Osprey Xenith 88 vs Aether 85 (2023 Review)

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Seeking an osprey xenith 88 vs aether 85 review? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. Hiking trips are exceptionally amusing and wonderful to travel and enjoy the splendor of nature on finance. However, you have to constantly keep part of that budget for a great backpack because nothing can ruin a trip like having a bag pack that might break down within the first couple of days. This is why I have selected a couple of fantastic Osprey packs for you, the Xenith and the Aether.

Both of these are notable and spacious backpacks that would be an excellent preference for lengthy trips. However, there are a few significant variations among them. So, if you are making plans to select between one or the other, you’ve come to the right place. I will let you know everything you want to know about these Osprey backpacks in this detailed comparison.

Please scroll down and join me on this detailed evaluation of the Osprey Xenith and Aether backpacks!

About Osprey:

Osprey backpacks have been around now for more than 40 years. In all this time, they have managed to capture many awards for their superb designs on backpacks. From huge spacious packs to small hydration packs or even packs for the city explorers, Osprey offers you the ideal fit so that you have greater freedom to do what you fancy.

On top of that, Osprey provides their infamous with All Mighty Guarantee which promises that they will restore any product from any technology for any reason, all freed from charge. So, shopping for Osprey backpacks has always been a win-win scenario for both the clients and Osprey.

Osprey Aether AG 85 vs Xenith 88

Osprey makes some of the finest backpacks money can buy, and that includes their tour backpacks. They are an excellent alternative for a conventional suitcase because they generally have extra pockets and compartments, which allows them to have higher organization.

So, whether you like to travel light, or you need to go for an excellent lengthy hike through Europe this summer, you will not go wrong with an Osprey backpack as your companion. In this overview, we will test numerous distinct tour backpacks that Osprey offers and assist you in picking out the best one for you.

All of the backpacks below are available in numerous distinct sizes, so make sure to pick out the one that is most suitable for the period of your journey. To see what you should have in mind while choosing the proper tour bag, join me in the rest of this overview of the finest Osprey tour backpacks!

Osprey Xenith 88

The Xenith is one of the elite packs Osprey has to offer. It is designed to organize and carry your gear across Earth's remotest regions. It is a perfect hiking bag for slightly larger loads, as it has a total capacity of up to 30 kg.

Xenith 88 has excellent wearing comfort and is made with many lovely details like the rest of Osprey's merchandise. In Xenith 88, you get a carrying system called Duga, a pre-bent hip belt with pockets, padded shoulder straps with mesh for good ventilation, adjustable Airscape mesh back panel, lightweight, integrated frame, and aluminum rails in the back.

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It is the perfect choice if you plan to go on a more extended trip and have to put a few extra pounds in the bag. The removable top lid can also be used as a waist bag. Brilliant if you are at the bottom of Keb and planning a climb and do not want the excessive load on your back.

Xenith 88 features:

  • Packing volume of 88L.
  • Total weight of 2380g.
  • Outer dimensions approximately (Width x Depth x Height) :  (94 x 35 x 42) cm
  • Recommended Max load is 31 kg.
  • Hip belt.
  • Chest strap
  • Removable top cover.


  • The top cover can be used as a waist bag.
  • Two openings on the front into the primary storage.
  • Double front pockets with zipper.
  • Front pocket and side pockets in the mesh.
  • Double compression straps on each side.


  • The hip belt is not detachable.
  • No integrated rain protection.
  • The fluid system is not included.

Osprey Aether 85

Aether 85 is a vast and spacious hiking backpack from Osprey. It is perfect for those who want an adjustable backpack with a perfect fit. It is equipped with a solid light wireframe that allows you to carry hefty loads. You can find precisely the right fit with the help of a special hip belt and shoulder straps with Fit-on-the-Fly. In addition, the aether 85 also allows to remove the top cover and use it as a day backpack for shorter trips.

osprey xenith 88 vs aether 85
Photo CreditL Osprey

Also, the aether 85 comprises high-quality, durable, and BlueSign-certified nylon with fluorocarbon-free, water-repellent DWR impregnation.

Aether 85 features:

  • Sustainability certified by BlueSign.
  • Packing volume of 85L.
  • Weight of 2700g.
  • Outer dimensions approximately (Width x Depth x Height) :  (41 x 40 x 81) cm
  • Hip belt.
  • Chest strap.
  • It was adapted for fluid systems.
  • Removable top cover.
  • Front and bottom openings.
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  • External compartment for fluid system
  • Fit-on-the-Fly ™ adjustable hip belt
  • FlapJacket top cover for use without a cover
  • Internal zippered divider
  • Twin full-length external zip pockets on the front panel
  • Double loops for ice axes


  • The hip belt is not detachable.
  • The fluid system is not included.

Final Thoughts:

Honestly, you can’t go wrong with any of these backpacks, as both of these backpacks are high-quality and expensive backpacks, and you will hardly make a mistake with either one.

But if a little higher price tag is not a deal-breaker for you, then Xenith is the one to choose. It is a giant backpack, which means that you can leisurely use it for longer trips, and it has a better back panel and a more comfortable hip belt.

It might not appear like too big of an issue initially, but after spending hours with a 40+ lb pack on your shoulders, you will feel the difference. The Xenith also provides more pockets that will help you organize your equipment much better than the Aether.

However, that does not mean that Aether is a wrong choice. On the contrary, it is still a perfect and high-quality backpack, and you will probably get more value for money if you buy Aether 85 as it comes with the addition of a free rain cover. It is a very decent bag pack and will not go wrong if you go for it. We hope this osprey xenith 88 vs aether 85 review has been helpful to you.

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