Pit Viper Sunglasses Review and Benefits

March 20, 2023

By Nate


Seeking more details and information about pit viper sunglasses? Want to look legit as you workout and get fit? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. You definitely want to shade your eyes from the sun and pit viper shades can help.

Pit Viper sunglasses offer bold styles and colors for those who enjoy sports, partying, and hard work. Their frames are ideal for those who enjoy active lifestyles as well as casual elegance.

Chuck Mumford and Chris Garcin, the company founders, have achieved success with their daring business venture. Unfortunately, right-wing influencers have taken notice of them and used its marketing to further advance their own agendas.

What is So Special about Pit Viper Sunglasses?

Pit Viper Sunglasses are a daring brand known for their bold retro style. Youth cyclists particularly appreciate the loud look these glasses add to their cycling ensembles. Oakley sunglasses are another great option for outdoor enthusiasts as well.

They provide full UV protection and can be customized to your specifications. Plus, their E-spot allows for adjustable length of arms for a comfortable fit no matter your head size.

Their Turbo Adjustment is a patent-pending feature. Thus, allowing you to angle the lenses toward or away from your face. Also, helping avoid glare, wind, and other hazards that could blur or worsen vision.

Furthermore, their Nose Bender adjustment mechanism guarantees your sunglasses stay securely against your face. Simply bend the rubberized nosepiece to align with facial contours. Thus, providing an aesthetically pleasing and functional fit that won't slip during extreme sports activities.

Finally, Pit Viper Sunglasses are built to last and come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. If they break due to something beyond their control, they'll send you a replacement pair. In addition, give you a discount off your next pair.

Are Pit Viper Good Glasses?

Pit Viper brand is a beloved favorite among those into sports, partying and hard work. Their website is intentionally designed to look like it did back in the '90s. Thus, their products stand out with flair and flair.

Chuck Mumford founded Pit Viper in 2012 out of his passion for skiing. To make sure his glasses could withstand his outdoor adventures, he collaborated with Chris Garcin to form Pit Viper with him.

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Pit Viper sunglasses were made to be highly resistant to bumps, twists and falls. Furthermore, they provided adequate protection for your eyes from glare and UV rays.

They offer a vast range of colors and styles to fit any personality. If you're into steampunk-inspired looks, take a look at their Exciters which feature blinders on the sides for added protection.

What Happened to Pit Vipers?

Pit Viper was founded on the simple belief that sunglasses should be able to withstand abuse. After Mike Mumford's first pair of shades broke during a day hiking through the Tetons, he set out to design tough sunglasses that could withstand gunshots, angry ex-wives and everything in between. As such, Pit Viper was born.

After several years, Pit Viper has earned a place of honor among cycling brands. The reason is due to the company's carefree attitude and fun-loving attitude. Unlike many other cycling brands that tend to focus on hardship and struggle, Pit Viper strives to spread joy through sport.

Pit Viper has experienced its fair share of growth pains. As a young company, Pit Viper must navigate an unpredictable world where fringe groups can cause havoc to its business operations.

Few months back, Pit Viper was forced to cancel an online event due to racist comments from the alt-right community. Additionally, they took a strong stand against white supremacist Nick Fuentes after he appeared at the 2021 Conservative Political Action Conference wearing one of their products.

Pit Viper has defied these difficulties to stay afloat. In fact, they've even recruited some of pop culture's most outrageous characters to endorse their products. What's more, Pit Viper offers an innovative warranty video policy which lets customers create videos showing why their shades break and receive either a replacement or discount on new sunglasses.

Who Wears Pit Viper?

Pit Viper was founded by pro skiers Chuck Mumford and Chris Garcin in 2012. Their mission is to “demand respect and authority” while inspiring a cult-like following to “do whatever you want, when you want, how you want.”

This philosophy is evident in the products designed by Mumford Glass, which are built to withstand any elements nature can throw at them. When Mumford's sunglasses broke while touring the Tetons in Wyoming in 2012, he set out to design something that could hold up against whatever life throws at it. As a result, their product lineup now includes products built with rugged glass that can withstand even extreme conditions.

