Osprey Lumina 45 (2023 Review)

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Are you searching for more information about the osprey lumina 45 backpack? If so, welcome to trad climbers. We are glad you have made it here. There are certainly a lot of options out there. Our goal here at trad climbers is to provide more details to ensure your hiking and camping journey is as successful as it can be.

One of the top features of this back pack is its suspension capability. In addition, it is extremely light making the ease of use very higher for hikers and camping enthusiasts. Below are some perks of this pack you may want to consider

  • 45-liter, lightweight back perfect for hiking and weighs a mere 1.78 pounds
  • Weight capacity of 10 to 25 pounds
  • Features a zippered pocket, tip lid which makes for organizing small items easier
  • Provides protection against the rank keeping your gear dry
  • Contains side pockets for small items and water bottles as needed
  • Features a 3D, mesh tensioned back panel for easy of movement, comfort and side ventilation
  • Integrates UHMWPE (ultra high molecular weight polyyethylene) with nano fly fabric perfect for abrasion resistance.

Osprey Lumina 45 Weight

The Osprey Lumina 45 back pack weighs approximately 1.86 pounds. So, you will certainly be able to carry sufficient gear within the pack pack. This back pack is our top recommended and favorite of all within the marketplace. It features superior suspension and is comfortable. Are you seeking an ultimate lightweight pack to not weight you down while traveling on trails and through the woods?

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opsrey lumina 45

The osprey lumina 45 is certainly one to consider. It has numerous pockets to store your gear, batteries, knives and other essentials. Osprey packs are normally have a very streamlined and light design. It is one of the lightest back packs in the market place.

So, it does not cause issues for hikers that are needing a reliable pack to carry their gear in. That being said, there are few pockets for storage which may be an issue for some users who desire more areas to hold their gear in.

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Osprey Lumina 45 Small

The 45 osprey lumina back pack also features comfortable and breathable material. The lightweight small, medium and large options to choose from makes it perfect for all sizes and shapes of hikers. In addition, it also features a hip belt and shoulder straps for stability while walking.

Also, the width of the back pack also ensure the load is dispersed and there are no hot spots on your skin. The Lumina 45 does not scrape your back but feels like a spring. So, no rubbing or issues in comfort with this back pack. Why? Well, it features a breathable, 3D-tensioned back panel. Furthermore, the suspension system of the osprey lumina 45 is thanks to the aluminum frame.

In addition, it contains a mesh paneling ensuring proper ventilation and airflow so you will be comfortable. The osprey 45 is also extremely light weight making for easy portability. Did we mention it also features an anti-gravity suspension system?

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Lumina 45 Features

The osprey 45 is extremely easy to use making it one of the top recommended hiking back packs on our list. The problem we find with this model is that it can be too small for some users. Of course, if you are shorter and lighter in weight it may be the perfect option.

The back pack is minimalist in nature. So, there could be more room for storage. It does depend on the user as some will need more and some will desire far more storage. The body of the pack is rather narrow. So, it can be a chore to get all of your gear packed into it. We wish there was more room for sleeping bags in this model but one can always be tied to the top of the pack if needed.

Yes, a sleeping bag can still be stuffed into the pack but it will not leave you much room after that is completed. That being said, there is still sufficient room for most hikers to have room for their gear in this pack. The osprey lumina 45 is made out of lightweight nylon. One of the benefits is that it does contain external, larger stow pockets.

45 Osprey Lumina Adjustability

In addition, the nylon makes this back pack feel extremely light on the body. The suspension system mentioned above makes this one of the lightest back packs you can invest in. The lumina features a hip belt which helps to ensure stability and your walk as comfortable as it can be. We would like to see the option to lengthen the padding that we see in a lot of other models which offer even more features.

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The removable, top lid can be adjusted as needed as well as the compression straps. The only issue we see is that there isn't an option to ensure the shoulder straps are adjusted as much as we would like. The price of the osprey lumina 45 can be high considering its relative smaller capacity. That being said, it is made out of the most lightweight material in the marketplace. So, you definitely get what you pay for .

The perks of this pack is its superior suspension system. In addition, its full frame feature making it a very specialized design. So, the price is normally going to be higher for a quality pack like this. People that are seeking a streamlined and lightweight design will not have an issue with price if seeking quality.

Closing Thoughts

We hope this brief article on the lumina 45 back pack has been helpful to you. We know that there are many fitness enthusiasts who will certainly enjoy this light weight pack. The hip belt and comfortable should straps will take the strain off of having to carry around your gear. The innovative suspension works to make the load you are carrying feel like the weight of a pillow.

Yes, it does come at a higher cost. That being said, if you are seeking a legitimate and reliable pack than this is one to definitely consider.

Learn More About the Osprey Lumina 45 on Amazon

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