Nemo Hornet Osmo 1P Tent Review

September 9, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking for more information about the nemo hornet osmo 1p tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be helpful.

Nemo Hornet Osmo 1P offers all the advantages of a two-walled tent at an ultralight backpacking tent weight comparable to single wall ultralight tents. Ventilation is excellent and its raised bathtub floor reduces stress on Osmo's body.

DAC Featherlite poles flex and bow to counteract strong winds and driving rain, while Osmo fabric delivers on its promise to be water resistant and less stretchy than standard nylon fabric. Furthermore, its FlyBar volumizing door clips and triangulated guy outs provide extra living space.


The Nemo Hornet Osmo 1P tent is an extremely lightweight backpacking tent for one, weighing only three pounds when fully-packed – one of the lightest semi-freestanding tents available today. Ideal for thru-hikers and long trips with high peaks while being easy enough for novice users to use, its design also appeals to thru-hikers as it weighs one pound more but offers additional weight savings of 6 ounces that may make up for that difference for experienced backpackers. Also available is its big brother Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL2 version which may offer even further weight savings in addition to saving 6 ounces total compared with its counterpart weighing one pound more compared with its counterpart.

The tent is constructed using an innovative OSMO fabric which is both water- and breath-proof, featuring a weave of robust nylon threads with polyester threads for dimension stability, as well as wind and rain resistance. For added privacy and ventilation purposes, its rainfly consists of similar mesh with black on top for privacy and white side panels for visibility and ventilation purposes.

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At our test in Patagonia, this tent held up well against strong winds and rainstorms. The DAC Featherlite poles flexed and bent under pressure without snapping under strain; yet, overall the tent felt relatively taut. Plus, its bathtub-floor design and seam sealing kept moisture at bay.

Though the tent had some minor drawbacks, they shouldn't make or break an outdoor adventure for most hikers. For instance, its corner guy line pullouts didn't rise quite as much as other tent designs do and might cause condensation near its walls to form on sleeping bags placed near them – however this was solved by placing our sleeping bag in the center and using it as a barrier between its walls and ourselves!

The Nemo Hornet Osmo is an ideal ultralight backpacking tent that does not sacrifice space or weather protection. Equipped with innovative features such as the Flybar and triangulated volumizing guy outs, this tent makes the best use of limited campsite space while maintaining comfort levels for its occupants. Just bear in mind that its thin floor requires a footprint for safety reasons.


The Hornet Osmo is one of the lightest, most packable two-person semifreestanding tents available – it also ranks highly when it comes to livability, protection and comfort among ultralight backpacking tents.

No compromises are without cost, but each decision has been carefully thought through. For example, using single hubbed pole designs with semi-freestanding construction reduces weight but restricts pitching options to rocky and rooty terrain – however DAC Featherlite NSL poles have enough flexibility to withstand winds and heavy rainfall without difficulty; furthermore NEMO's volumizing Flybar and door clips maximize interior space.

Like all lightweight tents, the Hornet Osmo requires some care in order to avoid snags or other damage on the trail. Due to the thin 10D Silnylon fabric used in its construction, it's especially crucial that inspection is conducted prior to every use and camping is in an area without extra wear from brushes and debris. Due to its single-wall design, however, I found its space rather cramped compared to others I've used; nevertheless it provided plenty of functional space and its DAC Featherlite poles held strong during my test trek through Patagonia!

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Like all ultralight tents, the Hornet Osmo is susceptible to pin hole development on sandy and gravelly surfaces; therefore it's essential that it is pitched on a strong foundation with thick ground cloth for additional floor protection. Furthermore, as its DAC Featherlite poles may snap if bent too quickly during setup, each section must be properly connected as part of setup to avoid breaking.

Like any UL tent, the Hornet may not perform optimally in extremely rugged weather. Wind and driving rain lashed my test trek but the DAC Featherlite poles flexed and bent without snapping, while its raised bathtub floor kept moisture at bay and seam sealing along its body kept moisture at bay. Plus, its lifetime warranty was an added plus when considering all that I rely on my tent for adventure!

Weather Protection

Nemo employs its Osmo fabric, featuring nylon and polyester fibers woven together for increased strength when wet, as well as PFC/PFAS free finish to meet flammability standards without using chemicals.

I have tested this tent several times on various trips – backpacking the Teton Crest Trail and Wonderland Trail at Yosemite National Park was among these tests.


Nemo Hornet Osmo 1P tent is one of the lightest freestanding tents available and ideal for backpackers who prioritize light weight over all else. Easy setup makes this tent perfect for hiking trips that provide some creature comforts along with homelike features while on the trail.

Nemo Hornet Osmo tents save weight through ultra thin fabrics. Their bodies are constructed from lightweight denier nylon while the fly and floor combine 15-denier nylon/mesh blend fabrics – this means it is important not to snag on rocks or branches as easily as more robust tents do, and storage space may also be compromised by this decision.

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Closing Thoughts

Nemo Hornet Elite Osmo tent pushes the limit of ultralight comfort without exceeding it, offering almost all of the advantages associated with double wall tents such as ventilation and bug netting for stargazing at a weight comparable to many single wall backpacking tents. I appreciate its FlyBar to reduce sagging as well as triangulated corner guy line pullouts which increase volume to protect sleeping bags against tent wall condensation.

Nemo Hornet Elite Osmo's two vestibules for storing packs and boots is another key aspect I greatly value, as having my own space to store my personal gear makes my journey more pleasant and fulfilling. Furthermore, I was truly amazed at how well it performed in windy and rainy conditions – although initial set-up took some time, feeling vulnerable before fully covering your tent; once that had occurred however it held up great against winds without issue at all!

Nemo Hornet Osmo footprints can help minimize damage and punctures to the floor of your tent, and are a worthwhile investment to protect it from punctures or tears. They also add stability during setup as they help keep it taut in high winds.

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