Marmot Limestone 4P Tent Review

July 4, 2023

By Nate


Marmot Limestone 4P Tent for four is an all-season family tent, providing comfort, space, protection from elements and easy set up with multiple storage and ventilation solutions.

Four people in a regular tent may feel cramped, but this tent's Zone construction makes it feel spacious. Plus it comes equipped with two vestibules to store gear.


Marmot Limestone 4P Tent is a spacious four-person tent equipped with Zone construction to create an open atmosphere inside. Additionally, its full mesh roof and half of sidewalls provide optimal ventilation in hot weather; plus its lightweight overall design makes this tent perfect for family camping trips!

This tent is freestanding, making it suitable for most terrain without needing stakes to pitch it. However, for optimal use in high winds it should be secured using guy lines and pegs to protect from flying winds. Made from sturdy 150D polyester material and featuring two asymmetrical vestibules to store gear under its rainfly; also featuring multiple storage pockets and a gear loft.

Limestone offers spacious interior living space that maximizes livability with its 63-inch peak height and full protection from the elements. Perfect for family campers and base campers, but may feel cramped for backpacking trips.

The Limestone tent's durable floor and fully taped rainfly provide protection from wet weather while its mesh fabric door and ceiling maximize air flow, making this an excellent three-season camping tent at an economical price point. Ideal for families seeking three season camping tent solutions.

Setup and pitching are made easy and quick using color-coded clips and poles, and in about one minute the tent can be assembled using its low profile, smooth sliding pole sleeves for ease of handling. There are 6 large pockets and 2 small pouch pockets located along its lower area that provide ample storage options.


Marmot's Limestone 4P tent is a four-person three-season tent featuring two doors and vestibules that weighs 11 pounds 11 ounces, suitable for any terrain and can be pitched quickly with its simple yet functional design featuring seam-taped catenary floors that optimize space and ventilation and weather-resistant fabrics with fly vents for eliminating muggy conditions inside the tent. It weighs 11 pounds 11 ounces when packed up for travel.

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The interior of this tent is lined with mesh for optimal ventilation and clear views. In hot climates, its roof and half of its sidewalls also comprise mesh to help regulate temperatures while cooling it in turn. Furthermore, its rainfly contains numerous vents for venting heat and moisture out of the tent.

Limestone tent is known for its ease of set-up. Utilizing zone construction with color coded clips and poles makes pitching this tent simple, boasting an 63 inch high head clearance and ample elbow room as well as a large door which allows easy entry/exit from its interior.

The Limestone tent is an excellent family camping and base camp tent, designed for four people and lightweight enough for base camps. While a bit pricey, its features and quality more than make up for any additional cost; it may not be suitable for backpacking trips due to its size and weight constraints; but for family camping trips it makes an excellent lightweight option with plenty of storage space, easy set-up instructions, and exceptional durability against elements.


Limestone series tents may not garner many accolades or awards, but that doesn't make them less of an excellent option for camping comfort. Their zone construction maximizes space and ventilation while their waterproof fabrics can withstand weather conditions; mesh in the roof and walls helps reduce condensation for cooling breeze during hot summer nights; plus there are several useful pockets dotted throughout (including one accessible from outside! ).

Four DAC DA-17 aluminum poles that form its framework create a sturdy freestanding structure, and its two browpoles offer ample headroom. Its fully weatherproof qualities include 3000mm rating on its floor surface and 1500mm rating on its seam-taped full coverage fly; additionally, you can purchase an optional custom-fit footprint (sold separately) to protect against sharp rocks, mud and other elements that could potentially enter.

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Marmot Limestone 4P tents may be on the more costly end, but their superior quality and weather resistance make them well worth their cost. Weighing approximately five pounds, they make ideal choices for car camping and backpacking trips alike; fitting both twin- and queen-sized air mattresses while featuring large vestibules to store extra gear.

This tent is easy to set up thanks to its color-coded clips and poles, low profile design, smooth sliding pole sleeves and fast pitch time. Plus it comes equipped with full coverage fly that features vents to reduce humid indoor conditions!


The Limestone 4P tent is one of the taller and roomier four-person tents on the market. Featuring a five-foot ceiling height with seam-sealed rainfly and floor, high/low vents, plenty of pockets to store gear, freestanding design which can withstand most weather conditions without needing stakes, but for added protection during strong winds use guy lines instead.

This tent is easy to set up and features two doors for easier entry and exit, making it the ideal choice for family camping trips with four sleeping pads of 24-inch width – but may not be ideal for backpacking due to being slightly heavier than other lightweight tents.

Headroom can also be limited, creating issues for tall people when reaching for sleeping bags or changing shoes in wet weather. Furthermore, it does not feature a large vestibule so you will need to sit inside the tent when taking off shoes.

Limestone 4P Tent despite its large size is relatively lightweight at 11 pounds, making it a good option for car camping. Furthermore, with color-coded poles and simple instructions it makes packing up simple – making the Limestone 4P an excellent choice for families camping comfortably in all-season climates.

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Marmot Limestone tent is an exceptional value at its price range, featuring many useful features to make sleeping in comfort for families of four possible, lots of storage space and multiple windows to help keep cool temperatures at bay. Constructed of quality materials that should last years with proper care.


Marmot has designed the Limestone 4P tent to be a relaxing outdoor retreat that provides plenty of room and durability – ideal for families who wish to experience nature without roughing it or struggling with setup. Color coded Easy Pitch clips and poles ensure hassle-free assembly, while an updated seam-taped catenary floor optimizes space while offering ample ventilation. In addition, its full coverage rainfly will prevent muggy indoor conditions.

However, this tent isn't suitable for backpacking; unlike lightweight options like the Kelty Discovery Element it's heavier and not built to handle fluctuations in weather conditions – thus being best suited for car camping or light hiking trips.

Its height of 5′ 3″ may not meet the needs of most campers. Furthermore, vestibule space may be restricted. However, this shouldn't be an issue if camping only occasionally throughout summer.

Marmot Limestone 4P tent is more costly than similar 3-season tents on the market; however, its special features make it worth your while to invest. Constructed using top quality materials designed to last and come complete with a warranty to back its quality and performance.

This tent is one of the best value options available to families searching for an expansive and comfortable tent. Offering high quality construction and weather resistance, but falling short in terms of size and height compared to other models on the market. If you prefer larger models with better headroom consider either The North Face Wawona 6 or MSR Habitude 4, which provide ample space and height while being similarly priced.

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