Osprey Aether Pro 70 | 2023 Review

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking more information about the Osprey Aether Pro 70? If so, welcome to tradclimbers.com. The Osprey Aether Pro 70 is considered one of the best backpacks for various use cases. I thought about buying it for a long time because of the price. I had high hopes for the backpack and after testing it rigorously, I had a few great observations. Let's take a look at them and get to what this backpack has on offer.

First Impression

We landed on our backs very immediately. With its arrangement of pockets, tightening straps, and other features, it is both structurally and practically sound. The backpack shows that the Osprey engineers have thought about it for a long time and have properly tested their ideas. There will be nothing extraneous that will wear out or break after use.

The backpack weighs a measly 1.8 kilograms (without the canopy and lumbar side pockets 1.5 kg). As a result, it is ideal for swift movement and big loads on extended expeditions or longer outdoor adventures. At the same time, it demonstrated the tenacity that I demand from a partner on my adventures.


  • Lightweight
  • At 70L, the capacity is huge.
  • Strong and durable.
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Harness and a hip belt that can be changed
  • Well-balanced and easy to move around in.
  • A hydration sleeve holder comes with the package.


  • It costs a lot.
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Back Construction

The entire backpack is strengthened on both sides by two rods that keep the proper shape. Even after several hours of usage, the mesh backboard composed of accordion foam (AirScape TM) exactly replicates the spine, so nothing pushed me anywhere.

Shoulder Straps and Waist Belt

The shoulder straps are well-padded, and everything that transfers the weight of the backpack to the back is wide and pleasant. The waist belt also helps with this. At first inspection, it appeared to be too stiff for my liking. When “putting on” the bag, one side was always pushing against its back, but this is something that may be easily caught.

Everything appears to be one perfect whole after the buckles bite into each other. On the sides of the loincloth, there are removable pockets. One is for storing a water bottle, while the other has a zipper for holding a phone and a wallet. The problem with water, in particular, is cleverly and quickly overcome. There are no forum nets or tapes, only a deep stretch pocket in which the bottle fits snugly.

Attaching Trekking poles

Stow-on-the-Go –  The lumbar belt and shoulder strap have trekking poles attached to the sides. I hardly use the poles on the trek, because just when attached to the backpack in the places designated for me, it bothers me how they protrude under the arm.

However, if you use them more and put them on the backpack rather sporadically, the attachment is very easy and the sticks are easily and quickly accessible. This is a great and handy technique if you are also facing the same issue.

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The Aether Pro 70 backpack is composed of NanoFly fabric and is reinforced at the bottom to prevent it from abrasion.

Compression Straps

The backpack has compression straps on the sides that can be removed if necessary. Two compression straps remain in the front of the backpack, allowing you to attach items such as snowshoes or a mat, as I did.

There are two extra loops on the mat at the back of the backpack, but they are narrow and difficult to draw down. It would probably not be a problem with a foam pad, but I would recommend putting heavier items inside the backpack, such as a sleeping bag or tent, because they may be unstable when walking. Of course, there are two eyelets for attaching ice axes.

The Interior of the Backpack

The internal volume of the backpack is represented by one bathtub, which I don't see as an issue if items are properly organised and stored. On the contrary, experienced mountaineers who employ efficiency in the system of organising things tailored specifically for their own needs would enjoy this. There is a drawstring at the top that can be used to strengthen the contents.

Space for Hydrovac

The inside of the backpack also has space for storing a hydrovac, which reduces the total volume slightly. Because the hydrovac could be problematic owing to improper internal item distribution (which would entail a problem in the form of stopping the flow of contents), I always chose the bottle variant in the lumbar belt's side pocket.

Detachable Canopy

What I liked and appreciated the most was the ability to unclip the canopy. Following its removal, the so-called ” FlapJacket”, i.e. a soft pull-on lid to close the backpack without the canopy, remains on the backpack.

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After removing the canopy, compartments from the waist belt, and all compression straps, the backpack transforms into a smaller brother, which is perfect when going to the mountains and anchoring in the “base” camp, as the second smaller backpack does not have to tackle the ascent.


Overall, I don't see any flaws in the backpack. In summary, Osprey has been manufacturing backpacks since 1974 and can make some really practical backpacks. Now I'm persuaded that the Aether Pro 70 backpack is worth having on your back, despite its rather hefty price.

Whether you're trekking into uncharted territory, on an adventurous excursion, or on an umava journey with other adventurers. I hope this post on the Osprey Aether Pro 70 back pack has been helpful to you.

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