Naturehike Star River 2 Review

September 17, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the naturehike star river 2 tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be helpful to you.

Naturehike Star River 2 tent is designed specifically for backpacking and cycle touring, providing maximum stability and living space with its geodesic structure, while remaining lightweight to be easily carried on long trips.

This tent also comes equipped with a velcro strap window to provide additional ventilation and help avoid condensation, making its base price and weight slightly higher than those of its Cloud Up counterpart but offering additional storage/vestibule space in return.


Naturehike Star River 2 tent is designed with quality materials, including sturdy aluminum poles and waterproof coating to withstand even heavy rainfall. Furthermore, its spacious interior comfortably seats two people while being lightweight and easy to set up – an excellent option for backpackers or campers seeking durable yet comfortable tents.

Although not as light as some backpacking tents, Naturehike Star River 2 provides an ideal balance between weight and durability. While lighter than its popular Cloud Up 2 counterpart, this tent still provides superior weatherproofing and stability; and has two entrances/vestibules to ease splitting the load for couples looking for an option to share gear weight distribution.

The Star River 2 tent boasts an inner tent constructed with durable nylon mesh for comfort, and an rip-stop nylon rainfly with PU4000mm water-repellant coating – which means that this tent can withstand almost any outdoor condition, from heavy rainfall to snowfall. Furthermore, its strong frame and 7001 space aluminum tent stakes will keep its structure sturdy even during windy conditions.

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The Star River 2 tent is an ideal option for backpackers seeking a durable, spacious, and comfortable tent at an affordable price. Not only is it lightweight and easy to set up; it can withstand any weather condition as well. Beginner backpackers as well as experienced ones will both find this tent useful!


The Star River 2 by Naturehike is an affordable two-person tent suitable for year-round backpacking trips. With its sturdy frame and waterproof coating, its waterproof fabric can withstand heavy rainfall, snowfall, and wind gusts – yet still remain comfortable inside its sleeping compartment. However, due to having only one vent it might not be advisable in hot or humid climates due to heat accumulation and condensation issues; to minimize such issues it would be prudent to camp under shaded places while keeping damp gear out of its sleeping compartment.

Comparable models such as the Cloud Up provide slightly more space and comfort at its price point. Users have also reported that it can withstand tough conditions; though adding some grams extra to your pack weight might not be a huge concern if traveling together on backpacking trips.

The only drawback to the Star River 2 tent is that it may become noisy when set up in windy weather. The mesh inside the inner tent may flake loose and cause annoying sounds that interfere with sleeping at night. Furthermore, its pole structure makes setting up difficult in very windy conditions; when this occurs it is essential to stake out its sides well so it does not fly away; otherwise condensation may develop inside sleeping area which can become annoying and uncomfortable; to minimize condensation's possibility it is recommended that vents be facing downwind for optimal results.

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The Naturehike Star River 2 tent is an excellent option for hikers and backpackers who enjoy enjoying nature year-round. Perfectly accommodating two people, this tent features exceptional durability, spaciousness, protection from elements, lightweight set up process.

This tent boasts a high roof with two doors to provide ample headroom and gear storage space, plus it features two vestibules to protect equipment from getting wet – perfect for hikers and backpackers looking for comfortable ventilation-focused shelter.

Unless you plan to hike solo, the Naturehike Star River tent may be overkill; however, if hiking with another individual and anticipating more challenging weather conditions then this tent could prove worthy of its extra weight. Though its base price may be slightly higher than Cloud Up's base price; you are likely to experience greater comfort and durability for your extra weight investment.

Strong & Classic — Our inner tent features anti-scratch 20D nylon mesh for comfort and breathability, with UV 50+ sun protection guaranteed by its rainfly made of waterproof PU4000mm waterproof material and its rainfly featuring UV50+ sun protection guarantee. To complete the package we've added 701 space aluminum tent poles that are lightweight yet can withstand even heavy wind force.

The Naturehike Star River 2 tent is built to last, making it the ideal choice for backpackers and cycle tourers alike. Additionally, its lightweight yet easy setup make it suitable for beginners as well as advanced campers alike. Unfortunately though, its poor ventilation may lead to condensation or overheating issues; but this can be easily addressed by positioning its vents downwind.

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