Marmot Tungsten 4P Tent Review

July 3, 2023

By Nate


Are you looking for more details about the marmot tungsten 4p tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I am so glad you have made it here. I hope this post and our resources will be of assistance to you.

Marmot Tungsten 4P tent is a hybrid four-person tent that successfully bridges front country car camping and backcountry backpacking, offering roominess and comfort while using high-grade fabrics and an innovative pole set.

With its lightweight construction and versatile features such as standing-height ceilings, an ideal backpacking shelter can handle multiple short hiking trips with minimal load-sharing requirements.

Color-coded easy-pitch clips and poles

The Tungsten 4P tent is an innovative hybrid between camping tent and backpacking rig, designed for 3-season hiking trips and offering durability, roominess and an easy set-up process. As one of the lighter 4-person tents tested in our field test series, this lightweight option makes an excellent addition for backpackers who require additional space than is typically found with lighter backpacking tents we've tested.

Marmot uses color-coded easy-pitch clips and poles to make setting up this tent easier than ever, making it one of the fastest and simplest camping tents to erect in less than 8 minutes if camping alone; even faster with multiple people involved! Furthermore, its clip and pole design makes this tent significantly more secure than its competition in its class.

Noteworthy is the Tungsten 4P's lightweight and pack size; yet its quality is uncompromised. Marmot has used premium materials, aluminum poles, and an included footprint to provide maximum reliability for their tent's seam-taped catenary cut floor and full coverage vented fly provide added weather protection while dual doors and vestibule storage spaces enable effortless entry/exit.


As with the other lightweight camping tents we reviewed, this Marmot tent offers good ventilation and comfort. We found that its breathable mesh kept us cool even during scorching summer nights; its large vent at the top of the rainfly further improved breathing space.

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At first glance, it may appear more expensive than its rivals; this is likely due to Marmot using premium materials and components in its construction of this tent. We believe the additional expense is worth paying for a tent that combines durability with lightweight performance; after testing numerous camping tents ourselves, the Tungsten 4P stood out as one of our favorites with its versatile materials and high-end specs making it ideal for backpacking – it's only unfortunate that its price exceeds REI Trail Hut 4, which provides similar specs at more competitive pricing.


Large Vestibules

As an outdoor gear producer, Marmot is well known for their creative approach to product creation. This can be seen throughout their products like the Tungsten 4P tent which was designed specifically to be both camping and backpacking friendly – using premium quality materials with an easy setup design to make one of the most versatile four-person tents on the market.

The Tungsten utilizes a unique hybrid double-wall construction that makes it more breathable than traditional single-wall tents, helping prevent moisture build-up inside. When coupled with vents in both its body and fly, this ventilation keeps humidity at bay even during hot weather.

This tent comes equipped with two large vestibules to store camping gear, making it a convenient choice for backpackers. Both vestibules can comfortably hold a backpack and pair of hiking boots and feature zippers that won't snag or break, plus aluminum poles and an included footprint to complete its convenience.

The Tungsten tent stands taller than others in its class, giving it a roomier atmosphere. Furthermore, it utilizes a seam-taped catenary-cut floor and full coverage vented rainfly for added weather protection while strategic clip placement offers more interior space to stretch out after a day of hiking or biking.

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The Tungsten offers multiple storage pockets, ideal for keeping track of small items such as keys, gloves and hats. Furthermore, there is even a lamp shade pocket designed specifically to prevent your headlamp from being misplaced! Moreover, its lightweight nature makes the Tungsten the perfect companion on backpacking trips.

The Tungsten tent is an affordable way to enjoy outdoor living without breaking the bank. Easy setup makes this tent durable; its price may seem steep; but considering all its versatility and comfort features it may well be worth investing in one!

Roomy Interiors

The Tungsten tent features divided mesh storage pockets, dual light diffusing headlamp pockets and a stand-up height ceiling to provide enough interior space for three campers. While not as spacious as dedicated camping tents such as Marmot's Wawona or REI Co-op Trail Hut 4P models in our field tests this year–notably Marmot's own Wawona and REI Co-op Trail Hut 4P models–it has far fewer bulkier features than most backpacking rigs currently on the market; this makes it an important consideration if considering both backpacking and car camping adventures!

At our tests, the Tungsten was given high marks in both our livability and durability categories. Its high scores came thanks to solution-dyed fabrics, pre-bent aluminum poles, and its 68D polyester taffeta footprint – elements which contribute to its livability. Durability is enhanced by rugged materials and thicker deniers in its floor, side walls and fly. As such, this balance between weight and livability makes the Tungsten an excellent option for four-person car camping or three to four person backpacking excursions. For backpacking purposes alone, lighter and more compressible models such as Big Agnes' Copper Spur HV UL may be your ideal option. Luxury shoppers may find more spacious solutions in New Hampshire-based NEMO's Aurora collection, such as their Highrise variation which boasts steep sidewalls and vast footprints reminiscent of Tungsten but at much more reasonable costs.

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When carrying around heavy loads of gear and necessities, having a sturdy shelter can help provide relief. That's where the Tungsten comes in; this four-person tent serves both car camping and backpacking purposes! With its lightweight design and premium quality materials, this versatile tent can handle most weekend adventures easily.

This tent is constructed of durable fabrics using solution-dyed yarns that use less water during its manufacturing process, pre-bent aluminum poles that maximize space, and seam-taped fly and floor for added weather protection. You can set this tent up quickly with either help, or by yourself in less than five minutes – featuring dual doors for easy entry, ample vestibule storage space to keep gear out of sight, as well as dual doors that provide quick entry when necessary.

Closing Thoughts

As part of our field testing, we found the Tungsten shelter to be one of the most versatile options we reviewed. Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts looking for comfort at night with incredible stars as an extra perk, it was somewhat heavy for extended backpacking trips but could save money by consolidating two separate tents into one affordable solution.

The Tungsten sleeping pad is also an ideal choice for hiking families who wish to remain safe and comfortable on multi-day backpacking adventures, with enough room for three members of a family of three to sleep comfortably and an abundance of storage space available to store gear. Furthermore, this model comes equipped with split mesh pockets, lamp shade pockets to hold headlamps securely and an included footprint for added protection and support.


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