Nemo Hornet 1P Tent Review

September 17, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking more details about the nemo hornet 1p tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be helpful to you.

The Nemo Hornet 1P tent is an exclusive two-person shelter designed specifically to offer protection, livability, and features in an ultralight design that uses eco-friendly innovations and high performance materials.

The Hornet tent features no-see-um mesh on both its sides and black top for privacy, yet remains transparent at night to permit stargazing. It requires a footprint and utilizes triangulated guy line pullouts to avoid sagging.


Finding an ultralight backpacking tent that provides comfort day after day can be a difficult challenge, but the Nemo Hornet Elite 2 Person tent does an outstanding job of meeting those requirements for ultralight backpackers. Though some interior space may be sacrificed due to its double vestibule design, hikers can still cook, put on boots and gear and then quickly return to hiking in relative comfort.

The tent features NEMO's OSMO fabric, which combines lightweight nylon with dimensionally stable polyester for greater resilience against wind and rain. Not only does the OSMO fabric help cut weight while offering greater resilience against winds and rain, it is a unique blend.


Tenting can be done so that it does not even require using the rain fly, though if you decide to make use of it there are two vestibules under its protection for stashing gear safely against rain – this feature makes this tent great for couples or anyone who prefers sleeping close to their pack without cramping it into a smaller space in the tent body itself.

Ventilation is superb when combined with taking down the rainfly and opening up a breeze through the mesh bug netting of the upper tent body. The bug netting is thick enough to keep mosquitoes at bay while still providing enough light for stargazing.

If you require more space than the Hornet offers, there's also a three-person version called the Dragonfly OSMO 3P tent which offers 1.5 square feet more of floor area and two 10-square foot vestibules compared to its two-person counterpart. However, be aware that it weighs an ounce more.

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Setup and breakdown is made super simple thanks to NEMO's single hub pole system; one person can pitch it quickly in mere minutes! While its vestibules may seem small at first glance, they provide enough space for two average-sized backpackers to snuggle close against one another side by side comfortably.


As you embark on a backpacking expedition, small comforts and features can really make a difference to your enjoyment of hiking. One such feature is being able to store wet bags and boots in vestibules when necessary – Nemo has made this easy with their Hornet tent with two exterior vestibules for two people sharing gear to easily enter at once!

Hornet floors and flys are constructed using Nemo's OSMO fabric, made with recycled nylon and polyester that forms an innovative hybrid weave, creating a durable fabric capable of resisting hydrolysis while still remaining water repellent over conventional nylon fabrics. Furthermore, this material meets flame retardancy standards without using chemicals as flame retardants – all qualities essential in creating effective flying machines!


Water-proof materials like this tent's roof and floor may appear waterproof; however, lightweight fabrics may cause minor leakage during heavy or sustained rainfall. To reduce leakage further, I suggest pitching it with a footprint. This will add an additional barrier between it and the ground surface; protecting against rocks, sticks, or pointy vegetation that might come under your tent while adding another layer between yourself and it – potentially protecting from punctures from sharp objects that come under it and any rocks, sharp objects that puncture it directly.

Ventilation is key when it comes to backpacking tents, and the Hornet excels at this aspect. Thanks to mesh bug netting on its canopy and scalloped rainfly as well as vents at each door, airflow remains ample even with both covers on. This feature makes the Hornet an excellent option in hot climate backpacking where breezes help clear away condensation quickly to help keep you dry and prevent condensation build-up.

Ventilation may be compromised slightly by this tent being only semi freestanding; as a result, more staking down is required than with fully freestanding tents in high winds to keep them stable. While this tradeoff might seem counterintuitive at first, its weight savings made possible through using lightweight materials is worth taking into consideration compared to similar tents on the market; still it shouldn't pose much difficulty for most backpackers.

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The Nemo Hornet 1P backpacking tent offers plenty of ventilation. Easy to set up, this spacious one person tent comes equipped with plenty of bug netting to keep mosquitoes at bay and remains lightweight enough for long hiking adventures.

This tent is constructed using lightweight double-wall tent fabrics with 7 and 10 denier denier denier weave, typical of lightweight double-wall tents. Although waterproof, if rain falls heavily without wind cross ventilation being present it could become damp quickly; although this is normal with lightweight tents this should still be taken into account when considering their purchase. Furthermore, a footprint will help safeguard its floor from rocks or sharp objects.

I appreciate that the guy line pullouts on this tent are triangulated for easier access and reduced likelihood of rips and tears, making this tent stand out as something special. Additionally, its raised floor mat angle at its feet helps protect sleeping bags against condensation forming when touching tent walls, further adding value.


The Hornet Elite Osmo tent is an upgraded version of its predecessor with various improvements. One notable change is OSMO fabric – an advanced poly-nylon ripstop made of recycled yarns and PFC-free (perfluorocarbon free). Furthermore, there's also a floating bathtub floor to reduce stress on Osmo fabric and prevent punctures.

There are also some additional improvements in this tent that make it even better, including two vestibules – which is great for backpackers needing somewhere to store their packs and hiking boots – although their sizes might be smaller than other backpacking tents I've tested, they should still provide ample storage space for most packs and boots.

Another feature that sets this tent apart from others is the awning that extends over its door, providing extra wind and rain protection, easy setup, and lightweight stakes to hold down its structure. Though this might seem like a minor drawback, lightweight pegs could quickly remedy it!

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Nemo Hornet 1P tents are lightweight double-walled tents, making them a good option for backpacking adventures where weight is an important consideration. However, some concessions must be made when considering this choice – such as insulation quality issues.

Nemo Hornet 1P tents provide two key benefits. First is its livability; while it may appear semi-freestanding at first glance, they require four stakes to secure them fully and may pose an obstacle for those preferring freestanding tents. Second, durability – while having an ultralight denier floor may reduce condensation during heavy rainfall, however its ultralight structure means condensation may still form and take time to clear away once weather conditions improve; but don't fret as this is normal among lightweight tents – once clear, however.

One of the key considerations when buying a tent is ease of setup and breakdown, and the Nemo Hornet 1P makes this task straightforward. It features a roll-top stuff sack inspired by packing cubes for quick compression to reduce pack size; and has an innovative one hub pole system which enables fast and effortless set up – so even after an exhausting hike, setting up will take mere moments!

Closing Thoughts

Nemo Hornet 1P also comes equipped with various additional features that make it a great option for backpacking trips, such as No-See-Um mesh canopy, volumizing guy outs, and an elevated floor mat at its foot to protect sleeping bags from condensation build-up on tent walls.

The Nemo Hornet 1P tent is extremely light for a double-walled tent with two doors and vestibules, making it an excellent choice for backpackers who wish to reduce pack weight without compromising comfort or liveability.

The tent is constructed using Osmo poly-nylon ripstop fabric, a high-performance material with four times greater water repellency and three times less stretchiness when wet than traditional ripstop nylon; additionally it uses 100% recycled yarns and is free from harmful PFAS compounds. In addition to these impressive specifications, two large doors and vestibules provide ample room for gear storage within this spacious shelter.

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