Rapid Deployment Shelter Obsidian Tent Review

June 1, 2023

By Nate


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The ASAP Rapid Shelter System was created to be the fastest, most expeditionary shelter available on the market. Featuring pivoting arms that adapt to mission parameters – whether command, communications, triage or billeting – it ships in an ultra-durable Best Case by DLX case for fast deployment in 60 seconds by two people.

Obsidian artifacts found in Kenya and Tanzania could indicate changes to interaction spheres among forager-gatherers, while new methods for characterizing obsidian properties may help improve provenance analysis.

The ASAP(r) Rapid Shelter System

Based on decades of industry expertise and input from first responders, DLX designed the ASAP Rapid Shelter System to be lightweight, compact, easy-to-use and fast to deploy. Initial shelter setup takes less than 60 seconds with two people; transportable using an DLX Best Case that can be carried or lifted by two individuals for transport in any truck bed, minivan or SUV bed.

The ASAP Rapid Shelter System is modular, enabling it to adapt and connect with larger X-Series and X-HUB shelters to form camp or command center configurations of any size or layout. Ideal for use in decon, surge overflow, expeditionary missions, quarantine isolation or quarantine applications – no more than two people are necessary to set up any DLX ASAP Shelter model – making deployment smarter, faster, simpler than ever!

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If you want a tent that combines convenience and performance, look no further than the Rapid Deployment Shelter Obsidian 4. Designed specifically to address emergency and disaster relief situations, this pop-up tent features insulated walls as well as ports to connect accessories like temperature controls. Furthermore, rooftop ventilation ensures maximum comfort.

Product Features

The Rapid Deployment Shelter Obsidian 4 is an eight-person tent designed for easy set up in less than one minute, featuring plenty of headroom. The poles are already connected, while its vestibule provides protection for bikes or equipment from weather elements. In terms of comfort, its design offers rooftop ventilation ports that enable heaters and other accessories.

Product Conclusions

Rapid Deployment Shelter's Obsidian tent is an outstanding popup tent that provides plenty of room for camping and glamping adventures. Capable of accommodating six people comfortably, its design stands up well against all weather conditions while featuring several features that make it the ideal solution for any season of camping.

This tent not only boasts ample interior space but has an appealing design as well. Constructed of durable rip-stop nylon fabric walls for durability and strength. Waterproof and UV-resistant properties make this tent perfect for summer camping trips; additionally it includes a vestibule which can store bikes or recreational gear.

Obsidian tent is designed for easy set-up in less than one minute. All fiberglass poles are stored within the tent itself, so all that needs to be done is pop them into place! Furthermore, this tent features reflective ratcheting ropes made of high-quality, 1/4″ rope which are great for anchoring it securely to the ground if windy conditions arise.

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Recently, the study of obsidian artifacts for provenance research has become more critical, yet no single method can fully address all its difficulties. Portable XRF and ICP-MS equipment can provide information about its spectral characteristics while magnetic properties remain unexplored.

Obsidian Therapeutics Inc.'s biotech company Obsidian Therapeutics has made strides towards unleashing the full potential of cell therapy in oncology by presenting preclinical data on its next-generation CAR-T platform at two separate conferences this year. Their strategy relies on destabilizing domains (DDs) – small protein domains that confer conditional stability to a fused payload protein fused payload protein fused payload.

Stanford University licensed technology relating to developmental dyslexia for this endeavor and exploration collaboration opportunities have begun. Looking ahead, this company plans to share more results at various conferences while pushing programs towards the clinic.


RDS package from SAP integrates multiple acceleration techniques introduced in ASAP into one methodology that is specifically tailored for projects using Rapid Deployment Solutions of Engineered Services (e.g. HANA) to realize a significant portion of their SAP scope. Support is offered both on-premise and cloud deployment models and it helps speed delivery timelines for projects that leverage these innovative engineering services from SAP and its partners.

The main distinction between the standard ASAP document set and ASAP for RDS document set lies in two documents under Demo Environment that the standard ASAP does not contain, which allows project teams to quickly create a demo environment for scope validation exercises that replace traditional blueprinting. Furthermore, during scope validation workshops the project team can also utilize show-and-tell techniques to show standard RDS functionality to business users, as well as document any functional gaps systematically for subsequent realization in Project Execution phase.

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Closing Thoughts

ASAP for RDS document set includes a more robust Agile Lean Blueprint and several additional documents in Data Migration Approach and Strategy than is standard with ASAP; these support an Agile project execution model in which project team can deliver incremental progress during each sprint while using Agile project management best practices such as Tracking Sprint Backlog and Sprint Goals. In addition, its Documentation section contains additional documentation than standard ASAP does.

Overall, the differences between these document sets are minor and do not significantly alter implementation of either ASAP for RDS or standard ASAP document sets. Their implementation does not significantly change timelines or complexity levels when creating an SAP application; nor do they improve usability or agility of any solution created using them.

SAP has used RDS as an initiative to generate interest, but so far all attempts by them to reduce implementation times for applications have fallen far short of expectations.


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