent offers superior quality and durability. Crafted from tough materials, this tent should provide years of camping. Unfortunately, this tent doesn't stand on its own so you will have to locate somewhere suitable before it starts raining to pitch it before rain starts falling.

This tent was made to provide you with protection from even the harshest elements, with its 5000mm hydrostatic head polyurethane laminate coated fly sheet and taped seams. Furthermore, its No-See-Um mesh mosquito net keeps insects away. Despite all this protection, its trail weight of just 2.64 pounds means it won't take up much room in your backpack and is easy to carry around with ease.

Snugpak Ionosphere provides more than its name suggests with regards to weather resistance; it can easily be set up within minutes and remains very comfortable despite all seasons.

There are various options available to backpackers who require simple survival shelter, but the Snugpak Ionosphere stands out. Highly breathable and featuring an excellent surface-weight ratio, it remains an affordable solution that can withstand various environments and circumstances.

Tarp shelters may be useful in an emergency, but they may not provide long-term shelter. To ensure long-term survival, it's wiser to invest in a tent which has low profile and dark hue to better blend in with its environment. There are numerous models to choose from so make sure it fits with what your surroundings have in store for you.


Snugpak produces the Ionosphere bivi tent as part of their highly respected military grade clothing and camping equipment production line. Their Ionosphere shelter can be pitched next to larger tarps for emergency shelter on backpacking trips; their gear has become sought-after among US, European and Australian militaries as well as recreational users looking for lightweight yet waterproof emergency shelter solutions that they can carry with them on trips.

The tent weighs an extremely lightweight 1.52 kg when packed up completely, making it easily packable into any side pocket of a backpack for hiking, mountaineering and other adventures. When coupled with a tarp it offers three season versatility with minimal footprint space in campsites.

Comparative to other bivi tents, the Ionosphere is both lightweight and compact. Made from high-grade materials and using tried and true DAC Featherlite NSL poles that combine strength with lightness, its waterproof properties include its hydrostatic head coated fly sheet (5000mm hydrostatic head coating) as well as taped seams ensuring complete protection.


Another advantage is the tent's flexibility for setting up basecamp. You have various options when pitching it; facing towards or away from the sun, blocking wind gusts or even making use of different positions to block wind as necessary are all good ways of making sure you find an optimal spot to settle down in. This feature can prove particularly handy during an expedition where finding shelter may prove challenging.

Keep in mind that this tent isn't freestanding; to secure it properly to the ground or use a guy line as necessary. However, its setup remains straightforward and quick; even in rainy conditions you should be able to follow the instructions to set it up quickly!

If you need a lightweight bivi tent that can withstand all weather conditions, the Ionosphere bivi tent is your answer. Boasting an impressive 5000mm waterproof coating and sturdy construction, its low profile and subdued color make it the ideal option for stealth camping adventures.

Easy to Set Up

The Snugpak Ionosphere bivy tent for one person provides the ideal balance of durability and comfort, perfect for wilderness adventures without the hassle of setting up their tent. With excellent weather resistance, lightweight construction, ample room for gear storage space and convenient carrying/storage capabilities it makes an excellent addition to hiking packs.

Ionosphere shelters are two-piece bivy tents constructed of ripstop nylon with a waterproof treatment up to 5000mm hydrostatic head and pressfit connectors that make set up quick and simple. Weighing only 3.34 pounds, they're easier than many bivy tents to pack away for travel purposes and can withstand frequent use without becoming worn out or damaged over time.

It is also easy to assemble, even in windy or wet weather, thanks to string guy ropes at both ends of the tent to hold it taut, as well as elasticated loops at each pole end for pegging. Furthermore, Ionosphere comes complete with a repair kit including spare guy loops, sleeves for repair patches and diagrams of how best to repair its shelters.

Even with its impressive features, Ionosphere isn't perfect. Without a ground cloth to reduce its use in some scenarios (this might be problematic if sleeping outdoors such as mountains or forests), and without an escape hatch it may prove cumbersome in emergency situations where an exit must be quickly obtained.

Another drawback of Ionospheres is their lack of mesh windows, making it harder to open during windy and wet weather conditions. Their size and shape also stick out from wilderness settings, creating problems for those seeking privacy from other people.


The Ionosphere tent is not only great as a survival shelter, but can also serve as an effective camping tent on backpacking trips. With enough room for one person and their equipment weighing only 3.4 pounds it makes traveling lighter while offering ample shelter during bad weather. Plus it comes equipped with its own stuff sack that allows it to fit easily into a bag without taking up unnecessary space in it!

The Snugpak Ionosphere shelter is an excellent option for survival prepping, as its lightweight yet sturdy frame makes setup quick and easy. Plus, camping trips become even easier as its compact size fits easily into most backpacks – perfect if cold weather hits. Unfortunately, though it lacks a fly or mesh cover – making it more challenging than usual if you need to leave in an emergency situation. However, some drawbacks of this shelter must also be considered. It may not provide sufficient insulation against wind chill or weather protection; plus breakdown may become difficult if time pressured; making this shelter unsuitable for cold climate use – make sure if that occurs before leaving an emergency occurs so as to regain time.

Closing Thoughts

Snugpak offers the Ionosphere, an innovative one-person tent designed to bridge the gap between tent and bivy sack designs. With its low profile design and wind shedding features, its low visibility is perfect for stealthy wild camps off trails as well as exposed pitches on hills or moors; and its subtle colors and camouflage patterns further contribute to its stealthy capabilities.

Tarp shelters provide another great survival shelter option, being light and easy to set up. A great example is the Snugpak Stasha G2 that comes in olive color for added camouflage. However, these types of shelter won't protect from heavy rainfall and wind gusts.

Snugpak Ionosphere survival shelters may be great options for preppers, but they might not fit everyone. For a more comfortable shelter that can house multiple people at once, backpacking tents may be more suitable. With various models designed specifically to meet hiker, camper and backpacker needs on the market and most designed to be lightweight and compact to avoid adding weight to your load, backpacking tents offer excellent shelter solutions that won't bog you down when traveling through wilderness terrain.

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