Pelican Mustang 100X Kayak Review

March 17, 2023

By Nate


Searching for more information about the pelican mustang 100x kayak? Looking for more specifics before choosing to invest? Welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this post will be useful to you.

The Pelican Mustang 100x is a sit-inside kayak designed specifically for fishing. It has an enclosed cockpit with two rod holders and front and back storage compartments on board.

This hull is constructed with RAM-X polyethylene, a flexible but strong plastic that maintains rigidity on the water. Furthermore, it has multiple chined sections for improved stability and tracking.

Pelican Mustang 100x Kayak Review

The Pelican Mustang 100x Kayak is an affordable budget kayak perfect for a variety of recreational activities. It's lightweight and effortless to paddle, making it the ideal choice for beginner kayakers as well as younger children.

The kayak is constructed entirely from polyethylene plastic. Thus, making it strong and resilient in the face of any collisions that might occur while out on the water.

Unfortunately, the rear tank well and front storage hatch are not waterproof, making it difficult to keep your items dry. This problem is especially acute if you're kayaking through swift-flowing streams or narrow water bodies.

The Pelican Mustang 100x is available from several renowned retailers. For example, on Amazon, Dick's Sporting Goods and Field & Stream at an unbeatable price. This popular design can't be beat!

Is the Pelican 100 a Good Kayak?

Are you new to kayaking or just searching for a reliable model that will get you where you need to go? If so, there are plenty of models on the market to choose from. Be mindful that not all kayaks are created equal. So, ensure you pick one that meets both your needs and preferences.

Pelican Kayaks have been around for some time. Also, are known for creating boats that are stable and durable enough to withstand harsh elements. Additionally, their designs are renowned for being lighter than many of their rivals' offerings.

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Pelican Kayaks stand out from other brands due to their patented Ram-X plastic material, which is extremely tough and resilient in the face of most collisions or drops without losing its integrity.

Ram-X technology makes Pelican's kayaks lightweight, which is especially helpful for those new to the sport or aren't confident carrying around a heavy boat. Furthermore, it makes it effortless for one person to carry the kayak from their car directly onto the water.

How Much Does a Pelican Mustang 100X Weigh?

The Pelican Mustang 100X weighs in at just over 39 pounds, which is about average for a kayak of its size. Crafted with RAM-X material – thermoformed high molecular weight polyethylene designed to resist impact and bounce back after being bent – not only is this construction lighter and stiffer than standard polyethylene but it also boasts an impressive lifespan as well as a limited lifetime warranty.

The Ram-X material of the Pelican Mustang 100X offers superior weather resistance without breaking down, meaning you can keep using it for years to come! Additionally, this kayak includes common amenities like a front deck hatch, bungee cords for storage gear and tank well. Plus it even has a bow grab handle so you can pull it up the beach or into your pickup truck without straining your back. With so much to explore on local waterways from this kayak, beginners and intermediate kayakers should find plenty of enjoyment from this model.

Are Pelican Fishing Kayaks Any Good?

Pelican kayak brand is one of the biggest in the industry, offering an expansive selection of boats designed for different types of paddlers. To find one that works for you, it's essential to find a model from their selection that meets your requirements.

Their kayak models differ mainly in size and stability, as well as having unique features that set them apart. Most of their kayaks boast short keels and narrower hulls, making them suitable for paddlers of all abilities and experience levels.

They offer strong primary stability, meaning they won't tip over easily and can handle some rocking back and forth. This is a major benefit for beginner paddlers who require an environment with plenty of support while honing their techniques.

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Pelican kayaks are constructed with Ram-X plastic, a three-layer polyethylene that's more rigid than standard polyethylene yet lighter in weight – perfect for people who like to stay active.

How Long is a Pelican Mustang 100X Kayak?

The Pelican Mustang 100X is a 10 foot sit-inside kayak built on an arched multi-channel hull for excellent stability and tracking in protected waterways. It also features flexible knee pads and footrests, a cockpit smartphone holder, the ERGOFORMTM seating system and two flush mount rod holders for added convenience.

Pelican Boats uses a multi-layer polyethylene material called RAMX(TM). This provides significantly more rigidity than standard polyethylene, so the boat is better equipped to withstand collisions.

Due to this design, it is lighter and stiffer than most boats in its class. Furthermore, it utilizes thermoforming for shaping its shape.

Another advantage of the Mustang 100X is its lightweight design, making it lightweight and convenient to transport or store. With its bow grab handle feature, you can even pull it up a beach or into the bed of a pickup truck bed with ease.

The Pelican Mustang 100X kayak is designed primarily for recreational paddling, but can easily be converted to an excellent fishing kayak with some modifications. A popular addition for anglers is installing a paddle holder in the front cockpit – perfect if you often need to set up your rods while paddling!

Pelican Mustang 100X Kayak Cockpit Size

If you need an easy-to-transport kayak that fits into your garage, the Pelican Mustang 100X is an ideal option. At just 39 pounds, it's lightweight enough for easy movement around and loading onto a car roof rack when ready to go.

The cockpit size of the Mustang kayak is larger than many others, making it easier to enter and exit. Unfortunately, its large dimensions make it difficult to fit a spray skirt on this kayak.

Kayaks often get splashed up by water while paddling, so it's essential to stay on calm waters where there won't be too much splashing over the side.

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The Pelican Mustang 100X Kayak is an ideal beginner kayak, despite its size and weight. It tracks well and provides sufficient speed, making it perfect for small day trips or short kayak tours.

How Wide is a Pelican Mustang 100X Kayak?

A Pelican Mustang 100X kayak measures 47 inches by 25 inches in the cockpit, providing ample room for most paddlers. Plus, its ERGOFORM seating system offers unmatched support for paddlers of all shapes and sizes.

This model is one of the few kayaks with knee pads, providing extra comfort while pressing your knees against the cockpit. This helps reduce strain on your back and knees.

The Mustang's hull is constructed with Ram-X plastic, a high-grade plastic known for its outstanding impact resistance. This polyethylene material can flex and return to shape after being stretched, meaning that even serious impacts won't compromise performance.

The Mustang kayak is incredibly stable on the water, thanks to its multi-chine hull design that promotes tracking capabilities. This helps keep your kayak moving in a straight line while paddling – perfect for beginners and inexperienced kayakers alike!

How much Weight Can a Pelican Mustang 100X Kayak H

A Pelican Mustang 100X Kayak is a 10-foot sit-in fishing kayak that can carry up to 300 pounds of gear. This model makes an ideal starting point for beginners and inexperienced paddlers who want to try fishing without investing in an expensive model.

The Pelican Mustang 100X's hull is constructed of RAM-X, a plastic that's highly durable and resistant to impact damage. Additionally, it boasts excellent UV resistance and can regain its shape after being dropped or damaged.

It is also incredibly lightweight, weighing only 39 pounds. This makes it simple to transport to the water and mount on your car's roof rack.

The Pelican Mustang 100X Kayak is one of the most stable and user-friendly kayaks available. It tracks well, allowing for decent speed to build up gradually – making it ideal for beginners. Unfortunately, since this kayak isn't particularly fast, experienced kayakers may want to look elsewhere for their needs.

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