Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners: Top Picks for 2023

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Searching for the best rock climbing shoes for beginners? If so, we hope this post will provide some further information to set you up for success.

A good pair of shoes is very necessary for rock climbing because it is not a task that can be performed using ordinary shoes. This task needs footwear with more sensitivity. The sensitivity allows a user to sense the ground or rocks in a better way. 

Through sensing the ground, a person manages all the steps securely. The shoes are specifically designed for rock climbing and have all the features that make the journey very easy and comfortable for the climber. 

Rock climbing shoes for beginners are available in the market in a versatile range. Beginners need more safety, so they wear particular shoes for climbing through which they perform their inception with great interest. 

How Do I Choose a Climbing Shoe for Beginners? 

Beginners need something that can be easily used. People need more care in the beginning, then why are they always recommended to use some simple products?

At the start, everyone has to put all the effort into the task. If difficult things are given in the beginning, then man cannot pay much attention to his starting task. His attention will distribute between the operation of different things and the new task's learning. That's why there are always different things for beginners that can be handled easily. Similarly, the rock climbing shoes for beginners are also out there to help beginners. 

There is also a condition for having a good beginner experience. The condition is that you need to have the best product, and then, you will be able to perform a great job. 

First of all, you should check the size by wearing the shoe if you can. It would be a great way of having the right size. Size is a very important thing in climbing shoes. A fit size can be effective while climbing. Otherwise, a loose or tight size will offer many problems for the beginner. 

Sole Choice

Beginners should select a thick sole instead of a thin sole. The thin sole is used by professionals because it is a little bit tricky to handle. The thick sole provides less sensitivity to the wearer but is the most suitable option to start. Thick soles are easy to handle and comfortable. They teach the beginner how to become a pro. After proper training and practice, the person can surely use the thin sole for better sensitivity. 

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Weight is also a necessary thing to choose correctly. If the rock climbing shoe for beginners is heavy, then the climber cannot do his job with perfection. It is a tip of great appreciation that you should buy lightweight climbing shoes. 

The closure system should be strong and easy to handle. Some shoes have sticky straps to secure the shoes fit. The stickiness of such shoes decreases as time passes. We recommend you select a pair with a lace-up closure system. The laces will close the shoe strongly so that it will not be loose while performing the task. 

Try to choose a pair with the water-resisting feature. It will keep your feet dry, even in wet areas. It covers the situation in which people have to take steps on the wet ground. 

Through following these helping points, you will become able to move in the direction of the best choice. The above-mentioned points are enough through which you will never regret your choice. 

What Shoes Do You Wear Rock Climbing?

The choice of shoes for rock climbing is crucial and depends on your level. It is completely linked with the task or climber's level. We can guide you in the choice of shoes according to two levels. 

  • Beginner Level: If you are a complete novice in rock climbing, then sneakers or pumps of beginner level will support you in the best way. At the start, you will not be able to perform climbing with difficult footgear. You will confuse between the toughness of your task and shoes. An easy level is suggested to starters so that they can start in a better way and learn confidently. 
  • Expert Level: Masters of rock climbing admire and prefer the use of the complex version. They wear complex climbing shoes because they want more sensitivity. They want to sense the small rocks and uneven places so that they can take their next step in an orderly manner. It is not a difficult task for the experts to utilize the complex version because they have become experts at the work. They know how to climb in those shoes.
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Do You Wear Socks With Rock Climbing Shoes? 

It was a normal thing in the past. People wore socks with their shoes. Most of their shoes came with the socks to fit comfortably. But, over time, other styles and types of climbing shoes emerged with new features. Nowadays, about 95% of shoes are designed for bare feet. They completely fit the bare feet and do not require socks. 

The new sketch has a grip that can fit the foot comfortably in it. That's why nowadays people do not wear socks with their shoes. Those who become used to it can bear it. Otherwise, wearing socks while climbing or hiking becomes very irritating.

There are some other demerits due to which people do not like to wear socks with climbing shoes. The socks make the shoes smelly that becomes very irritating and sometimes shameful. Moreover, the socks allow the moisture to take place inside the shoes. It can make your way difficult to an unexpected level.

How are Rock Climbing Shoes Supposed to Fit?

It is an important thing to discuss. You can check whether the size fits your feet or not. It seems tricky for beginners, but it is super easy. 

You can check the size by wearing it. After wearing the shoes, you should check the toe box's fitting. The shoes will be best and fit greatly if the toe fits correctly in the toe box. There should not be any dead space.

Heels should also be fit fully into the heel cup. Heel cups should fit and grip the heel comfortably and completely. In this way, you can move in a better way. There should be a soft and padded area on the above side. It will provide you softness whenever you take the next step. The sides should also grip well. 

If all these sides fit well, you will surely have a good and comfortable size of your rock climbing shoes for beginners. 

Best Rock Climbing Shoes for Beginners

Now, we are going to show you two nice rock climbing shoes for beginners. You will have a good knowledge of climbing shoes.

La Sportiva Finale Women's Climbing Shoe

The top pick of almost every starter is always the finale. La Sportiva finale will impress you greatly through the mixture of features it provides. It provides a mixture of comfort, ease, softness, flexibility, and sensitivity. 

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This shoe has a lace-up closure system on the top of it that makes it more fit and strong. You can manage the lace-up system according to your desire. The laces will keep your feet securely into the shoes. 

The design will provide you the confidence to land on slabs and perform on steeper climbs. It has 5mm Vibram XS Edge rubber that makes it shock-absorbing and wall adhesive. You can keep your feet attached to the walls and ground for instant moments.

The pair is made up of leather and microfiber. These two products make it durable and long-lasting. The toe box and heel cup have the proper softness and fitting to secure your feet. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Made up of leather 
  • Lace-up closure system 
  • Unlined with leather

Mad Rock Shoe

Mad Rock Flash 2018 Climbing Shoes

The Mad Rock brand has designed a new style to secure the courageous generation in a great way. The company has focused on the design without sacrificing the benefits. 

Its upper part contains leather and is stretchy enough to give good performance while climbing. The leather makes it durable and bearable in every season and condition. 

It has hook and loop straps as a closure system, but it does not mean that it is not secure. The straps are super sticky and provide good adhesion. You will not face the discomfort of slipping feet outside the shoe. 

They use a good quality rubber that makes it durable and provides friction against the walls and ground. It had 3X heel cups to fit many sizes and shapes. The toe box has also been updated to create a necessary backward pressure against your toe. It helps a lot in climbing like a professional. 


  • Long-lasting 
  • Hook and loop closure system
  • Fits comfortably 
  • Comfortable 
  • Stretchable 

Closing Thoughts

Rock climbing shoes for beginners should not have any compromising features. The pair should always be perfect and complete. The outcome of your performance concentratedly depends on the size, style, and comfort level of your footwear.

We have discussed all these points and have also told you how you can select rock climbing shoes for beginners. There are also two decent options in this article. We have discussed everything about them in detail. We hope this article will be helpful to you.

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