Scarpa Climbing Shoes Review

March 30, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for the best scarpa climbing shoes to invest in? Check out these tips and benefits in this new post. Welcome to Trad Climbers.

SCARPA offers an impressive selection of high-performance shoes to fit any need – whether you're an experienced climber looking for a new pair, or just starting out in the sport. No matter your skill level, SCARPA has something that works best for you.

They have been around for decades and still make some of the top climbing shoes on the market. In this article we'll take a closer look at some of their most popular models so you can pick which shoe best suits your climbing needs!

Is SCARPA a Good Brand for Climbing?

Scarpa is a company renowned for producing some of the finest climbing shoes available. Established in 1938 in Asolo, northern Italy, they are renowned for their top-tier mountain and climbing boots.

The company offers a broad selection of climbing footwear for all abilities, from novice to expert climber. Their heavy expedition boots like the Phantom series and ultra-light ski touring racing shoes provide the ideal choice.

Climbing shoes are essential for developing confidence on the rock face, so make sure you get one that meets your requirements. Key features to look for in a climbing shoe include an accommodating upper, durable rubber outsole and specialized sole that will provide support during ascents.

Scarpa's Instinct VS climbing shoe provides plenty of feedback when taking on challenging boulder problems and sport climbs. While these shoes take some time to break in, once your feet are in them you'll find that these shoes help maximize your climbing performance.

Should I Size Down in SCARPA Climbing Shoes?

Scarpa offers a vast selection of climbing shoes, each featuring its own fit. It can be difficult to get the correct size because each manufacturer utilizes their own sizing system.

When it comes to shoes, always test them on for comfort before purchasing. Make sure the shoe feels snug on your feet without restricting circulation or comfort.

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Climbers typically prefer a tight fit to maximize performance while minimizing discomfort. However, you shouldn't go too snug as that could restrict blood flow to your feet, leading to cramps or blisters.

A tight fit will also create a narrow toe box, which is ideal for new climbers as it helps them focus their power into their big toes while climbing small holds.

Trad climbing requires more specialized footwear than gym climbing, so it's essential to select a shoe suitable for the style of rock you're climbing on. A specialized trad shoe will enable you to feel micro edges and divots in your footholds – essential when adhering to technical cracks and slabs.

What Country is SCARPA Climbing Shoes From?

Established in 1938 in Northern Italy's Asolo region, Scarpa is renowned for their hiking and climbing shoes. They were one of the first companies to design footwear specifically tailored for mountain sports activities.

Today, Scarpa manufactures an elite selection of hiking and climbing shoes made by their employees in Europe. They're renowned for their superior craftsmanship and wide range of styles.

Their shoes are typically built to last and have been tailored to different foot shapes. This means they can accommodate various climbing techniques and accommodate any shoe size. Furthermore, these lightweight footwear provides plenty of grip on surfaces. However, it's important to consider how often and for how long you plan on using them before making a purchase decision.

Are SCARPA Instinct Good for Bouldering?

If you're searching for a shoe to help with the more technical aspects of bouldering, the SCARPA Instinct is an ideal option. This high-performance climbing shoe excels at both sport routes and bouldering problems with its precise fit that enhances sensitivity and power while remaining comfortable.

The Instinct boasts a curved, asymmetrical last and slightly softer construction for improved flexibility and sensitivity. This allows it to be thinner in the sole for improved flexibility and grip.

Vibram XS Edge rubber provides superior traction on small chips and nubbins, while Bi-Tension active midsole system helps transfer force from the toe to heel for optimal performance in every move.

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Alex Puccio has been raving about Scarpa's Instinct VS for some time, and it's easy to understand why. This shoe excels at edging and working up small pockets on plastic or rock faces, making it ideal for lighter climbers who require greater sensitivity than their standard sport climbing shoe can provide.

What is the Oldest Climbing Shoe Company?

Established in 1938, Scarpa is the oldest climbing shoe company worldwide. From its base in Italy's Asolo mountain range, this Italian brand has become a well-known fixture among rock climbers of all levels – providing shoes tailored for both traditional and sport routes alike.

The brand has a long-standing commitment to supporting climbers who strive to push themselves beyond what's possible, on a daily basis. This passion is at the heart of their footwear – from asymmetric leather models that wrap wide and narrow feet in an intimate fit, to fast-lacing boots designed for speed on vertical slabs.

Five Ten is another legendary brand on the list of leading climbing shoe producers. Established in 1985, they were an influential force in the early approach shoe movement, pioneering molded heel cups and using sticky Vibram XS Grip rubber and highly tensioned P3-band technology in their classic Solution shoe.

Today, there is a wide range of climbing shoe manufacturers to suit every style and need. Some specialize in beginner-oriented models while others create performance shoes for gym climbers and competition athletes.

Are Scarpa Shoes Made in China?

When purchasing climbing shoes, the country of manufacture should be taken into consideration. Some brands are based in Europe while others are located in Asia.

Typically, the top climbing shoe brands are located in North America or Europe. This ensures their footwear is produced under countries with stringent environmental laws.

Many of these manufacturers have been around for centuries, earning them an unbeatable reputation for quality and longevity.

Scarpa is one of the world's premier climbing shoe brands, boasting an extensive product lineup. Their products have been endorsed by professionals and used by climbers from around the world.

SCARPA shoes are tailored to fit a range of foot shapes and sizes. Crafted with materials that are both durable and lightweight, these shoes make them ideal for many routes.

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Men's SCARPA Cimbing Shoes

Scarpa offers a wide range of climbing shoes for everyone: beginners, intermediates and experts alike. Their most popular model is the Helix, an open-profiled rock climbing shoe that's comfortable on or off the wall. It has both to-the-toe lacing as well as Vibram XS Edge rubber at 3.5mm thickness for superior grip on any terrain.

The Helix climbing shoe utilizes the latest performance and materials science to deliver an aesthetic that's also functional. Its Bi-tension rand creates a snug yet comfortable fit for your foot while still allowing the ankle to breathe and the sleeve to bend. Meanwhile, Boostic climbing shoe excels at everything from overhanging routes and steep pockets, to technical edging on thin foot chips.

Other products worth noting include the Origin, a flat-lasted shoe offering an appealing style while being affordable and neutral. The Boostic is an all-around climbing shoe, while its more advanced counterpart, the Boostic M, makes for great alternatives if you're searching for an oleo or more advanced pair of climbing boots.

Women's SCARPA Climbing shoes

A reliable pair of climbing shoes will enable you to tackle whatever terrain you encounter. However, if you're searching for shoes specifically tailored to one type of climbing, it's best to search out brands that manufacture these specialized models.

When selecting climbing shoes, the shape (or last) is essential. If you plan to do a lot of bouldering or overhanging routes, a shoe with an athletic fit might be best suited.

For a more delicate feel, opt for shoes with lower volume heels or rubber compounds. This will enable you to apply more pressure on your footholds without compromising sensitivity.

Scarpa offers the Instinct VS women's climbing shoe, ideal for hard sport climbing and bouldering due to its balance of stiffness and sensitivity. It features XS Grip 2 rubber which is softer and stickier than XS Edge rubber. Although the toe box of this shoe is slightly narrower than in men's versions, testers have noted no significant differences in fit or sensitivity.

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