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Since its debut, Pit Viper has become a go-to brand for athletes and celebrities alike – from Larry Enticer to Tanner Hall, Brehanna Daniels to Travis Pastrana and now Rob Gronkowski.

Their lenses boast extreme durability and high-performance capabilities such as adjustable nose pads, wind bucking ability and 100% UV protection. Plus, they're prescription compatible!

The brand boasts a devoted cult following that believes it's acceptable to be loud, unapologetically sexual and not take life too seriously. This has caused its meteoric rise in popularity which was spurred by an inappropriate marketing campaign featuring beer-swilling, mullet-wearing bros and women engaging in various raunchy stunts.

Are Pit Vipers Military Grade?

A hallmark slogan in the sunglasses industry is, “Sunglasses that can take a beating.” Pit Viper Sunglasses certainly live up to this expectation, constructed with military grade material with three points of adjustment for maximum strength and durability.

These glasses offer maximum comfort, thanks to a wide nose pad and adjustable frame that allow for personalized fit. Their polarized lenses offer maximum UV protection, and they come in various styles and sizes.

Many admiration these sunglasses for their daring designs and unique personality. In fact, the brand has even signed action sports legend Travis Pastrana on as their official ambassador!

Pit Viper is expanding their catalog with a special collection designed with military personnel in mind. To honor Veterans Day, Pit Viper will release three ballistic-rated sunglass models.

These sunglasses are an ideal choice for active individuals who require durable glasses that will withstand frequent use and abuse. Not only are the prices reasonable, but these shades also protect your eyes from UV rays while you're out and about.

Are Pit Vipers OSHA Approved?

Pit Vipers are an innovative sunglasses brand rooted in the idea of producing rugged eyewear. Chuck Mumford, the founder, began developing these glasses back in 2012 as a way to fulfill this promise.

Chuck's high-end sport sunglasses broke during one of his ski touring excursions, leaving him wanting more. So together with Chris Garcin, co-founder of his company, he set out to design a pair of robust sunglasses that could withstand any abuse.

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They're highly durable and ideal for hiking, skiing, snowboarding and other active sports. Additionally, they make excellent cycling companions as they provide protection from UV rays and other damaging elements.

Pit Vipers utilize polarized lenses, which block glare and shield your eyes from UV rays. This sets them apart from other brands as many don't offer this protection.

Are Pit Vipers 80s or 90s?

Are you searching for goggle-esque sunglasses with blinders on the side? Pit Viper's Exciters are your perfect solution. These ludicrous wraparounds are ideal for rollerblading trips to the beach or 2 AM silent discos.

Established in 2012 by a skier who went skiing without sunglasses and ended up blinded by the sun, Pit Viper quickly gained notoriety as an eyewear brand that can stand up to daily abuse. Its brand ambassadors include action sports legend Travis Pastrana, social media mullet star Larry “The Enticer”, and hip-hop artist Riff Raff.

Pit Vipers stand out with their Turbo Adjustment technology, which lets you angle the lenses toward or away from your face for protection against glare and wind. Plus, there's a ‘Nose Bender' adjustment which lets you bend the rubberized nosepiece of the sunglasses to fit perfectly on any nose shape, keeping them securely on your face.

Who Owns Pit Viper?

Established in 2012 by Chuck Mumford and Chris Garcin, Pit Viper is the latest trend to sweep across fashion and action sports. Their slogan, “Do What You Want, Look At Me,” epitomizes a culture of doing whatever one desires without worrying what others think.

Pit Viper Worldwide's lifestyle brand has seen unprecedented success in the eyewear industry. With action sports legend Travis Pastrana and social media mullet star Larry “The Enticer” as their leading ambassadors, Pit Viper Worldwide has become an inspiring lifestyle brand that encourages people to express themselves creatively.

The Pit Viper sunglass collection is equipped with a number of tech-driven features to go wherever life takes you. Their patent-pending Turbo Adjustment adjusts the lenses toward or away from your face for protection from glare and wind, while Nose Bender allows you to bend the rubberized nosepiece according to personal size for an individualized fit that keeps those sunglasses on your face.

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