Naturehike Tent Review and Benefits

June 1, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for a legitimate naturehike tent review? Find out more about the naturehike cloud-up 3 tent ultralight professional tent now.

The Naturehike tent is an ideal choice for backpackers and hikers, providing waterproof protection and enough living space for two.

It features a spacious vestibule for cooking and stashing gear. Plus, its clear walls allow for incredible views of the stars at night!


Naturehike's Mongar 2 tent features waterproof, breathable fabric to provide comfort in rainy conditions and is built to withstand heavy snow loads and freezing temperatures, making it the ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Additionally, this tent includes several accessories to enhance safety and comfort – an adjustable rainfly as well as a gear loft to store belongings safely.

Naturehike offers one of the cheapest 2-person tents available and it can be used for backpacking trips and other hiking adventures. It features an easy setup process and large vestibules provide plenty of storage for gear while its double wall construction helps keep water out. Plus, vents on either side allow increased ventilation on warm nights!

Another great feature of this tent is that it is highly durable, even against strong winds, and has a bathtub floor design to keep moisture at bay in your sleeping area. Furthermore, this keeps the tent away from wet surfaces such as ground-level puddles or damp grassy areas where moisture may collect underneath it.

Nature hiking tent reviews claim that the Cloud UP packs down into an extremely compact package, making it easy to fit it in a compression sack for even greater space-savings. With its low trail weight and packed size, making it suitable for backpacking use; additionally its matching footprint is an added benefit. However, its single entrance may prove frustrating to some while its tapered design could limit head and shoulder room.


The Naturehike Mongar 2 tent is an ideal choice for outdoor enthusiasts seeking comfort and safety during camping trips. Boasting mesh panels and waterproof PE flooring that allow breathability, it features spacious interior designed to accommodate two people comfortably while remaining lightweight construction makes this compact size tent suitable for backpackers.

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This Naturehike tent is an excellent choice for hiking and backpacking trips in hotter climates. Its large doors allow even a slight breeze through, making sleeping comfortably even during hotter conditions possible. Furthermore, this durable yet easy tent assembly process makes it suitable for camping out with friends or solo hikers alike.

Although lightweight, this tent can withstand strong winds and snow loads with its bathtub floor design that keeps moisture at bay from the sleeping area. Furthermore, fixed ropes help secure it during windy conditions while it has also been seam sealed up to 4,000mm HH waterproof rating ensuring an uninterrupted sleeping environment.

The Naturehike Cloud UP stands out from other tents with its ability to create a canopy using trekking poles and guy ropes, making it possible to cook under the stars or relax under them while relaxing or cooking indoors. Furthermore, this tent features a small vestibule where gear and backpacks can be stored safely.

This tent stands out as being easy to set up and offers ample room for two. Not only that, it's extremely budget friendly at just under $50.00! Additionally, its lightweight and highly portable construction make it suitable for most backpacks; though some other tents offer more storage capacity.



Naturehike offers this two-person tent at an exceptional value for its price point, boasting spacious interior space and good ventilation as well as sturdy construction that can withstand strong winds. Furthermore, its lightweight frame makes it easy to carry around or store in your backpack – its only potential drawback being dark-colored guylines that may cause trip overs.

This tent features a large window with the option to be opened or closed to control airflow within. Ventilation is further improved by mesh material on its sides that allows hot air to escape while cool air comes in, creating an ideal sleeping experience even in humid environments.

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The tent also comes equipped with a gear loft to keep essential items close at hand and easy to access. There's plenty of space in this convenient feature for flashlights or phones – adding to your camping experience and making life much simpler! It makes camping that much more pleasurable!

Another excellent feature of this tent is that its set-up process takes only minutes – ideal for hikers who don't want to waste precious trail time with complex setups after an exhausting day on the trail.

This impressive tent weighs only 1.7 kg (3.8lb 7oz), packs down to 40x13cm (16x5in), and packs away into a compact form factor that makes for easy transport and storage. At such an incredible value for its price point, many more expensive tents in our review become obsolete in comparison. Plus it comes with an included footprint – typically available as an add-on or at an additional cost with other models!

Easy to set up

If you are in search of an easy tent set-up experience, look no further than the Naturehike Cloud Up 2. Designed for backpacking trips and made from waterproof and breathable fabrics to keep you dry during rainstorms; with ample ventilation features to prevent overheating on hot days; plus it can be set up in minutes!

This freestanding tent features an outer flysheet and inner mesh, sewn together, with fixed ropes at either side to help stabilize it in strong winds. Furthermore, bathtub floors prevent seepage – making this an excellent choice for novice backpackers at an extremely reasonable cost.

Another highlight of this tent is its size – comfortably seating two adults in comfort, it offers more room than most budget tents and features a large vestibule to store gear and double door entry/exit access without risking trip-ups from partners!

The Mongar 2 tent features an appealing design that takes its inspiration from more expensive tents like the Hilleberg Allak; however, its set up and cost are significantly reduced and more straightforward. Furthermore, this freestanding structure features a smart frame structure which balances stability with comfort and weight issues.

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This tent is very straightforward to erect and comes complete with a convenient carrying bag for convenience. Additionally, all essential accessories that you require to get started are included as well. Crafted from sturdy materials, the aluminum poles provide sturdy support in windy conditions; color-coding makes identification and connection simpler; plus its ring system on each pole's end lets you snap them into place quickly without extra clips or cords!


Naturehike's Vik 1 tent is one of their lightest offerings and therefore ideal for solo backpackers and thru-hikers. It features many innovative comfort features – small magnets sewn into its fabric door make entry and exit easier, notches can also create an enclosed foyer where trekking poles can fit.

Naturehike's designers are outdoor enthusiasts themselves and want to provide durable yet lightweight gear that makes exploring nature easier for its users. Their tents have been constructed from durable fabric which will withstand even extreme weather conditions while still keeping you cool on hot days – not to mention an easy set-up process which takes mere minutes!

Naturehike tents are among the highest quality options in their price range for durability, offering waterproof and windproof protection while being lighter than their competition and affordable enough for beginners who are new to backpacking.

Naturehike's 3-season tent offers excellent value at under $170. Easily pitched freestanding or fully guyed out, inner only or flysheet first, it provides space for two people. Unfortunately, its lack of vestibule leaves it vulnerable to side rain as well as hinders outside gear storage capabilities.

Naturehike offers another excellent 2-person tent option in their Cloud-up series called the Cloud-up tent that can be set up quickly and effortlessly by one person within five minutes. Breathable fabric keeps you cool during warm summer hikes while its unique shape protects from both wind and rain. I hope that this naturehike tent review has been helpful to you.


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