North Face Travel Canister | 2023 Review

February 26, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking more information about the north face travel canister? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers, I am glad you have made it here.

Inspired by The North Face's legendary Base Camp Duffel, this small travel canister is a durable carry-all perfect for taking your smaller personal items on the road. It features an interior hook which you can attach to a towel rack or door knob for convenient attachment.

What Size Duffel is North Face Camp?

The North Face Base Camp is one of the most sought-after expedition duffels, and for good reason. Crafted with tough 840 denier ballistic nylon and 1000 denier TPE Fabric Laminate, this top-rated bag is built to last.

The Base Camp comes in various sizes and offers plenty of room for a week's worth of clothing, toiletries and shoes when traveling domestically. It's ideal for winter trips as well – two pairs of ski pants, thermals, gloves, goggles – all can fit inside this spacious bag!

Another excellent advantage of the Base Camp is that it can be worn as a backpack. The padded straps provide comfortable support, reducing any strain on your shoulders when carrying it around.

Traveling internationally with this pack is easy as it doesn't weigh much and is small enough to fit in an overhead compartment. Although it isn't designed as a backpacking pack, its capabilities won't extend far on long walks or climbing peaks; however, for road-tripping or exploring new cities, this should work just fine.

Can You Carry on North Face Medium Duffel?

The North Face Base Camp duffel bag is one of the toughest and most functional gear haulers available. Crafted with 1000D TPE fabric laminate and 840D Junior Ballistic nylon, it's built to handle heavy loads with ease.

The medium-sized Base Camp Duffel can hold up to 71 litres of luggage, making it perfect for short trips and weekend getaways lasting three or four days. Plus, its transparent waterproof ID pocket on the outside provides easy access to travel essentials like IDs.

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One of the most useful features is its ergonomic padded shoulder straps that come in various sizes. You can carry them on your back like a backpack or wear them on the side like regular carry handles.

The North Face's latest version of their Base Camp duffel bag boasts an ingenious design that combines two smaller bags into one larger one. This results in a spacious main compartment with zippered pockets for your travel essentials, plus separate compartments for shoes and dirty laundry.


How Do You Pack a North Face Duffel?

No matter if you're embarking on an extreme mountaineering expedition or need a backpack for a week away, The North Face's Base Camp Duffel is an enduring travel canister that will serve you well. Its classic design hasn't changed much over time and remains more than capable of carrying all your gear.

The Base Camp Duffel is constructed with strong, ballistic nylon fabric that resists tears and rips. Additionally, its water-resistant properties make it suitable for travel in rainy or snowy climates. You could also use it as a equipment back while running indoors on a treadmill.

Another feature that sets this pack apart from other travel duffels is the large YKK zippers, which are robust and won't break even when filled to capacity. You won't have to worry about breaking your bag open while trying to find last-minute souvenirs either, ensuring peace of mind when searching for those essential items.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel is available in five sizes: XS (31L), Small (50L), Medium (71L), Large (95L) and XLarge (132L). All models feature a classic cylindrical shape with minimal trims that won't date over time.

How Do You Fold a North Face Voyager Bag?

No doubt The North Face's 32L Base Camp Voyager duffel bag has an excellent design. Not only is it a functional carryall and mini shopper, but it's cleverly sized for single day excursions as well. There are plenty of compartments inside to keep your stuff secure and organized; plus there's even a dedicated laptop compartment for techies! Best of all? All this fits in backpack straps so you can tuck away when not needed – making this the perfect all-in-one travel system! If you're searching for something new for your RV then The North Face won't let you down too much when looking around town! If you're in the market for new rig, The North Face won't let you down at this price point either!

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North Face Travel Canister Small

Inspired by The North Face's legendary Base Camp Duffel, this ultra-durable travel canister holds all your toiletries and travel essentials. With a full D-zip opening so you can quickly locate your gear, an internal hook allows for hanging it up for out-of-the way storage, plus a mirror for when it's time to shave or apply makeup, this super-durable canister comes equipped with plenty of room.

This 840D ballistic nylon toiletry bag is strong enough to carry all your personal hygiene necessities on vacation, cabin weekend or road trip. This small version is ideal for a few toothbrushes, toothpaste, razor and deodorant – with its built-in hook you won't have to worry about it falling off your shoulder or skipping across the floor, plus there's a Velcro mirror included so you can shave without searching around for the right spot.

When selecting a bag, the quality of material should always come first. Doing this guarantees you get an item made to last. Moreover, measurements are key in ensuring the bag fits your needs perfectly.

How many Litres is North Face Duffel?

The North Face Base Camp duffel comes in an array of sizes and colours, from 42 litres (small) to 140 litres (extra large). They even offer wheeled versions that are perfect for hiking. No matter if you need a bag to carry your clothes on vacation or an expedition workhorse that can go wherever life takes you, this Top Pick Award winner is sure to please.

This duffel's ergonomic alpine-cut shoulder straps reduce twisting, while its padded side handles double as both duffel and haul handles for effortless lifting of heavy loads. An external pocket provides handy storage for phones or travel documents. Constructed from durable 840D laminate ballistic nylon, this duffel is sure to be your reliable partner on any adventure.

This iconic, super-tough expedition duffel offers a host of features, but its legendary durability stands as its most outstanding quality. Available in various sizes and colourways, all designed to withstand the rigors of international travel and all that comes with it, you can rest assured knowing this bag has been built to last.

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The North Face Travel Canister

The North Face Travel Canister is an ideal way to store your toiletries on-the-go. It features an internal mesh zipped pocket for small items and an internal clip that can be used for hanging the bag up.

This canister comes with a mirror, which is ideal for shaving or changing contact lenses. It features an interior hook to hang it from and a Velcro strap to securely hold the mirror in place.

Inspired by The North Face's iconic Base Camp Duffel, this canister is a simple but strong toiletry bag perfect for all your traveling needs. Not only does it look good, but it's also super strong – keeping toothbrushes, razors, toothpaste and deodorant safe and secure on the go.

The canister is compact enough to fit inside a base camp duffel bag. With its 5.7 litre capacity, it's ideal for shower gear, first aid supplies and any other special equipment you might want to take along on an expedition.

What Size Base Camp Does Duffel Have?

The North Face Base Camp duffel has been around for some time and continues to evolve with new features. Its classic cylindrical shape and minimal trims ensure it never goes out of style, while the material used is incredibly durable and water-resistant.

Packing and unpacking the bag is a breeze, making it an invaluable convenience when travelling. The heavy-duty zipper ensures secure closure and sealing of the bag, protecting your things from getting damaged during transit or while packing up at the airport.

Another great feature is the transparent ID window. Here, you can store your passport and phone number to avoid customs delays.

The North Face Base Camp Duffel (71L) can hold a tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, medium-sized packing cube and dry sack with various small items. This size duffel is perfect for winter trips when you need to bring along plenty of heavy clothing.


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