Nemo Hornet Elite 2P Tent Review

July 4, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the nemo hornet elite 2p tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I am so glad you have made it here. I hope this post and our resources will be of assistance to you.

NEMO has created the Hornet Elite 2P from ultralight tent, offering maximum minimalism. Packed with features like its Divvy Stuff Sack and Light Pocket, this shelter was carefully considered.

Hikers who prioritize camp time equally to trail time will find this tent an excellent choice. Additionally, it features two exterior vestibules which make a difference when camping as a pair.


The Nemo Hornet Elite tent is an ultralight camping solution designed for two people. Featuring double walls and semi-freestanding construction with two vestibules for storage space for backpacks and boots when camping, it also saves weight by employing super thin denier nylon fabric that requires extra care not to snag on rocks or branches.

This tent is the ideal ultralight option for backpacking enthusiasts looking for shelter that can withstand the demands of long distance backpacking, weekend warriors or anyone seeking weight savings without compromising livability. At just under two pounds and packing into its stuff sack with ease, this lightweight shelter also comes equipped with an optional footprint which acts as rain protection.

Though most ultralight tents are composed of very lightweight fabrics, they still need to be strong enough to withstand a storm. The Hornet Elite stands out with its unique hubbed pole design, which allows it to remain freestanding without needing stakes for tensioning – an advantage over tents with traditional ridge pole designs which must be staked.

Bug Protection

Another way this tent saves weight is through its use of mesh bug netting for the entire upper tent body, making sleeping without using the fly more comfortable on warm nights when bugs are less active. While its bug net thickness may not match up to that found on some tents with full bug nets, it should still provide adequate protection in most backcountry conditions.

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Finally, this tent features two exterior vestibules which are ideal for storing backpacks and hiking boots – an invaluable feature when camping with a partner! No longer do you have to share one vestibule; plus there's enough room for two large mummy-style sleeping pads.

NEMO tents feature rainflies made of OSMO material – a proprietary nylon/polyester hybrid developed specifically by them – which are extremely lightweight fabrics with excellent water repellency, yet tend to stretch and sag more when wet than their PU-coated or silnylon counterparts. Furthermore, this material is recycled and free from PFCs while still remaining waterproof in most circumstances.


The Nemo Hornet Elite 2P tent is an ultralight and fast tent to pitch, using a single hub pole system and one person can set it up within minutes compared to many other lightweight tents that take hours and days to set up. Furthermore, eliminating a guyline saves weight while making this more durable.

NEMO's OSMO fabric for this tent is both light and waterproof. Crafted from recycled yarns free of PFCs, its construction provides four times greater durability than traditional PU-coated nylon while stretching significantly less when wet compared with its counterpart. Furthermore, its breathability means you can sleep with the rainfly off on warmer nights to take advantage of an air breeze.

Are You an Accumulative Hiker Looking for the Nemo Hornet Elite 2P Tent? For fast and extensive hiking adventures, this tent may be just what's needed! While its size limits it to one person at once, this design includes two doors and access to vestibules for access when camping out in summer terrain or backpacking across hills and mountains.

This tent was designed for speed, so it does not include extra features that might slow you down. With enough room for two people sleeping comfortably and two doors on each side to help quickly exit and reenter, as well as its sturdy DAC Featherlite poles suitable for windy conditions – making this tent well-suited to fast travel conditions.

Setup can be tricky on hard or rocky ground, but can quickly be learned with some experience. A moderate level of tent intuition or thorough reading through of instructions should do just fine – although not as stable in windy conditions than other lightweight tents but it remains a great lightweight camping option for hikers looking for durability without breaking the bank!

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Are you searching for an ultralight tent designed to keep two people comfortable on backpacking trips with one another? Look no further than the Nemo Hornet Elite 2P tent weighing just 2 pounds fully packed; its spacious living quarters offer ample livability for two persons. Additionally, its footprint will protect it from abrasions while providing an additional layer of waterproof protection against rainfall.

To reduce its weight, NEMO had to make some sacrifices when it came to durability. Still, it managed to hold up well against light winds and rain while providing ample headroom. Furthermore, its easy setup can be accomplished using just one Y-shaped pole with color coded end caps, and high quality stakes that have hooks for pre-attaching guy lines for an exact pitch every time.

Owing to their many advantages, lightweight tents provide many benefits; however, when selecting one it is essential to strike a balance between weight savings and comfort and safety. If you plan to spend extended time camping in remote places then a more durable and spacious tent would likely be best. On clear nights however you could save weight by sleeping without rainfly and taking in the cool breeze instead.

Super Lightweight

The NEMO Hornet Elite 2P tent provides ultralight three-season shelter for two. As one of the lightest semi-freestanding tents with two doors and vestibules, its innovative features and OSMO fabric push performance boundaries while minimizing environmental impact. Through-hikers will appreciate this lightweight tent's many lightweight features.

Setting up this tent requires more patience and concentration than setting up a two-pole quarter dome tent, so it is wise to understand its complexity before purchasing one. You will require moderate tent intuition as well as carefully reading through its instructions in order to properly pitch this shelter; once mastered however, pitching it on any trail should become effortless and the DAC Featherlite pole system provides exceptional stability even under windy conditions.

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The Nemo Hornet Elite 2P ultralight tent offers incredible value to hikers. It comes equipped with all of the key features hikers require of an ultralight tent: easy setup, lightweight materials and sufficient sleeping space for two. Furthermore, this design includes some convenient touches that make using it simpler.

This tent weighs only 2 pounds and 6 ounces when packed, making it one of the lightest tents available on the market. Perfect for backpackers seeking to reduce weight as much as possible. Additionally, this tent features an additional barrier between its base and your tent to help prevent moisture entering, and sharp rocks or branches from damaging its bottom. It comes complete with an inflatable footprint for increased protection when camping outdoors – and helps protect you from weather elements!

Ultralight tents often lack the durability of standard ones due to being designed with lightweight fabrics that cut corners for weight savings. But the Nemo Hornet Elite 2P bucks this trend by providing an optimal combination of lightness and strength.

Closing Thoughts

Tents have gained in popularity because of their ease of setup by one person alone. Their simple design and one hub pole system make set-up an effortless process; something which hikers who have been out all day will find particularly beneficial. This makes a big difference when setting up camp at the end of an exhausting trek!

One drawback of the Nemo Hornet Elite tent is its limited insulation capabilities; this may prove problematic when camping in cold or wet weather and may not provide sufficient rain protection. However, moderate to warm climate camping conditions should make up for it easily.

The NEMO Hornet Elite is similar to the Tiger Wall 2 Platinum in terms of ultralight three-season backpacking tent design and cost, featuring semifreestanding construction with two doors and vestibules; their interior dimensions are nearly identical while each offers different packed sizes and minimum trail weight requirements.

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