Nemo Riff 15 Womens Sleeping Bag Review

September 9, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the nemo riff 15 womens sleeping bag? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

The NEMO Riff 15 Degree Sleeping Bag features ample elbow and knee room, making it suitable for side sleepers. With its premium backcountry spoon shape and 800-fluff pf down fill providing warmth while being space-efficient to pack for three season backpacking treks.

The beefy double slider #5 YKK zippers move smoothly and come equipped with an inbuilt snag guard, while its integrated pillow pocket can accommodate both a jacket and Nemo Fillo pillow (included).

Spoon Shape

Seventy percent of people sleep on their sides, yet most mummy bags are designed to force back sleepers into an uncomfortable position. NEMO's spoon shaped sleeping bag design adds room at elbows and knees so side sleepers can comfortably shift positions throughout the night while providing additional warmth without adding unnecessary weight.

The award-winning the nemo riff 15 womens sleeping bag was recently upgraded to improve both fit and feature set, enabling it to pack smaller and lighter while maintaining comfort for side sleepers thanks to its innovative patented Spoon shape. Additionally, its new design boasts a reshaped hood and zipper system to improve accessibility while simultaneously decreasing overall weight.

Nikwax Hydrophobic Down Bag This high performance three season 800-fill power Nikwax Hydrophobic down bag is ideal for backcountry camping and hikers looking to minimize weight and maximize packability for long days on the trail. NEMO's top-of-the-line backcountry features such as Thermo Gills for temperature regulation, Blanket Fold for tucked-in comfort, waterproof/breathable footbox to withstand tent condensation as well as opposite sided zippers on Men's and Women's Riff bags allows them to be zip together as double bag capabilities!

800-Fill-Power Nikwax Hydrophobic Down

Most backpackers don't associate sleeping bags with comfort, and mummy-shaped ones may feel restricting in the backcountry. But the nemo riff 15 womens sleeping bag, rated for 15 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures, might change that perception.

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Spoon mattresses feature space at elbows and knees to facilitate side sleepers changing positions without losing heat to cold air pockets, while Nikwax Hydrophobic Down provides ample warmth even when damp – plus is RDS Certified, guaranteeing humane treatment of its source birds.

Lofty Nikwax Hydrophobic Down is made with fluorocarbon-free fill that repels moisture to provide lasting warmth while quickly drying off when your tent gets wet from rain or condensation. A waterproof, breathable footbox protects you from tent condensation while the Thero Gills vent excess heat away to prevent drafts – while an #5 YKK zipper with built-in plow makes zipping up and out easier than regular down.

This women's Riff sleeping bag comes complete with both a stuff sack for trail use and storage sack for long-term storage at home, plus it can also be zip together with its matching NEMO Jam 15 bag to form a dual sleeping bag option for ultimate comfort on backcountry excursions. Perfect for backpackers who prioritize both packability and comfort!

Thermo Gills

The Riff offers several innovative features to ensure a restful night's rest in cold environments, starting with Thermo Gills – two zippered slits near arm's reach on the front of the bag that allow users to vent heat without unzipping its main zipper line – to regulate temperature without creating drafts and allow milder temperatures than what its advertised rating allows for use of this bag.

They also included a waterproof/breathable foot box to keep you dry from tent condensation that could compromise insulation on your feet. Their premium 800 FP down is PFC-free and 100% RDS certified so you can trace its source and ensure it was humanely treated. Additional comfort features such as blanket fold external draft collar and full length draft tube add tucked-in warmth, while Thermo Gills allow body heat venting without letting cold air in.

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The Riff comes in both 15 degree and 30 degree versions for 3-season backpacking trips, providing optimal comfort right down to freezing temperatures if used with a thick sleeping pad with high R-value. While most lightweight mummy bags don't offer side sleeper support, the Riff's Spoon shape allows more elbow room and knee room for those who sleep on their sides; making this model the pinnacle of three-season backcountry Spoon shape sleeping bags.

Waterproof Hood and Footbox

This bag features fully waterproof hood and footbox linings, making this sleeping bag a welcome feature in tents with limited ventilation. Though you might experience damp sleeping bag linings at times, the Nikwax hydrophobic down guarantees that you stay warm and dry regardless of any insulation getting wet during the night.

NEMO's Spoon-shaped bags provide more elbow and knee room, making them more suitable for side sleepers. Unfortunately, this extra space adds weight – this regular size uses 650-fill down which is midrange instead of ultralight fills.

As with other backpacking sleeping bags, the Riff comes equipped with a zippered pillow pocket for stuffing soft blankets or clothing to provide a comfortable headrest at the end of a long day on the trail. Additionally, this feature works well for couples sharing one sleeping bag yet needing individual pillows.

This bag features a full-length double slider YKK zipper that's easy to operate even in low light, featuring an integrated draft tube with a snag guard to help prevent getting caught in its draft tube. Men and women's zippers run on opposite sides, so two Riff bags can be zip together into a larger double bag if desired. Furthermore, this design makes an excellent option for backpackers who prefer sleeping with their packs unzipped; its small opening allows quick access without crawling out.

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Integrated Pillow Pocket

Mummy-style sleeping bags may not be known for their comfort, but the Riff will change that perception. Beginning with its Thermo Gills–parallel zippers positioned over your torso that open onto uninsulated fabric to allow venting without letting cold air in–and insulated blanket fold flap at the chin for extra coverage; its integrated pillow pocket offers secure support throughout the night by accommodating jackets or clothing (Nemo Fillo pillow available separately)–you won't regret buying this comforting bed!.

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