Rei Flash Air 1 | 2023 Review

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking more information about the REI flash Air 1 tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. One trekking pole can hold the whole structure of the REI Flash Air 1 Tent (20 oz / 567 g, $249), which has a single entrance and vestibule and can be supported by a single wall of the tent. It consists of a combination of single and double walls. In addition, there is the REI Flash Air 2 Tent (31 ounces / 879 grammes, $299), which is meant to accommodate two people.

About the Review

Throughout its time out in the field, the tent has been exposed to light rain and snowfall, mild-to-moderate winds, night-time temperatures approaching freezing, and moderate humidity levels. In addition, I used a Suter tester to perform a quantitative condensation study and a direct examination of the hydrostatic head rating (or waterproofness) of the fly fabric, all of which were successfully completed.

Some Important Specs

  • Non-self-supporting (requires a minimum of 5 stakes)
  • Number of accessory guy-line tie-out points: 8 Number of extra guy-lines that are included.
  • 20 oz. for the four weights claimed (tent body, strut, and roof pole) (567 g)
  • 1.72 oz. (49g) is the measured weight of the accompanying vertical pole (which is required if a hiking pole is not used)
  • Dimensions: head/foot: 88.35.27 in./224.90.69 cm
  • The floor's surface area is 21.3 square feet (1.98 sq. m.)
  • 8.4 square feet is the size of the vestibule (0.78 sq. m.)
  • The following materials can be used as a support pole (optional, or you can just use a trekking pole): DAC Feather-lite NFL Green, 9.3 mm diameter x 38 in (96.5 cm), 3-sections fold to 14 in (35.6 cm)
  • Pole for the end strut: 8.7 mm dia. x 11.875 in (30.2 cm)
  • The roof pole dimensions are: 8 mm diameter by 14 in length (35.6 cm)
  • The roof pole hub is made of moulded plastic, and the fly and floor are made of ripstop nylon.
  • The suggested retail price is $249.
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1. Set-up is simple

On the subject of set-up, there aren't any major issues to be concerned about; nonetheless, reading the instructions is recommended only to gain a knowledge of how the roof hub pole assembly works in conjunction with the accompanying vertical pole, rather than with a trekking pole.

As a result, it is easy to overtighten the guy-lines that are attached to the shelter, as the structural integrity of the structure is dependent on the balance of stress around its perimeter.

We've found this tent to be consistent with other REI tents we've tried, and it's similar to the REI Quarter Dome SL1 and REI Quarter Dome SL2 tents, which are both available from the retailer. All of its seams, cut-and-sew quality, and seam tape are dependably of high quality, putting it on par with shelters from MSR and Big Agnes, and it is a joy to use.

2. Liveability

Even though it's a small tent, the REI Flash Air 1 Tent is more in line with the size of a solo bivy tent than the size of a solo tent that you'd want to spend a significant amount of time in during a daylong downpour. Its Achilles' heel is the internal height at the tent's extremities, which limits the overhead volume in the tent, which is necessary for anyone larger than an average-sized man to move around, change clothes, and perform other activities while in the tent.

When the roof “arch” pole is combined with the fabric tension from stake-out points, it creates an incredible amount of headroom and allows for considerably more manoeuvrability.

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Rain Proof

During a downpour from above, the fly protects the vertical mesh inner tent entrance from the rain and other factors. I put the fly and floor linens through their paces on my (calibrated) Suter tester up to approximately 1,800 mm H20.

Even though this lightweight floor material provides adequate weather protection, water may leak through if you are camping on hard, sopping wet ground and crawling around on your knees in the tent while trying to stay dry.

4. Resistance to ventilation and condensation

Two very small vents at either end of the construction, as well as a vestibule entrance that is a few inches above the ground, give several entry points for dry air, while a whole mesh wall and peak vent allow wet air to escape from the structure. It is not suggested for usage in cold or humid conditions for an extended amount of time due to the nature of the hybrid-wall design and the small internal capacity of this tent, though.

There is no way for dripping moisture to escape the tent before reaching the floor because of the solid end and back walls that are connected to the floor.

5. Warmth

Because of the hybrid wall structure, which does not provide appropriate insulation, the body heat of a tent cannot be preserved throughout the night hours.


Fabrics made of ultralight materials are extremely compressible, and pole parts are kept to a bare minimum, being short and easily detachable from the main body of the structure.

7. Value

With a suggested retail price of $249, the REI Flash Air 1 Tent is a high-quality product that provides a light, minimalist shelter for a variety of conditions that do not entail prolonged periods of heavy rain or frigid, humid temperatures.

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What distinguishes the REI Flash Air 1 Tent from the competition?

Along with the REI Flash Air 1, there are lighter shelters that provide more volume that can be found on Amazon. However, because they are generally made of exotic materials such as Dyneema Composite Fabrics, they might be twice as expensive or even three times as expensive.

They are a more compact fully-enclosed shelter that is close to the same weight and cost as a tarp, but they do not provide any living space and do not have any wet entry or escape options.

This results in a combination of the following qualities that set apart the REI Flash Air 1 Tent from the rest of the competition:

  • Reasonably priced due to its light weight and small packing volume
  • Hydrostatic Head Test (Hydrostatic Head Test)

Learn More About the Tent on Amazon

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