North Face Tents 6 Person Tent Review

June 1, 2023

By Nate


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The North Face Wawona 6 tent was created to offer users an enjoyable camping experience, from set-up to use. With its durable construction and user-friendly setup process, as well as its large vestibule perfect for gear storage purposes.

Recently updated and featuring a double-wall design with color-coded DAC MX poles for ultimate stability and durability, making this tent an excellent option for car camping trips.


The North Face can sometimes disappoint when it comes to tents, but their latest upgrade of the Wawona 6 Tent is an outstanding example. From single to double wall construction and improved pole engineering and easier setup – this family tent comfortably fits up to six people and all their gear without issue.

This tent's clever design does away with the need for a rain fly, making setup and takedown much quicker and making it an excellent option for backpacking trips where portability is valued over weightiness.

An outstanding feature of the REI Wonderland Mud Room Tent is its expansive vestibule, providing plenty of storage space. Comparable in size with its counterpart, which adds 56 square feet to your tent – the REI Wonderland Vestibule gives ample room to store gear out of the elements and keeps it dry.

The North Face Wawona 6 Tent features a large front window and top vents to increase breathability and visibility, two doors, three vestibules (though one may become inoperable when attached with a rainfly), two vestibules, as well as three vestibules. Perfect for camping trips, concerts, backyard slumber parties or bad weather adventures this tent is easy to carry and store into its duffel bag-style stuff sack for portability and storage purposes.


For anyone in search of an outdoor tent that can withstand all conditions and comfortably accommodate six people, the North Face Wawona tent is an excellent choice. Setup is quick and effortless while its durable materials can withstand seasons upon seasons of wear – not forgetting its numerous unique features that add convenience.

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The updated Wawona tent is an impressive upgrade over its predecessor in terms of interior space and functionality, with two doors on either end for bathroom breaks or extra airflow on hot days – perfect for late night bathroom breaks or just to keep cool on hot summer days! Additionally, its availability without a rainfly opens up a world of opportunity for families who prefer simpler camping trips!

One of the primary draws of this tent is its massive vestibule, providing plenty of storage space for camping gear and extra bedding. This feature makes this tent especially appealing to family campers and sets it apart from competitors such as REI Wonderland and Marmot Limestone. Furthermore, its front vestibule provides enough room to store bicycles or other large items safely.

Even with its ample size, the Wawona remains cozy and comfortable due to the huge vestibule and ample ventilation – thanks to two roof vents helping heat escape as well as unprotected top and front doors providing additional sources of airflow.

Wawona tent setup may take more time than anticipated due to its unique pole structure and design; each pole needs to fit precisely with grommets for proper alignment of grommets on grommets and requires patience from its owner for successful results.



The North Face Wawona 6 tent is constructed to last, yet remains lightweight for easy carrying and setup. Featuring single layer construction makes set up even simpler as there's no need to attach a rain fly beforehand.

This tent is perfect for camping in the mountains, hiking and backpacking trips alike. Made of high-grade materials and featuring an unmatched lifetime warranty, its set up process is quick and effortless – comfortably fitting six people comfortably inside – light weight and equipped with an ample vestibule for gear storage purposes.

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The North Face Wawona 6 tent is an excellent choice for any outdoor adventure. Easy to setup and durable enough for harsh weather conditions, its unique features and affordable price make this tent one of the best values on our list.


The North Face takes its inspiration from Yosemite National Park's Half Dome granite formation to craft both hardcore climbing supplies and backpacking gear that's both durable and lightweight enough for comfortable camping adventures. Their Wawona 6 tent is easy to set up, lightweight yet sturdy enough for comfortable nights outdoors – its large vestibule provides enough storage for gear while waterproof construction provides peace of mind that your sleep will not be disrupted!

Though not as lightweight as other models in our test, the Wawona remains highly portable. Thanks to its single-wall construction and windy conditions-tolerant nature, no rainfly is needed and handling winds without issues is no trouble at all – an especially welcome feature given how cumbersome setting up one may be compared with using it all at once! Using it without rainflies saves both time and effort during setup process.

The North Face Wawona tent is an excellent option for families. With enough room inside to sleep up to six people and its tall ceiling providing enough headroom, its huge vestibule provides ample storage space and pockets are conveniently arranged throughout for all of your gear. Unfortunately, however, its storage area attached to its rear door makes accessing items for bathroom breaks or late night phone calls difficult.

The North Face Wawona tent stands out as our top family tent pick and delivers excellent value for its price point. Although a bit heavier than some of our other top choices, it still makes a good value proposition when considering weight and space requirements for six persons. Kelty Discovery Basecamp 6 stands as its closest competition when considering value proposition.

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The North Face Wawona 6 tent is an excellent option for backpacking, car camping and bad-weather excursions. Spacious yet comfortable with easy set-up and at an attractive price point – making this tent perfect for family camping trips! Additionally, its large vestibule provides additional storage space.

Quality-wise, the Wawona tent stands out as one of our highest-rated tents. Its near vertical walls and mesh-heavy construction provide ample ventilation and stargazing opportunities. Furthermore, its strong new DAC MX poles are more substantial without adding weight penalties; additionally it is extremely stable without losing strength with use over time. Though not perfect–its rainfly doesn't cover its entirety nor the drafty front door–it remains an outstanding choice for most campers.

We greatly appreciate that The North Face now offers this tent without a rainfly, making it an excellent family option. While more pockets nearer the floor would be welcome and more hooks for hanging clothes or food in its enormous vestibule would make life simpler for a camping trip, these minor quibbles aside, this tent stands up admirably.

The Wawona is an ideal family tent that fits four adults comfortably or two adults and two kids, or can easily fit a full-sized mattress and two twins without much additional room needed. It boasts a huge vestibule to store gear in, while its main tent area boasts one of our highest ceilings at 6′ 4″ for ample head room inside the tent itself. All these impressive features make the Wawona an outstanding tent worthy of top honors in our rankings.


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