Sitka Sleeping Bag Review and Perks

September 8, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the sitka sleeping bag? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that review post about this perfect sleeping bag for the outdoors will be helpful.

Sitka uses their experience designing clothing systems for hunters to incorporate these insights into its sleeping bags, creating versatile layers of warmth for mobile warmth solutions like their Kelvin Aerolite 30 sleeping bag.

This 35 degree bag packs down small and is rated to hold its temperature rating, making it suitable for summer hiking and backpacking trips with minimal gear. Plus two can be zipped together into one large double sleeping bag!

Warmth & Comfort

Sitka Sleeping Bags takes an innovative approach when designing sleeping bags for cold-weather conditions. Most manufacturers tend to focus on keeping you warm at night and in your tent; they rarely consider what happens during hunting trips or when taking care of other business, like having to get up at night to use the restroom, make coffee or take out bears! Sitka takes a different approach.

Sitka designed the Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag as a versatile multifunctional layer to adapt to fluctuating outdoor temperatures in the field, which requires testing in lab conditions with controlled conditions. As such, its 30-degree comfort rating offers plenty of protection while its jacket-like features including zippered functional arm holes, contoured shoulders, hood, center front two-way zipper and an internal loop to shorten and ease mobility are perfect for backcountry hunters who spend most of their time outside hunting.

Quality Insulation

The Kelvin features synthetic PrimaLoft Gold insulation with Cross Core technology to replicate the aesthetic and performance of down insulation, keeping you warm even in wet weather. It comes complete with lightweight waterproof fabric with durable water repellent properties to prevent moisture seepage into its shell; moisture absorption by sleeping bag insulation reduces thermal efficiency significantly.

Sitka's Kelvin Sleeping Bag features not only its signature breathable and water-repellant shell fabric but also a four-chamber hood design to maintain loft throughout your trip. Furthermore, draft collar and draft tube allow users to customise the down fill to meet individual body heat needs – ideal for unisex sleeping bag usage.

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Many campers desire being able to leave their sleeping bag during the day to do activities such as walking around camp, pouring coffee or taking a leak without having to abandon it completely. While this can be challenging with most sleeping bags, Feathered Friends Snowbunting Ex 0 Sleeping Bag provides enough space for this maneuver with two zippers allowing feet out while keeping head inside bag – both important features when camping outdoors!

Weight & Packability

Simply put, packing less can make your bag lighter; however, too much compression could compromise its loft and insulation properties.

Sleeping bag manufacturers provide a range of compressible insulations, but not all will suit every bag or meet your specific needs. Synthetic insulation tends to be heavier and compress less effectively while down is lighter and provides greater insulation value. For backpackers and ounce counters alike, selecting an insulation that can fit within your pack without adding unnecessary weight is of utmost importance in finding a sleeping bag that will fit comfortably without adding unnecessary weight.

Another key consideration in packability of sleeping bags is how easy they are to enter and exit. Some models feature zippers at both ends which can be opened for more room to move; other designs feature arm holes equipped with zippers so you can poke out your arms for warmth or ventilation purposes.


The SITKA Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag is an example of this concept. Not just limited to sleeping use, its design also makes it suitable as part of an active warmth layering system with its comfort rating of 30 degrees allowing users to remain active throughout the day while remaining protected against cold weather conditions.

The Western Mountaineering Kodiak 0 Sleeping Bag is another highly packable lightweight sleeping bag. Insulated with 850-fill power goose down and featuring continuous baffles for easy adjusting, this spacious mummy bag comes equipped with continuous baffles for precise adjustment to where it's most needed. Hunters of all sizes can benefit from its generous dimensions–66″ shoulder girth and roomy foot box included! A two-way zipper opens both ways for ventilation purposes while its draft collar protects against heat loss at the neck/shoulders area while it comes complete with its own compression stuffsack for easy storage/transportation when traveling together with another sleeping bag–making for easy doubling!

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Durability & Water Resistance

Sitka sleeping bags are designed not only to be warm and lightweight, but they're also highly durable. Crafted with polyester face fabric treated with water-repellant finishes for extra moisture-wicking properties in wet weather, PrimaLoft Gold insulation mimics down warmth while remaining thermal efficient even when wet – while armholes, stow hooks on the bottom, easy zipper pulls with an anti-snag fabric strip, arm holes that provide mobility, as well as zipper pulls that come equipped with an anti-snag fabric strip ensure you stay dry even in wet environments!

Sitka has long been recognized as a pioneer in backcountry hunting gear innovation. Most sleeping bag designers and manufacturers focus on producing sleeping bags to keep hunters warm at night while sleeping, without taking into account how hunters spend their days out in the field. Therefore, Sitka developed the Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag not simply as an ordinary sleeping bag, but rather as part of a layering system to provide warmth through all conditions and temperatures.

The Kelvin features a 30-degree comfort rating, making it the ideal addition to your other layers, including base layers, pants and puffy jackets. By layering up with additional items on top of it, its comfort can extend further in cold-weather environments.

The Kelvin also features an innovative foot box that makes getting out and moving around easier, such as setting up camp, cooking meals or responding to nature calls. It's an exceptional feature which will make this backpack stand out among its competition – proving itself especially useful among high-country hunters who spend much of their time glassing and searching for promising spots in the wilderness.

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Design & Features

Sitka's Kelvin Aerolite 30 Sleeping Bag stands out as an exceptional sleeping solution because its designers and manufacturers aimed to make more than a vessel for sleep – but instead created something much more useful as a versatile tool that provides warmth and utility during daytime activities and temperatures dips. This innovative bag was not simply intended for sleeping; Sitka designed it so it would become an indispensable ally when temperatures dropped – something other sleeping bags simply cannot do.

With zippered arm holes, a toe box designed to facilitate walking, and a two-way center-front zipper that connects it all, this multifunctional bag allows you to use it like a jacket with the same warmth rating of a sleeping bag – perfect for early risers who wish to see sunrise without risking losing heat or freezing hands! Plus its middle zipper allows quick access if nature calls in the wee hours!

Closing Thoughts

The Kelvin is designed with lightweight synthetic PrimaLoft Gold insulation designed to keep you warm even in wet environments, and boasting anti-odor technology for peace of mind when sleeping on it. In addition, the Kelvin comes equipped with durable water repellent finish which keeps water at bay so that you stay dry throughout rain or snowstorms.

Its primary function is as an additional mobile layer of warmth for camp wear such as fleece gloves, light fleece pants and an insulated beanie. Specifically targeted toward backcountry hunters who spend considerable time glassing or hunters looking for a sleeping bag that does more than provide shelter at night, the Envelope Sleeping Bag excels.

As a multifunctional sleep bag, the Kelvin is quite costly and might not provide sufficient warmth in cold environments without additional layers. New users might require practice moving around and climbing into it before getting used to its use; but for anyone serious about using their sleeping bag as part of an everyday layer of gear that keeps them warm while mobile throughout their day, then investing in one like the Kelvin is worth every penny.

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