Osprey Talon 44 BackPack Review

January 28, 2022

By Nate


Are you searching for more details about the Osprey Talon 44 backpack? If so, I am glad you have made it here to Trad Climbers. A backpack is a must-have piece of hiking gear that you will almost likely bring with you on every trip. This means that it must be both comfortable and functional. One of the most popular options on the market is the Talon 44 backpack from Osprey, a well-known Colorado-based company.

Osprey was one of the first manufacturers to create backpacks featuring a mesh back panel in the early 1990s. These backpacks are popular because they allow for excellent airflow while being carried. Its 44-liter capacity makes it adequate for the majority of hiking outings and expeditions. It is neither too large nor too little for a multi-day trekking trip lasting a few days.

The product is suitable for the following uses:

  • Hiking
  • Mountaineering
  • Trekking


  • It is easy to put on and take off, which makes things easier.
  • It is easy to wear all day.
  • When it's fully or mostly full even then it's very comfortable to use for one day.
  • With bigger loads, this frame is very stable and supportive, so you can lift them with ease.
  • It can be used in a lot of different places and for a lot of different lengths of trips.
  • It includes both things that are useful and things that are good for you in one package.


  • There are no partitions or compartments inside to help keep things organised.
  • However, the buckles may not be as simple and efficient as a more simple and efficient design, so they may not work as well.
  • The hydration bladder could make the inside of the pack smaller.
  • You may have to check this bag through because it's too big to carry on a plane.


The Osprey Talon 44 backpack is made of a lightweight nylon fabric that has been reinforced in important areas, such as the bottom, to ensure maximum durability. All pockets, with the exception of the lid pocket, are made of a lightweight mesh fabric. The plastic buckles are relatively little in size, yet they are extremely strong. The foam-covered mesh fabric on the shoulder straps and hip belt keeps you cool and comfortable.

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The back panel, which is also made of ergonomically moulded foam, features a mesh fabric covering to give additional ventilation. It is clear that the designers went to tremendous lengths to decrease the weight of the bag to the fullest extent possible. As a result, the backpack is remarkably light for its size, weighing only 1040 g.

Fit and Comfort are Critical Factors to Consider

The back panel, shoulder straps, and hip belt of the Osprey Talon 44, as well as the entire bag, are extremely comfortable and well-ventilated. The shoulder harness is secured to the back panel by a highly robust and trustworthy Velcro system. The Velcro mechanism allows you to move the shoulder harness up and down to customize the fit. This torso length adjustment device is known for its dependability and ease of use.

I'd only worn the backpack on short occasions where I didn't need to carry more than 10 pounds of supplies. The backpack was really stable – except when I was carrying very little in it, such as less than 2 pounds of equipment. This is entirely my fault, since I should have used a smaller daypack in the first place. Having said that, I did note that the shoulder straps are pretty thin (at least for my body type), and I'm wondering if this would create discomfort when the backpack is loaded with more than 15 kilograms of supplies.

The length of the shoulder straps can, of course, be adjusted to your preference. The distance between the shoulder harness and the top of the backpack can be easily altered using the shoulder harness's two basic straps. If you wish to tighten the hip belt, draw the straps in from both sides, which is much more convenient than pulling the straps out. Furthermore, compression straps on either side of the backpack aid to increase the overall stability of your bag. The Osprey Talon 44 backpack is the most comfortable and flexible backpack I've ever used in my life.

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There are pockets and compartments.

There are several compartments in the backpack, including a main compartment, a hydration system sleeve, an exterior and interior lid pocket, two side pockets, two hip belt pockets, a tiny shoulder strap pocket, and a huge stash section.

Because of a zipped hole on the top, the main compartment is accessible from both the top and bottom of the bag. The hydration sleeve is wedged between the backpack's back panel and main compartment. It is easily accessible from the top and is intended for hydration systems with a capacity of 3 litres or less. A useful strap with a buckle at the top of the sleeve, which is also included, can be used to secure the water reservoir.

The outside lid pocket is bigger than the internal lid pocket, which is composed of a lightweight mesh fabric. Leather is used for the external lid pocket. It is great for storing little goods that need to be kept nearby. The interior lid pocket is designed for storing valuables. It also happens to be the bag's single internal pocket. This bag's side pockets are ideal for storing drinking water bottles. They are not completely closed on the front end, but they do a good job of securely keeping 0.5 litre bottles.

Are Osprey Bags Worth the Money?

Yes, Osprey bags are probably the best in the marketplace for outdoorsmen and women. My expectations were totally met by the hip belt pockets. The dimensions and placement are great. They are conveniently accessible when wearing a backpack and large enough to hold cell phones, cameras, GPS systems, and other small electrical devices. They're even large enough to hold my 5.5-inch smartphone.

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The shoulder strap compartment is positioned on the left shoulder strap. I haven't used it much, but I believe it would be excellent for keeping a power bank or other small accessories. It might even be able to house an old cell phone. The huge stash pocket on the front of the bag is perfect for keeping damp clothes or other items that don't belong in the main compartment. It was something I used to keep gloves and a hat in when the weather became too warm to wear them outside.

Points of attachment

Osprey's Talon 44 is distinguished by its Stow-On-The-Go hiking pole connecting system. You may stow or retrieve your trekking poles using this method without having to remove your bag from your shoulders. This approach has piqued my interest due to its ease of usage. There are also two ice tool holders on the outside of the backpack. The bag's side straps can also be utilized to attach other accessories.

Additional adjustable straps at the bottom of the backpack can be used to secure a sleeping mat or other similar equipment to the rucksack itself. A climbing rope can be strapped to the underside of the lid. Any rope can be tucked behind the top lid because it is fastened with adjustable straps. The backpack also has a helpful emergency whistle, which may be found on the chest strap clasp for quick access.

As far as we know, it has always been a comfortable and functional backpack. The Osprey Talon 44 offers a variety of useful compartments, as well as strategically positioned connection ports and a rear panel with great ventilation. It gives me great pleasure to recommend this fantastic backpack to any hiker, mountaineer, or climber.

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