prAna Stretch Zion Pants Review 2023

February 26, 2023

By Nate


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prAna stretch zion pants are the pants that are created for hiking. Wearing ordinary pants can cause trouble because of various reasons like stitching style, fitting, fabric, and ventilation. If someone wants to perform well, he needs to choose the best. 

prAna stretch zion pants are specially designed for hikers, climbers, and boulders, as they all have to do difficult tasks by taking arduous steps. It becomes a strenuous period when someone hikes in casual outfits. 

Therefore, some specific outfits are designed particularly for covering laborious time and training. prAna stretch zion pants are one of them. The fabric, style, stitching, fitting, and all things are designed in a mannered way, due to which these pants become the best for adventurous purposes along with casual wear. 

Are prAna Pants Good?

The prestige and status of prAna stretch zion pants are commendable. prAna always tries to make something great and advantageous for the buyers. 

It is the most likely and preferable option because it is an essential part of hiking outfits or gear. Not only hikers but almost all the professionals who use to spend time in difficult tasks also love to use these pants. 

There are many things that can push a reader or a selector to buy these pants. The fabric of this pant is soft and stretchy nylon that allows its wearer to move in an easy way. There are three pockets on the front side and two pockets on the rear side with suitable space. Two more pockets can be seen on both leg's sides with the closing feature. 

There are also some small ventilation holes in the prAna stretch zion pants for proper breathing and ventilation. 

The fitting of the pants can suit everyone, and it also looks great even as casual wear. There are so many qualities of the pants from prAna that make them good and worthy of use. 

How Do You Wash prAna Zion Pants?

The fabric is different and special; that's why it needs proper care. Washing the prAna pants should be done with care. Always wash it separately. It means it would not be right to put the pants into a machine with other clothes. 

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You need to be careful; therefore, it is also a precautionary measure, or you can also take it as a trick. 

Moreover, always wash after reading the precautionary details that come with the product package. You'll get all the related information there. 

We suggest you wash it in cold water. Coldwater will not fade the color, and the pants will maintain the fitting. 

The fabric dries faster as compared to others. So, it doesn't need any special drying process. This is the best feature that makes it suitable for outdoor adventures. If there is any water spill on your pants, then it will dry quickly without any hassle. Moreover, at home, you don't need to use drying machines or spinners; you will also save some electrical energy. It does not mean that you can't dry it through an electric machine. You can do it if you want to dry it more quickly.

Are prAna Pants Waterproof?

Yes, these pants are Waterproof. prAna uses to make the pants of their own fabric. The fabric of the prAna is stretch zion. It contains 97% nylon and 3% spandex. Nylon makes the pants resilient and abrasion-resistant. It acts better than polyester; it adds more strength and durability to the pants. Spandex also makes it cool because it can come back to its original shape when stretched. 

You can remain untouched with moisture in wet conditions. Perfect for hiking and camping in wet conditions. Any sudden rainfall or any unexpected waterfall on the pants will not disappoint you. 

So, in this way, these pants can also become your trustworthy partners on your trip. It is also very easy to dry. It will easily dry in winter. 

What are the Benefits of prAna Pants? 

prAna stretch zion pants have many benefits to enjoy. You can never feel the same experience that prAna pants offer you. 

Here are some benefits of this pant through which you can clearly differentiate between a casual pant and prAna pants. 

  • Mobility: It provides safe and secure mobility to the wearer. A climber needs to take his steps carefully without any irritation. These pants can do this job at best. 
  • Comfort: The structure of these pants forces a person to appreciate them. It provides easy moves, and you can have an ordinary gait on uneven rocks or grounds. 
  • Flexibility: The flexibility of these pants is suitable. It is not too much or too low. Flexibility also retains the fitting. It provides ease in taking big steps. 
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  • Venting heat: During hiking, bouldering, hunting, running, or walking, your body produces more heat. These tasks are tough and energy-consuming. That's why our body produces more heat. In order to get rid of this extra and excess heat, these pants have small holes. Therefore, you remain normal and easy. 
  • Storage: These pants have 3 or 4 pockets without closure and some pockets with a proper closing system. These pockets have good space to keep your necessary things and accessories. 
  • UPF: The pants from prAna have an ultraviolet protection factor. It will keep you safe from harmful and deadly natural UV rays. This feature is worth mentioning, and you'll find yourself in a safe zone while wearing these pants. 

Such types of things are necessary for different and tough purposes. prAna stretch pants can provide you these facilities so that one can easily do his job without any difficulty. 

After discussing many features of prAna stretch zion pants, we are going to list some of the best products. We will discuss the benefits, pros, and cons.


prAna Stretch Men's Zion Pant Inseam Pants

Those who want flexible and comfortable steps during their journey can doubtlessly use this one. You'll find the sun as your companion while performing hiking, bouldering, hunting, or mountaineering. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun can cause severe damage to your skin. The real stretch zion fabric has UPF (ultraviolet protection factor); therefore, it will shield you from the harm causing rays.

The fabric includes 97% nylon and 3% Spandex, because of which it is super durable, abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, and long-lasting. It is suitable for machine wash. It should be your priority to treat these pants separately, but this fabric can also compromise the machine wash. 

There are two front and two back pockets. All these four pockets are well spacious to keep your things safe. These are open pockets so that you'll have access to your necessary things without any difficulty.

There is also a closed pocket on one side. It will be useful to carry critical and sensitive things safely.

The bottom of the pants can be folded when needed. The fabric can easily bear this type of folding. There is also a waist belt with an adjustment feature. Anyone can easily adjust the wait belt size according to his need. 

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  • Washable
  • Durable
  • Four storage pockets
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • UPF (Ultraviolet protection factor) 


  • The ankle region is loose


prAna Men's Standard Stretch Zion Pant

These pants can also fit a wearer at a standard level. They are made up of the original prAna stretch zion fabric. This fabric is a mixture of nylon and spandex. There is 97% nylon that makes this pant abrasion-resistant, water-resistant, and durable. The 3% is made up of spandex that makes these pants stretchy and flexible. 

There are also five pockets to keep and carry the essential things closer to your access. All the pockets are well-spacious; one can easily carry things related to hiking or bouldering, such as hooks. 

The bottom has a button to secure the folding style. While crossing any river or place with stagnant water, you can fold your pants and secure them with the help of these buttons. Through these securing buttons, your pant's folded part will not drop or fall down on its own. 

The waist belt is adjustable. You can make its size according to your needs. Moreover, these pants have durable and water-resistant features, so they can also be used in wet conditions. 

The pants are in charcoal color. This color is excellent because it can be used for a long duration, even without washing. It'll look less dirty.


  • Durable
  • Water-resistant
  • Washable
  • 5-pockets
  • Adjustable waist belt

Closing Thoughts

Certainly, no one can perform tough tasks like hiking and bouldering in casual clothes. He will surely need something advantageous and useful. For completing the tasks comfortably, prAna stretch zion pants are good. These pants have all the necessary features that good sports or hiking pants should have. Also, these pants are flexible and durable, along with UV rays protection.

These pants will give a comfortable try with protection. Furthermore, fitting, stitching, and all things are worth appreciating. One can easily use these pants in moist or dry weather. It can also be used in warm weather because it can manage the venting of the body's excess heat. Overall, these pants can be useful and comfortable gear on your journey. 

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