Naturehike Vik 1 Tent Review

September 10, 2023

By Nate


Are you searching for more details about the naturehike vik 1 tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

The Naturehike Vik 1 tent is an excellent option for backpackers who wish to reduce pack weight. Freestanding and easy to setup, this freestanding shelter provides plenty of space and should provide ample sleeping comfort.

Condensation may be an issue when using this single-wall tent in humid climates; to optimize performance, select a campsite which minimizes condensation as much as possible.

Freestanding Design

Naturehike outdoor products are specifically tailored to meet the needs of hiking and camping enthusiasts. Constructed using high-grade materials with advanced manufacturing processes, these lightweight yet compact items feature ergonomic designs with adjustable straps for comfortable carrying – as well as being ultra durable! Plus, Naturehike also provides backpacks that make travel much simpler!

The Naturehike Vik 1 ultralight tent weighs less than two lbs without its groundsheet, featuring an innovative double Y structure featuring strong and durable 7001 aluminum alloy poles that provide stability and security. Ideal for three-season camping and space saving on travel trips. Also featuring an impressive PU 2000mm waterproof index rating.

This tent stands alone, eliminating the need to stake it down if the weather permits. This feature makes the Vik a much-preferred choice among lightweight tents such as MSR Hubba Hubba which has similar pole design but cannot stand freestanding on its own. Furthermore, its affordable price point makes this ideal for backpackers camping on a tight budget.

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Condensation can be an issue in single-wall tents, and while the Vik has vents to reduce it, this may not be enough to completely stop condensation from building up in humid environments unless carefully selecting your campsite location. Without careful attention being paid when selecting this tent as a camping spot, condensation could prove to be a serious challenge for this tent.

Naturehike outdoor products are constructed from top-of-the-line materials and undergo stringent testing processes to ensure quality. Plus, each is covered by a manufacturer's warranty to give buyers peace of mind when buying. Plus, their reasonable prices make them accessible to most hikers and campers.

Condensation Control

The Naturehike Vik 1 tent stands out from single-wall tents by featuring vents designed to prevent condensation. While you still may experience condensation if backpacking in humid climates, this issue can be reduced using waterproof groundsheets and camping sites with good airflow.

This freestanding design makes pitching the tent simple. Simply stake down the groundsheet, slot in its forked poles to form a hoop, add your fly and secure it to it via its short cross-pole at the top – then set out your camping adventure!

This tent weighs only 930 grams, making it an excellent option for backpackers seeking to reduce weight without compromising comfort or durability. Furthermore, it's suitable for adventurers who like sleeping out in remote places with minimal amenities.


If you are an independent solo backpacker on a tight budget, the Naturehike Vik 1 tent may be just the solution for your next hiking expedition. Lightweight yet freestanding design means this tent can easily set up on rugged terrain; with a vestibule keeping gear dry inside. Ideal for beginner or intermediate backpackers seeking easy shelter at the end of a long day!

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This tent is not suitable for extreme cold or snowy camping conditions due to its reduced ventilation compared to some lightweight single-wall tents, leading to condensation building up easily during colder periods. You can avoid this problem by selecting campsites in low humidity climates, using moisture wicking sleeping bags and choosing campsites with low humidity levels.

The Naturehike Vik tent is an affordable solution for backpackers who prefer spending their days hiking, and needing an easy tent setup process on rough campsites at night. At less than two pounds without its optional snow skirt, setting it up is quick and effortless.


The Naturehike Vik 1 tent is an affordable and lightweight choice that provides excellent protection from the elements, with its freestanding design making it easier than ever to pitch on rugged terrain. However, certain considerations should be kept in mind before purchasing this model.

First and foremost, this tent was not intended to withstand snowy conditions. While its primary use is as shelter from rain, heavy snowfall will not be supported by its lightweight fabric structure. Furthermore, there is no snow skirt available with this model so camping in cold temperatures should be avoided as much as possible. Furthermore, when considering using this tent for backpacking it's essential that weight considerations be considered when selecting your pack size and packing for trips.

Closing Thoughts

If you plan to camp in areas with heavy rainfall, it is essential that your tent have both a waterproof floor and rainfly. The Vik 1 tent weighs 2.34 pounds, yet is fully waterproof thanks to its 15D silicon-coated rainfly and Oxford cloth floor – however when camping during rainy periods it is imperative that it is properly staked out while its skylight open for optimal results.

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Naturehike Mongar tents provide another good option for backpackers. It features double walls with ample vestibule space and storage capacity; similar to MSR Hubba Hubba but much cheaper and larger capacity are two advantages this tent provides.

Although the Vik 1 tent is ideal for backpacking trips, it may not provide sufficient protection in extreme weather conditions or with condensation issues. To maximize enjoyment on an extended trek or hike it would be wiser to choose a tent with improved ventilation as well as possibly setting up windbreaks or mini rain awnings to further shield against elements – so that you can focus on enjoying your journey rather than weather concerns.

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