Oztent Rv5 Tent Review

September 16, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the oztent rv5 tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be helpful to you.

The Oztent RV5 is an Australian designed tent that can be set up quickly by one person in less than 30 seconds. Featuring a large front awning that rolls away easily and packs down into its heavy duty carry bag, as well as side windows and an easy power inlet, this multi award winning product comes with side windows and even zippered power inlets for optimal functionality.

Multi-award winning design

The Oztent RV5 has earned itself a stellar reputation for being fast and straightforward to set up, making it ideal for families. Boasting a large front awning crafted with top quality materials and designed to withstand Australian conditions. However, transport can be cumbersome so a roof rack may be necessary.

In 2006, after listening to customer feedback that called for a larger tent that could still be set up in less than 30 seconds by one person, RV5 was created. Based on its predecessor the RV-4 design but wider and deeper with two extra poles for front awning set-up plus built-in stiffener for easy packing away, this tent meets this criteria perfectly.

This tent boasts many features, including YKK zippers and fine insect mesh on its doors and windows. Constructed of high-grade ripstop poly-cotton canvas that guarantees waterproofness as well as having a heavy-duty heat-sealed PVC floor, this is also designed to comfortably sleep five people or more, making it a fantastic option for camping trips with friends.

The RV5 tent may claim to be a 30-second tent setup process, but that doesn't take into account all of the time required to take down and put away after use – in reality this process should take approximately 10-15 minutes depending on its use and your setup technique. While expensive, this model offers excellent performance.

While the Oztent RV5 tent is certainly impressive and enjoyed by many campers, it may not be suitable for everyone. Too large to fit in most hatchback cars and too pricey for budget campers. Furthermore, its use while hiking may prove challenging due to muddiness or rocks beneath its base; other great tents exist that offer comparable functionality at more reasonable costs and with easier setup processes.

Easy to Set Up

The Oztent RV5 from Australian design house Oztent can be set up by one person in under 30 seconds. Boasting high quality 8-ounce waterproof ripstop poly-cotton canvas and an 8″ heat-sealed PVC floor, as well as featuring high quality zippers with super fine mesh doors and windows from YKK zippers with power inlets to provide additional shelter, it comes equipped with all of the necessary poles and pegs in its heavy-duty carry bag for convenient transportation.

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Oztent RV-5 tent is not just limited to being a main tent. In addition to offering comfort in any climate, its additional elements such as walls for creating porches or an attached fly sheet make it very versatile. These elements can easily be attached or removed as desired, making this tent suitable for camping in cooler climates as it can either be used without or with storm cover protection.


Although the RV5 tent is fairly simple to set up and use, there are a couple of minor issues that must be addressed. One is its shape making it hard to fit inside smaller SUVs or station wagons; another issue being zips getting caught on roofs of vehicles which could potentially result in getting stuck inside them and blocking access.

Apart from these issues, the Oztent RV5 tent is an excellent option for camping in cooler weather and can accommodate five people comfortably. Its internal aluminium frame enables easy erection/disassembly when moving campsites; also taking just seconds to unpack its carry bag and put onto roof rack.

The RV5 tent is easy to set up and comes packed with features that make it stand out. This tent boasts an extended front awning that can be guyed down for extra shelter and durable YKK zippers; furthermore it includes an “electric inlet” in its sidewall for power connections – not forgetting its two year warranty coverage!

Large Front Awning

The multi-award winning Oztent RV-5 from Australia can be assembled in less than 30 seconds by one person and packs down into its bag with equal ease (2m). Crafted from waterproof 8 ounce rip-stop poly-cotton canvas with heat-sealed PVC floor for durability, side windows, power inlets, zippered power inlet access points and 2-year warranty coverage; its compact yet spacious dimensions make it suitable for almost all camping situations.

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The Oztent RV-5 tent is ideal for overlanding and touring. Featuring its patented internal aluminum frame, assembly is quick and effortless; featuring twist-lock telescopic poles with multiple guy ropes attached as well as power cord inlet and an interior door which closes from within; peaked side panels (sold separately) can expand its large front awning; furthermore it comes equipped with built-in stiffeners to make rolling away easier for one person.

Awnings are essential components of an overland tent as they protect campers from rain and wind while providing extra space for cooking, sleeping and relaxing. While an awning may seem easy enough to set up initially, its proper installation requires following instructions carefully as well as using quality stakes.


This tent is not ideal for overland travel and may prove uncomfortable in heavy winds. Additionally, its attachment of the fly to its body has issues and can come undone during strong gusts of wind. Furthermore, during windy conditions the tent becomes unruly and may become crooked, which is not suitable for travel over long distances.

The lightweight nature of this tent makes it easier to transport and assemble, store away easily and come with its own carry bag for convenience. Ideal for overlanding trips as well as camping excursions; hiking, backpacking and other forms of recreational trekking activities also fit within its capabilities. However, mountain biking or off-road driving should be avoided due to this tent's lightweight frame.

The Oztent RV-5 tent is highly recommended for overlanding and traveling. At an incredible value for money, it offers many useful features such as its large front awning that provides protection from sun and wind as well as easily removable peaked side walls that extend its coverage area. In addition, this tent also has a zippered window which can be opened or closed from within the tent itself.

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Easy to pack away

Oztent RV5 is a multi-award winning tent that can be set up quickly by one person in under 30 seconds. This tent's unique patented internal aluminium frame eliminates poles for easier assembly and disassembly – an especially helpful feature when shifting locations frequently as this tent can easily fit into vehicles or camper trailers without taking time to set up each time! Compared to traditional tents requiring long setup times when shifting between spots.

Tent design hasn't changed much over the years and all that's required to add extra features is awning poles and peaked side panels – these attach easily via snap hooks onto an aluminium frame. Furthermore, front awning features plastic stiffeners in its ends so it can be quickly and easily rolled up by one person and also features an electrical outlet so that electronics such as car chargers can be powered from within the tent.

Closing Thoughts

All other features of the tent are standard and include a spacious inner tent designed to hold a double mattress, side windows with super fine insect mesh, and front window that closes in luggage and gear. A large awning can be opened for ventilation when desired or closed when bad weather arrives; and guy ropes stored conveniently within little canvas pouches make connecting easily possible when required.

At 21 kgs, this tent may not be light. But, when compared with its counterpart the double swag which weighs 19kgs, this tent is much lighter. Plus it measures 2-metres when packed up so roof storage will likely be needed for it. Plus it comes complete with heavy-duty carry bag and all of its accessories necessary for camping!

The RV5 tent from Oztent is an award-winning multi-award winner designed for overland travel and camping with friends. As the largest and deepest tent available from their range, yet still packs down into an easily transportable bag of 2m length, making this tent perfect for family camping with up to five persons able to fit comfortably inside it.

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