Marmot Crane Creek 3P Overview & Perks

September 8, 2023

By Nate


Are you searching for more information about the marmot crane creek 3p tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be of assistance to you.

This tent is an excellent option for backpackers and hikers, made from tough materials with waterproof protection that also provides adequate ventilation.

This tent is designed for three seasons; summer, spring and fall. Additionally, it may be suitable for moderate cold climates but not extreme winter conditions.

Weather Protection

The Marmot Crane Creek backpacking tent provides excellent weather protection from rain and cold wind, as well as providing ventilation through its inner mesh walls to encourage fresh air flow without trapping warm carbon dioxide molecules inside. It even comes equipped with interior mesh to aid ventilation to ensure optimal airflow within the tent to help avoid build-up of heat inside.

In addition, provides plenty of room for two to three people and is suitable for use during summer, spring, and fall – though not in extreme cold conditions such as winter.

It comes in two versions and weighs different depending on its purpose; two-person option weighs 4.8 pounds while three-person tents can reach 5.8 pounds, making them easy to transport by one person.


This three season tent provides protection from sun, wind and rain – ideal for summer camping in spring and fall as well as moderate cold. However, extreme winter camping may require something stronger.

This backpacking tent comes in two versions for two and three people. Both tents provide adequate space, though there may be less per person compared to other backpacking tents. Furthermore, this tent features two symmetrical vestibules on either side where gear can be stored safely.

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This tent features excellent ventilation to keep you feeling refreshed in hot weather conditions. Its mesh walls ensure air flows freely without allowing carbon dioxide gasses to escape, while vestibule vents add additional ventilation.

Floor Material

This tent features a waterproof fabric floor which is seam-taped to its walls for seamless protection, making it suitable for backpacking and camping, although not enough protection may be provided against extreme winter conditions.

When camping in wet weather, a footprint or tarp may help prevent puddles forming underneath your tent preventing puddles forming beneath it – and is available in two sizes accommodating two and three people making this tent truly versatile! It weighs somewhere in between backpacking and camping tents making this product very versatile when it comes to weight distribution making this tent ideal for backpacking/camping adventures alike!


Those seeking lightweight tents for camping trips will love this lightweight solution, featuring an easy setup process and durable rainfly to protect from unexpected showers. Plus, its smart design maximizes space and comfort for two campers. A fantastic addition for backpacking or camping adventures alike!

A three season tent is intended to work during summer, spring and fall camping trips. Due to its light construction and portability, however, extreme cold may require adding an additional sleeping bag in winter camping trips. Furthermore, hiking trips could make use of this lightweight yet easy-carry tent as well.

Setup time for this tent can be accomplished in under 10 minutes by one person and comes equipped with an intuitive design featuring color-coded poles for ease of understanding. Plus, its durability and waterproof nature will provide protection from elements while its ventilation ensures maximum comfort!

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Crane Creek Tents are lightweight, compact tents perfect for camping and backpacking trips. Their durable seam-taped polyester fly offers complete rain protection without restricting air circulation, with two D-shaped doors for easy entry and two overhead vestibules to store items. Plus, its vents can be propped open if it becomes too warm inside!

The Marmot Crane Creek tent for two people is an extremely reliable and versatile tent designed specifically to withstand rainy weather conditions, featuring spacious interior and intelligent design for optimal sleep. Highly durable yet easy to set up, making this a fantastic option for hikers and backpackers. Available in several sizes including 2-person version which weighs only 4.8 pounds with strong 7000-series aluminum poles that stand up over time as well as plenty of head room.

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