Osprey Lumina 60 | 2023 Review

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Seeking more information about the Osprey Lumina 60 back pack? If so, I am glad you have made it here to TradClimbers.com. The Osprey Lumina 60 backpack (as well as the men's counterpart, the Osprey Levity 60) is a sub-2lb (907 g) backpack that may be found. It all comes together to create a lightweight pack that is easily available for fitting and testing prior to purchase.

Osprey backs up the Lumina/Levity with a lifetime guarantee that is transferable between owners. Several big outdoor merchants will assist you with the return of your pack to Osprey if it is qualified for factory replacement or repair. When these advantages are considered in conjunction with the Osprey's capabilities of creating a perfect backpack, it is well worth considering.


  • Ultralight.
  • large stow pockets.
  • comfortable even when fully loaded


  • Minimal padding.
  • fixed torso length.
  • side pockets hard to load


Almost everything else you bring with you will be far heavier than this backpack, which is a difficult notion to grasp at first. Compared to conventional packs in this size range, this pack weighs less than half as much. Osprey promotes this collection as a specialised one. On their website, they state unequivocally that “it's probably not for you.” Why? Unless you're an Ultralight hiker, which is a passionate, extreme hiking cult of sorts, you're not going to grasp the trade-offs.


Gray and turquoise are lovely colours, and it appealed to me in particular since it complemented my favourite sweatband well! The bright colours, on the other hand, will rapidly get muddy with wear and tear. It also lacks convenience due to the lack of pockets (zipped pockets = weight).

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The integrated hydration bladder pouch, clips, drawstrings, straps, loops, and built-in emergency whistle, on the other hand, were my favorite features, since they increased the bag's adaptability.

There's also a pretty cool easy-access opening for your side pockets, which allows you to remain hydrated even while hiking alone! Having a robust foundation comes in useful since, without one, your bag would practically tumble over every time you place it on the ground.

The most significant drawback for me was that it appeared a little shabby unless it was completely packed. When I went on a day hike (about 15km), the pack seemed like I was strolling around with a backpack that was a little bit big for a preschooler. Unless it's filled correctly and all the way to the top, it won't have the form of some of the sleeker top-end packs on the market.


Designed specifically for women, the Osprey Lumina 60 has a shorter back frame and more comfortable cushioning to accommodate the adventuresses. I was not expecting it to be quite this comfy. It seemed as though I was wearing a cloud. The Superultralight Airspeed Backpanel is a remarkable piece of equipment. It was a delightful surprise! There are also super-cushioned ExoForm shoulder straps, as well as a well-thought-out structural design that ensures the pack's weight is pleasantly carried.

Both the Lumina and Levity variants are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to achieve a close-to-custom fit for your needs! The chest strap may be adjusted, and the waist and shoulder straps were really comfortable for my day trip, causing no chafing or any discomfort during the journey. The main drawback in terms of comfort is that your head will be banging against the rear frame on a regular basis.

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Because it was raining on the path, I was able to put the fabric through its paces in wet circumstances. It proved to be water repellent, which was a bonus because the jacket does not come with a built-in raincover. Keep in mind that the suggested load is limited up to 14kg (for the Lumina 60; less for a 45L; and more for a Levity or bigger women's fit).

I was able to fit a 2-person Hubba MSR tent, NeoAir Thermarest sleeping mat, and a full Camelpak comfortably in the main compartment while still leaving room for food; I also managed to fit a jacket in the Stuff-it outer pocket and a first aid kit, torch, LifeStraw, and Swiss Army Knife in the brain compartment without any issues.

The main body of the pack is extremely lightweight, however this comes at the expense of durability. At first glance, the material appears to be quite thin, which was frightening! Nonetheless, Osprey strengthened the major portions of the pack with stronger panels to stop them from being damaged by bushes or general wear and tear.

I had a rip in one of the pockets due to a manufacturing issue, however my bag was replaced within a week due to the problem. Take security in the fact that all Osprey packs are guaranteed by a robust lifetime repair or replacement warranty on the materials and workmanship.


The price of this 60L bundle is $290. This is quite ordinary cost for a top-of-the-line pack, and it is also typical of Osprey packs in this category. It is possible to obtain some quite high-tech features for the same price as more typical bundles!

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Closing Thoughts

The Osprey Lumina 60 is a pretty amazing, high-tech, and ULTRA-lightweight backpack that is perfect for travel. It's quite comfy, but it lacks a few characteristics that we ‘standard' hikers may like — more pockets, zippers, aesthetics, and durability, among other things.

If weight isn't a major priority for you in a hiking pack, the Levity or Lumina pack isn't going to be your best friend for the foreseeable future. If, on the other hand, you're a member of the Super ultra-lightweight Hiking Breed, you need look no further.

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