MSR Elixir 3 Tent Review and Perks

July 5, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more information about the msr elixir 3 tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I am so glad you have made it here. I hope this post and our resources will be of assistance to you.

MSR Elixir 3 tent is an exceptionally comfortable three-person backpacking tent, boasting one of the largest floor spaces among MSR tents despite its modest dimensions.

Its unique pole geometry optimizes headroom and fits three large mats; an adaptable rainfly provides excellent views; color-coded elements enable rapid setup; plus two vestibules offer convenient storage solutions for gear.


Tent ventilation is of equal importance in backpacking tents as in any tent. Ventilation helps the tent keep cool during hot temperatures and reduce condensation, keeping you comfortable when the thermometer screams heat. Ventilation levels in tents are determined by the ratio of mesh fabric to solid fabric within their bodies as well as additional features like fly vents, vent channels, or doors; more mesh fabric means better ventilation while less solid fabric generally decreases privacy and warmth levels – The Elixir 3 tent provides exceptional ventilation while still offering decent levels of warmth and privacy – an impressive feat indeed!

This tent is both lightweight and simple to set up. The frame is sturdy enough that the tent doesn't feel vulnerable under pressure – in fact, this tent seems far sturdier than many of the more costly backpacking tents we've tested!

If you're searching for an ultralight three person backpacking tent, this tent should definitely be on your shortlist. At an excellent value, this tent provides plenty of room for all three occupants to sleep comfortably – making it suitable for camping trips from spring through late fall.


In terms of waterproofing, the Elixir 3 does an outstanding job at keeping water out, outlasting many three season tents on the market and standing up well under pressure and exposure to elements. While no 100% waterproof tent exists due to fabric breaking down over time and pressure from exposure and pressure from being packed down under strain and pressure – however this tent holds up very well against all sorts of pressure, weather exposure, etc.; although more durable than many and holding up well to wear & tear. Unfortunately however, its not quite up there with ultra waterproof backpacking tents from market leaders when it comes to being 100% waterproof compared with best backpacking tents available today – but you get what you pay for when purchasing one for camping trips!

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This tent is relatively straightforward to pitch and offers plenty of headroom and storage space, with large vestibules at both ends for easy entry/exit. The rainfly is designed to block most wind/snow but can be adjusted according to weather conditions; additionally, this tent comes complete with a footprint that provides added durability in wet or sandy conditions; also protecting against rocks that could potentially damage it further.


MSR Elixir 3 provides campers and backpackers with warmth and comfort despite its relatively compact size. As a 3-season tent designed to offer enough headroom for three full-sized adults and their mats, as well as storage space for camping gear. Plus its high-quality fabrics are waterproof.

MSR Elixir 3 tent is an affordable freestanding tent featuring an adjustable rainfly for added protection, perfect for backpackers looking for lightweight shelter. Additionally, this model comes equipped with an integral footprint to increase stability and make setup a breeze; glow-in-the-dark zipper pull and gear lofts provide additional storage capacity; plus two large doors offer easy entry/exit. New larger vestibules offer 35% more packing room.

This three-person tent weighs less than the Sierra Designs Flash 3, Kelty Outfitter Pro 3 and Big Agnes Lone Spring 3, yet its performance doesn't match those of our lightweight three-man tents from this summer.

This tent is second only to MSR Zoic series in terms of floor space for three-person backpacking tents; most of its increased volume comes from increased headroom.

This tent boasts an easy setup process with color coded poles to help ensure proper assembly from day one. Furthermore, its lightweight frame weighs less than 6 pounds for effortless set up!

MSR Elixir 3 tent is constructed with breathable mesh and solid canopy fabric for ventilation, warmth and privacy. Its unique pole geometry maximizes headroom while accommodating three mats at once; additionally its adaptable rainfly provides great views. Furthermore, the footprint provided offers multiple setup options, including Fast & Light pitches without rainflies.

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Although this tent contains chemicals listed on California's Proposition 65 list, exposure at low levels may not pose significant health risks if used alongside protective equipment like sleeping bags and/or bug nets.


MSR's Elixir 3 tent provides both newcomers to backpacking and veteran trekkers an amazingly lightweight backpacking shelter at a tremendous value. Sleeping three comfortably, the freestanding shelter optimizes headroom and mat space with two StayDry doors and larger vestibules for gear storage; plus its combination of breathable mesh fabric with solid canopy fabric provides ventilation, warmth and privacy.

This tent features glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls and built-in attic gear lofts for easy access to your gear, providing quick and easy access. Plus, its waterproof polyurethane coating helps provide protection from rainstorms – great for long hikes when carrying all essential equipment is required in one bag! Plus it weighs less than 7 oz – an incredibly light and compact option perfect for any pack – making this an excellent addition for long treks where essential gear must be carried all in one bag!

The Elixir tent is an ideal choice for trekking and hiking trips in wetter weather, particularly with windier conditions. Its dome shape works to block wind gusts more effectively, while it can withstand high winds better than skyscraper-shaped designs such as Mutha Hubba NX. Furthermore, setup is relatively straightforward; additionally a footprint comes included for multiple setup options.


The Elixir 3 tent's popularity can also be attributed to its spaciousness. Offering plenty of space for three hikers, it boasts two spacious doors and large vestibules as well as color-coded elements that allow for quick setup. Furthermore, this tent can even be guyed out for added stability on rocks, grass and sand surfaces.

However, when compared with other MSR tents in terms of square footage, the Elixir 3 tent falls short compared to others – especially Big Agnes Lone Spring 3 with 47 square feet and Kelty Outfitter Pro 3 which offers 46. Plus it has smaller vestibules for storage! However this loss in space is more than made up for with its impressive weight savings!

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The MSR Elixir 3 tent is an affordable and lightweight backpacking tent perfect for hikers seeking an economical camping option. Featuring breathable mesh material to keep you cool and dry and large vestibules to store all of your gear efficiently. Additionally, setup is quick and effortless thanks to an included footprint for quick set up times.


MSR Elixir 3 might look intimidatingly technical, but its heart is more maternal. Designed to thrive in protected campsites while withstanding intense rainfall while providing a cozy living experience – making it an excellent choice for backpacking trips in mountainous regions or light winter camping trips near home.

Its unique pole geometry maximizes headroom for three campers with their mats, offering ample vestibule space to store packs and shoes. Plus, with the rainfly offering solid shelter against stormy weather and providing great visibility!

MSR Elixir 3 tent is one of the lightest 3-person tents available today due to its use of lightweight fabrics, efficient design, and thoughtful features such as two large doors for easy entry/exit. Furthermore, its color coded instructions will assist with setup on your first try!

As with other MSR tents, the Elixir 3 features a polyurethane waterproof coating to keep you dry in case of sudden showers. Plus, its 65 MPH wind rating provides added peace of mind.

MSR Elixir 3 provides ample headroom, yet does not provide as much floor space than other 3-person tents due to its dome-shaped design that protects more against wind than skyscraper-style tents (such as Mutha Hubba).

Though no tent offers 100% waterproofing, the MSR Elixir 3 stands out as having superior waterproofing compared to many 3-season tents available on the market. It does this through both its fabric and structural elements – both are coated with polyurethane for increased waterproofing; seams are sealed off to keep water out; while its steel-and-aluminum structure offers strength and longevity necessary for camping in harsh terrain conditions.

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