Pelican Argo 100x | Tips and Benefits

March 12, 2023

By Nate


Seeking more details about how the pelican argo 100x kayak? Find out more information and benefits from this model in this post. Welcome to Trad Climbers.

The Pelican Argo 100x is an entry-level kayak ideal for beginners, kids or casual recreational paddlers. Its lightweight design and stable performance make it effortless to paddle.

This sit-inside kayak is constructed with RAM-X, a multi-layer polyethylene material that protects the hull against impact and UV exposure. It also boasts twin arched hull design for increased stability, durability and tracking ability.

Are Pelican Fishing Kayaks Any Good?

If you're searching for a high-quality kayak at an affordable price, Pelican has plenty of choices to choose from. Their kayaks are primarily intended for recreational paddling but can also be used by anglers.

Pelican kayaks feature less than 5 millimetres of plastic thickness, making them extremely strong and resistant to abrasion and impact. Furthermore, their ability to bounce back into shape after being subjected to intense force makes them an ideal choice for anyone wanting to take their vessel out in harsh conditions.

When it comes to durability, both Lifetime and Pelican stand behind their kayaks with outstanding warranties. However, Pelican provides a much more comprehensive coverage than Lifetime does.

Both brands provide padded seats for comfort, but Pelican takes the cake due to their ERGOFORM(tm) seating system and molded footrests on some models.

Pelican kayaks also boast a host of useful features, from molded drink holders to tankwell storage with bungee cords. Some even come equipped with fishing-specific extras like rod holders and fish finder pods.


How Much Does a Pelican 100X Weigh?

Pelican kayaks are renowned for being cost-effective and lightweight sit-inside fishing and recreational kayaks. These can be found at major North American retailers such as Dick's Sporting Goods and Field & Stream.

Pelican manufactures many of its sit-inside recreational kayaks from RAM-X, a multilayer polyethylene plastic that resists impact and returns to shape when flexed. This type of plastic is incredibly durable and easy to transport, making it ideal for budget-minded anglers on a budget.

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Ram-X material is also eco-friendly. Pelican employs thermoforming, which involves heating plastic sheets to a pliable temperature and then pressing them over a mold for shaping.

Pelican kayaks are made with over 90 percent recycled plastic from their production process, helping reduce their carbon footprint and ensure their boats are constructed from only recycled materials.

The Pelican Argo 100x is an ideal choice for beginner kayak anglers who want quality, stable and budget-friendly equipment. It has been tailored specifically to the needs of novice paddlers, making it perfect for exploring small lakes or rivers.

Are Pelican Kayaks Good for Beginners?

Pelican kayaks have been around for some time and they are widely regarded as one of the top brands on the market. Their user-friendly kayaks excel in both calm and turbulent waters alike.

Pelican kayaks are the ideal choice for beginner paddlers looking to venture out and discover nature. Not only are they affordable, but they provide you with a fantastic experience on the water as well.

These lights are made with a high-density polyethylene material known as RAM-X, giving them great strength and toughness that will ensure they last for years with little upkeep.

This material is lightweight and portable, boasting excellent resistance to UV rays, impact, abrasion and liquid damage/staining.

The Pelican Argo 100x kayak is ideal for beginners who need a stable and comfortable experience on the water. At 10 feet in length, this 10 foot model provides enough speed to paddle small lakes and rivers without exerting too much effort.

How Long is a Pelican Argo 100 Kayak?

The Argo 100x from Pelican is a 10-foot sit-in kayak perfect for beginners and intermediate paddlers. Featuring twin arched multi-chine hull design, this kayak is stable yet lightweight – ideal for traveling around.

Ram-X, a polyethylene material developed using thermoforming technology, makes the boat stiffer, stronger and lighter than kayaks made with other manufacturing techniques. Furthermore, this process produces an item that's impact resistant with excellent breakage resistance.

Therefore, this product is incredibly durable and built to provide years of enjoyment. Additionally, it comes equipped with features such as moulded footrests and an adjustable Ergoform(tm) padded backrest with seat cushion.

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This kayak is perfect for paddlers seeking a relaxing and stable experience on lakes, slow moving rivers and calm waters. It's lightweight and easy to transport thanks to its quick-lock rear box featuring both storage bags and platforms, premium knee pads and two bottle holders.

Is the Pelican 100 a Good Kayak?

The Pelican 100x kayak is an ideal choice for beginners and those seeking to explore new waters. Constructed from high-density polyethylene, this durable vessel can withstand multiple impacts without breaking down quickly. Plus, its built-in positive buoyancy increases your safety on the water.

When selecting a kayak, weight capacity should also be taken into consideration. The Pelican 100x can support up to 275 pounds, which is typical for sit-in models.

If you are planning a fishing trip, then the Pelican 100x kayak is an ideal choice as it has a spacious stern bulkhead and plenty of storage space. This kayak will ensure your experience is comfortable and stress-free during your fishing expedition.

As a general guideline, Pelican's shorter and narrower kayaks don't offer as much room for rigging rod holders and other gear as their longer models do. However, these still make great day trips or quick overnights with family; however those needing larger equipment may want to look elsewhere.


Are Longer Kayaks Faster?

Speed and stability of a kayak are determined by several factors. Length is one of them, but other elements like hull design and bottom shape also matter.

A longer boat will have a higher hull speed (also known as displacement speed) than one that is shorter. This maximum speed for a kayak is determined by its waterline length in feet and increases with length.

However, reaching this speed requires an immense amount of energy. A paddler who wishes to achieve such speeds must train and perfect their paddling technique in order to achieve them.

Kayak speed is also affected by wind direction. Kayakers traveling in the same direction as the wind will be able to go faster since there will be a tailwind propelling them forward.

Other factors that can impact a kayak's speed and stability include its size and weight. Legroom is another essential feature to look for; it makes it easier for you to stay in the kayak and control it with your hips.

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How Long is a 100 Kayak?

Kayak length is an important factor when kayaking. Shorter boats are easier to manoeuvre and handle for novice paddlers, making them the preferred option.

However, it's essential to remember that a kayak's length isn't always directly proportionate to its performance on the water. The width of its hull plays an integral role in its weight capacity and can make all the difference for smaller people or those with limited physical ability.

In fact, the hull of a 100-foot kayak is typically wider than that of shorter kayaks, providing extra stability on the water. This is especially true for saltwater fishing kayaks which are designed for larger bodies of water where control may be harder due to rougher conditions.

The Navato 100 is an ideal all-around kayak that's lightweight, responsive and stable. Perfect for cruising or navigating small to medium sized lakes and rivers, this model comes complete with features like a cutting-edge plush seat system, thigh pads and adjustable foot brace system. Plus it has two storage hatches as well as cushioned carrying handles for added convenience.

How Long is a Pelican Argo?

If you're searching for a kayak that's stable and enjoyable to paddle on calm lakes and rivers, the Pelican Argo 100x may be just what you need. It's lightweight, transportable, and comes equipped with plenty of features that make it an ideal beginner kayak.

The Argo 100x kayak from Pelican is constructed with premium RAM-X material, similar to other Pelican kayaks. This three-layer sheet of high-density polyethylene utilizes thermoforming technology for a hull that's significantly stiffer than standard polyethylene.

The material of the Pelican Argo 100x is highly durable, capable of withstanding a lot of abuse without showing signs of wear and tear. This makes it an ideal choice for recreational paddlers who need a stable boat with plenty of storage space that will last for years to come.

The Argo 100x is equipped with a spacious front storage hatch and rear tank well with mesh deck cover. Plus, its cockpit table, bottle holder, and compartments provide organization while you're out on the water.


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