Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Private Room

June 1, 2023

By Nate


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The Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Private Room is a large tent that can fit two queen air mattresses comfortably and features a rainfly to protect against moderate rainfall.

This trailer boasts numerous mesh windows and a fully mesh ceiling, which will ensure plenty of airflow. Furthermore, there's also a front awning and gear organizer.

Easy to Set Up

Luckily, this tent offers effortless setup with its instant frame design and pre-attached poles which simply need unfolding – saving both time and energy in setting it up!

It has the capacity to accommodate 11 people comfortably (eight in the main cabin area and three in the back room), sleeping bags on the floor or queen air mattresses – making it an excellent option for family camping trips together. Furthermore, this model features plenty of windows and has an awning front as well as hanging gear organizer for extra organization.

The main cabin boasts an adequate 76″ center height, providing campers with enough headroom to sit up comfortably in the center of the tent. Unfortunately, however, taller campers may feel cramped here;

This model features a full mesh roof with two massive windows on either side, which can be opened during the day to let in air and increase ventilation throughout the tent. A rainfly may be added for protection in wet climates.

This tent's awning at its front is an enormous asset; not only can you set up some shade during the daytime hours but it provides extra storage space as well. Complete with zipper doors to close for privacy purposes and designed specifically to fit large tents like this one, its purpose is clear.

Room Divider

This tent stands out from others on the market with its room divider feature, enabling you to divide it into three individual sleeping compartments so each member of your group can sleep peacefully in their own space. Additionally, its versatility also makes it great for families with young children who may require their own private area from time to time, such as on camping trips with young children. Furthermore, its front awning provides a peaceful sitting area protected from direct sunlight.

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This tent belongs to the Dark Rest tent series and boasts unique skylights that can be adjusted up or down depending on whether light needs to enter the tent. Furthermore, there's a privacy panel in the back room which you can close off with a zipper to give yourself extra privacy while sleeping in this tent.

Overall, this tent is an excellent option for campers seeking an economical yet spacious instant cabin. It can fit up to 11 people comfortably within its main cabin section, and has additional space in its back attached room. Furthermore, the main cabin section's center height of 76″ makes standing comfortably possible in most situations.

The tent also boasts large mesh windows on all four sides that can be opened or closed according to your needs and weather conditions, along with a front awning providing shade from direct sunlight – perfect for hot, sunny camping grounds!


Separate Private Back Room

This tent stands out as it includes a private room at the back of its main cabin part, ideal for children or anyone needing extra room for gear and privacy while camping. Furthermore, there's a useful awning above both entrance doors that provides additional shade as well as providing another place to sit down and relax.

Setup of this tent is relatively straightforward as most poles and clips come pre-attached – creating an instant setup process in minutes rather than hours or days as with traditional tents. Furthermore, its polyester rainfly and siding offer protection from rain – with most users reporting that it stood up well against moderate rainfall as well as one or two bursts of heavier rainfall.

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Overall, this tent can comfortably sleep 11 people thanks to its spacious main cabin part featuring a room divider and back room attachment. There are numerous windows and mesh ceiling vents for ventilation as well as no floor vents which could prove disadvantageous when camping in hot temperatures with all windows and rainfly closed.

This tent boasts other convenient features as well, including a lantern hook, multiple wall organizers and an E-Port. Plus it is designed to work seamlessly with the Dark Rest tent line for optimal darkness while camping! Also included with its purchase is a carry bag for easy portability and storage.

Awning Entryway

As you step inside a tent, you are welcomed by a large front awning which serves as a barrier between you and the elements. This feature can provide extra protection in wet conditions while offering shade and privacy within the tent itself.

This tent offers ample headroom, even for taller campers, making this tent suitable for most families. Six windows offer airflow while the back room door can be opened up to enjoy panoramic views from within its interior space.

While rainflys are certainly beneficial features of any tent, some users have expressed disappointment that theirs don't fully cover its roof and leave gaps where more coverage would have been expected. This issue often arises with budget tents; make sure you bear this in mind when shopping for your ideal camping spot!

Other features include a hanging gear organizer, E-port access port and electrical cord access port; these accessories will make camping more convenient and enjoyable for you and your family.

This tent was designed for warmer climates, making it best suited to use during the summer and areas without heavy rainfall. This is due to its use of mesh for its ceiling as well as being equipped with only partial protection rainfly coverage.

Although this tent does have some limitations, most reviewers still recommend it as an economical choice for families looking for quality tents. Regular campers or those camping during colder temperatures might prefer higher-end options instead; but if you're new to camping and just need something for one weekend camping trip this tent should do fine.

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Hanging Gear Organizer

For camping trips that involve carrying an abundance of gear, the hanging gear organizer is an essential necessity to keeping everything neatly in its place. Not only can it save space from tent stakes or tying items around your tent but it will also prevent disorganization from overruns!

An additional room can come in very handy if you're going on an extended camping trip and will need multiple sleeping bags. Instead of spreading them across the floor, each sleeping bag can have its own space in this separate back private room – much simpler and safer!

Another feature worth noting is the rainfly. Although not providing complete coverage, it will provide sufficient shelter in most conditions – providing 600mm waterproof rating at such an economical price point.

Closing Thoughts

Most Ozark Trail tents are only suitable for specific seasons, but this three-season tent stands out as being suitable for every season of use. It can withstand moderate to heavy winds while keeping you cozy during cooler nights.

The tent features large mesh windows on its private room for ventilation, along with front doors with mesh and panels for privacy, to enable access without disrupting other members of the main cabin. However, due to limited floor venting capability within its design, additional air flow might need to be created by adding floor vents yourself if it becomes particularly hot outside.

If you're on a tight budget but need something functional yet inexpensive, the Ozark Trail 11 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Private Room could be just what you're searching for. Setup is quick and can accommodate two queen airbeds as well as up to 11 campers (eight in the main cabin and three in the back room) sleeping bags on the floor of this tent.


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