Sitka Timber Pack Review and Perks

September 9, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the sitka timber pack? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be helpful to you.

This pack is an innovative treehugger; its straps cling securely to tree trunks to keep all your gear (even firearms!) above waterline. When unzipped, its main compartment hangs open revealing multiple zippered mesh pockets for organized gear storage.

Waterfowl hunters who hunt in backwater environments such as flooded timber, buck brush or wooded marsh require different pack needs than those who prefer tree stand hunting for whitetail deer. Sitka understands this need and provides a range of hunting gear designed specifically for backwater environments.

Optifade Concealment Waterfowl Timber

If you're searching for high-quality, water-resistant hunting gear for your next hunt, the Sitka Timber Pack should be on your shortlist. With innovative features that help stay hidden in swamp environments – like water-resistant cell phone pockets and external compression straps that ensure contents stay upright – plus its padded shoulder strap, this pack makes concealment simple.

The Optifade Marsh pattern camouflages hunters as they are seen from above, using swirling patterns to conceal themselves from constantly moving birds. It has been optimized for engagement distances of 35 yards or further and works particularly well in blinds, standing crops and cut stubble fields.

Colors reminiscent of surrounding vegetation create visual confusion for birds. Additionally, its intricate micro pattern creates depth illusion and the colors mislead the eye by showing different hues of shadow and light.

This pattern works well in wet environments, while remaining breathable so you can move freely. It's especially suited for whitetail deer hunting in open areas as its design allows up to 80 yards of concealment.

GORE OPTIFADE Concealment Waterfowl Timber stands out from other camo patterns by taking into account that birds are generally flying above you rather than directly looking at you from below. Featuring high contrast design to imitate bright reflection off water and dark tree cover, its appearance changes with each bird descent – ideal for engagement distances between 10-40 yards in environments with flooding timber cover.

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Sitka's Optifade Timber waterproof hunting pack is one of the most acclaimed models on the market. Designed to cling securely to tree trunks and keep gear above waterline, its no-muck straps effectively remove even sticky mud; while its welded rubber bottom keeps everything dry. Furthermore, there are eight removable nooses designed specifically to carry ducks home from your hunt!

Optifade Elevated II

Whitetail deer hunters find themselves hunting in various temperatures and weather conditions, from early season heat waves to waiting out winter for that buck, Sitka Gear has developed products to keep hunters protected and ready.

The Optifade Elevated II was created to give you all of the flexibility and protection you need during all whitetail seasons. Featuring GORE OPTIFADE Concealment with an extended engagement zone to cover more of your body and extend seasonal effectiveness; plus its use of sound science cuts audible engagement range in half! Other features include ultra-quiet YKK Vislon zippers as well as high loft jacquard Berber fleece. Silent Secure closures eliminate noisy loose buckles while side pockets and winged compression straps add versatility.

Sitka Gear offers the Timber Pack specifically for use during flooded timber hunts. This pack keeps all your gear above water while remaining easily accessible in knee to waist deep swamps; additionally, there's even a pocket dedicated for grunt tubes and range finders so that when needed they are easy to grab quickly.

This Timber Pack can make a big difference when treestanding this fall. The lightweight Optifade Fanatic jacket will provide extra warmth as temperatures drop, yet still fit easily in your backpack. Equipped with Primaloft and Gore Windstopper insulation to keep you comfortable while in your stand. Additionally, its specially tailored textile fabric helps reduce burr and sticker contact while walking around your stand – an invaluable feature that anyone prone to burrs or stickers may find invaluable.

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Optifade Everyday Wear

Sitka makes hunting clothing and gear specifically tailored to suit a range of hunters. Their gear ranges from waterfowl hunting camo to big game mountain backpacks, each piece constructed using quality materials with careful attention paid to every detail and design. In addition, Sitka provides accessories to complete any big game hunt such as hats, neck warmers, masks, and gloves – providing hunters with everything they need for success on the field.

Sitka camo stands apart from traditional mimicry camo in that it uses animal vision science to blend hunters into their environments through colors and shapes that match nearby objects, while traditional camouflage relies on matching nearby colors and shapes; by contrast, Sitka camo relies on advanced camouflage technology with patterns like Open Country, Subalpine Elevated II, Waterfowl Marsh for seamless camouflage technology that works for you!

Sitka hunting systems start with a breathable baselayer designed to wick away moisture and regulate body heat to keep wearers comfortable and focused on their task at hand. Next comes an insulating outer layer designed to protect from cold weather, rugged terrain, and bug bites; Sitka offers an extensive selection of jackets, fleece hoodies, pants, and waders tailored specifically for hunters' needs.


Optifade Elevated II Whitetail Hunting Camo was specifically designed for treestand hunting, featuring areas of high contrast that echo the difference between bright skies and shaded tree cover. Suitable for hunting from elevated positions at engagement ranges of 80 yards or less.

Optifade Waterfowl Marsh was specifically created for layout and blind waterfowl hunting in marshes, standing crops, or cut stubble fields at 35 yards or beyond using swirling patterns that conceal hunters from flying birds.

Optifade Subalpine big-game hunting camo was specifically created for tree-covered and vegetated terrain, offering high contrast patterns ideal for stalking ungulates at 50 yards or less from cover. Additionally, its large safety orange area helps increase visibility in the field. Sitka offers several popular products using this pattern like their Stratus Jacket and Fleece Pants which feature Constant Connect Sitka Safety Harness Pass Through Ports that enable users to layer or unlayer without disconnecting from their harness.

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Optifade Open Country

Sitka Gear appeals to hunters who demand exceptional quality and performance from their gear. Constructed using cutting-edge materials, their pants, boots, jackets offer comfort, durability, weather protection for every backcountry adventure imaginable; from lightweight packable options for early season adventuring through to durable garments designed to withstand even harshest conditions.

The Timber Pack is a new pack this year designed specifically for use during flood timber hunts that keeps all your gear and gun safely above water. The backpack clings securely to bare trunks with its tree strap, which can either be stored away when not needed or deployed when necessary to suspend above the waterline. Inside its main compartment lies multiple zippered mesh pockets designed for organization as well as an interior security pocket to store small essentials; exterior vertical pockets can hold spotting scopes, rain gear or Sitka Flash Shelters.

Closing Thoughts

GORE(r) OPTIFADETM Concealment Open Country has been scientifically optimized to cover engagement ranges of 50 yards or greater at ground level in rocky terrain above timberline, ground-level hunting for 50-plus yards from ground-level. Open Country was engineered to blend with colors like browns and greens while maintaining enough contrast so game can see it at these distances. Sitka designed a subalpine pattern featuring more greens and yellows to match vegetation and rock tones of close engagement ranges for elk hunting engagement ranges.

No matter where the terrain takes you, these durable big game pants provide great freedom of movement while offering superior comfort and durability. Their stretch panels, articulated knees and hips allow natural posture movements while soft stretch fabric keeps your skin comfortable against its fabric surface. Their windproof/waterproof membrane adds protection while their double reinforced ripstop knees and seat provide additional strength and resilience; additionally their triple density foam waist belt adds comfort and the Velcro on their waist will fit most pistol holsters or bear spray holsters securely onto them.

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