North Face Stormbreak 1 Tent Review

July 2, 2023

By Nate


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The North Face Stormbreak 1 tent is an excellent option for backpackers. Featuring great ventilation, durability and an accessible large door for easier entry/exit, its price point also compares favorably with some alternatives on the market.

However, it may not be suitable for long-distance backpacking expeditions as it's quite cumbersome when packed.


When purchasing a tent, durability should always be of top priority. After investing all that money in something so costly as an incredible new tent only to have something break on its inaugural use is disheartening indeed – but don't fret because The North Face Stormbreak 1 tent is built to endure most 3-season environments!

This tent's success can be attributed to its materials and their strength and durability, such as aluminum poles with clips that are strong and sturdy; its polyester bathtub fly and floor seem tough enough for multiple seasons of backpacking trips; other manufacturers have moved onto thinner yet lighter materials which may come at the cost of durability and weather resistance.

Setting up and breaking down this tent is quick and effortless; one person can complete it in under 10 minutes from start to finish! This feat is all the more remarkable when considering its ample room.

High Performance and Reliable

The North Face Stormbreak tent has received stellar reviews by Amazon customers and earned an outstanding 4.6-star rating. This high rating can be attributed to how long-lasting and user-friendly its features are; making it an excellent option for solo backpackers that can withstand any type of weather condition.

Hikers who enjoy camping with their dog will also find this tent ideal; thanks to its large vestibule and door that can open out, allowing your pup easy access in and out without having to crawl over other campers.

The North Face Stormbreak Tent is an outstanding tent designed for use by both solo backpackers and couples, as well as any hiker going on long hiking expeditions requiring multiple nights out in nature. Easy setup makes this durable tent perfect for anyone seeking shelter against inclement weather – an essential feature when going into remote wilderness locations for an extended trip. It can even withstand being out for several weeks on long hiking expeditions!

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Weather Protection

The North Face Stormbreak 1 tent is an affordable and durable single-person option that will stand up to even heavy rainfall. Featuring an ample vestibule to fit most backpacks and an effective rainfly to provide weather protection, this tent can easily be set up. Plus, its easy setup process means plenty of space for one person! It may not offer as many features as other models do but nonetheless still delivers and boasts great price point value!

This tent may not be as lightweight as other options we review, but its fabric and materials still feel sturdy enough for years of backpacking adventures. With a 75D polyester fly and tub-like floor made from sturdy material that are tape-sealed for extra durability. Furthermore, a waterproof footprint protects its floor from dirt, ground water and sharp objects like pine needles – something most other options don't provide.

Another nice aspect of this tent is that it is designed to be freestanding, eliminating the need to use stakes that come included with it for assembly. This makes setup much simpler while helping prevent your sleeping quarters from moving around at night.


However, you should keep in mind that the tent weighs 6.33 pounds with its poles, rainfly and stakes combined; making it one of the heaviest tents we reviewed and something you must carefully consider when planning long backpacking trips.

As this tent lacks ventilation, you may experience overheating on particularly warm or humid days. To stay cool while camping under such circumstances, we advise investing in a lightweight tent that has adequate venting – something like our lightweight four-person dome tent could do just fine!

Overall, The North Face Stormbreak 1 tent provides excellent weather protection and comfort at an economical price point. This tent is an ideal option for anyone seeking high-quality tent from a trusted brand such as North Face; making it suitable for backpacking trips where more weight may not be an issue.

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The North Face Stormbreak 1 Tent is an upscale camping solution, featuring high and low ventilation to maintain optimal airflow. Constructed from lightweight materials that can withstand even extreme weather conditions, it is quick and easy to pitch and makes an excellent shelter choice for backpacking adventures. A large door makes entering and exiting easier while its vestibule provides additional storage space.

The tent weighs only 1.4 kg, making it easily portable by one person. This lightweight two-person tent boasts plenty of features and space, including pockets to store gear, as well as an ample vestibule where packs and boots can be stored safely away – providing more freedom of movement inside the tent, while protecting belongings from wet conditions.

This tent features a freestanding design supported by lightweight aluminum poles and features an integral rainfly to provide protection from wind and rain. Easy setup means this tent can be pitched anywhere on various terrains – the North Face Stormbreak 1 tent makes camping memories!

Perfect for Backpacking Trips

Although the Stormbreak tent from North Face is an effective option for backpacking trips, its innovative features may not match those offered by competing models. Instead, its classic materials and traditional design offer little in the way of originality; for more innovative solutions consider lesser-known brands offering cheaper alternatives that may better meet your needs.

The North Face's tent features 75 denier polyester for both its fly and floor material, which may seem heavy compared to some competing tent models using lighter 20 or 30 denier nylon materials. However, polyester has proven its ability to withstand moisture and the elements so this tent should endure even the harshest weather conditions with ease.

The North Face's Stormbreak tent was created to be easy for anyone to set up, with an easier door for easier access. Perfect for beginners backpacking who require an accessible yet long-lasting tent solution.


The North Face Stormbreak 1 tent for one person offers plenty of headroom and shoulder room, featuring nearly vertical walls, an asymmetrical design, two vestibules with large doors, and 75D polyester taffeta fly and floor to provide durability and longevity. The North Face Stormbreak 1 offers comfort during camping trips thanks to plenty of headroom and shoulder room – as well as its durable 75D polyester taffeta fly/floor, designed by North Face specifically to last over time.

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Though this tent boasts many impressive qualities, its packing weight is quite heavy and bulky compared to similar priced models. At 6.33 pounds including poles, fly and stakes – an enormous weight for an individual backpacking tent!

A large contributor to The North Face tent's weight is its materials; instead of opting for ultralight materials like lightweight polyesters or thin nylon taffetas, they used thick polyesters like 75D polyester taffeta with an overall thick and durable construction that adds significantly to weight and bulk of tent. Although this feature adds durability and support, this adds weight as well.

Closing Thoughts

The North Face tent features thick fabrics as well as sturdy clips and grommets for extra durability, adding weight that doesn't pack down very small. In order to store everything together, a fairly large stuff sack may be required; so plan accordingly when packing this tent.

When it comes to setting up their tents, The North Face Stormbreak 1 features a standard x-pole design familiar to most backpackers – this makes the tent freestanding and easier to pitch in various terrain types.

The North Face Stormbreak 1 offers an optional footprint that can add extra durability and protect its floor from mud, ground water and sharp objects such as rocks, exposed roots and pine needles. Investing in this model's footprint could even outlive its tent itself!

Although The North Face Stormbreak 1 tent is excellent, its innovative features may not stand up to some of its competition. Still, its use of time-tested materials and design is appealing; so if low weight and compact size aren't high on your list of priorities then this product from one of outdoor industry's premier names could be ideal.


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