Mammut Smart 2.0 Belay Package Review

March 30, 2023

By Nate


Looking for more detailed specifics about the Mammut smart 2.0 belay package? If so, I hope that this post on the Mammut smart belay device will be helpful to you. Welcome to Trad Climbers.

The Mammut Smart 2.0 Belay Package is an excellent option for belayers who want to improve their belaying skills. It includes an intuitive auto-assisted locking belay device and a secure screw gate carabiner.

The Smart 2.0 works on the tube principle with optimised geometry and offers a simple means of paying out and taking in rope. It is suitable for both top and lead rope climbing.

Intuitive Belay Device

When you’re learning to lead climb at the gym or working hard on a tricky route in the crag, the assistance of semi-automatic belay devices is very important. The Mammut Smart 2.0 Belay Package comes with an intuitive belay device that’s perfect for beginners.

The device is very lightweight and easy to handle thanks to its optimized geometry. It also has a supported braking effect that prevents falls.

It’s available in a single rope version, without stand suspension. It operates according to the tube principle, and it’s suitable for both ascent and top rope climbing.

In the event of a fall, it blocks the rope with a newly developed high-performance brake insert. This increases belayer safety and improves handling with rope diameters from 8.7 to 10.5 mm.

The device works well with the included Smart HMS locking carabiner, which has a safety gate to prevent cross-loading during lowering. It also has a keylock nose to eliminate snagging during belaying.

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Break-Assisted Belay Device

Intuitive and reliable, the break-assisted belay device included in this Mammut Smart 2.0 Belay Package optimises safety and smooth handling when belaying. It is also lightweight and compact, and has no moving parts or levers.

Assisted-breaking devices are popular in indoor and outdoor sport climbing, as they can help to lock the rope in the event of a fall, ensuring major security. But they are not ‘automatic' like some climbers may believe, and they must be properly used.

This category of belay devices includes both active and passive assisted braking models. Most active ABD's have a notch in the belay plate which engages a locking action between the carabiner and the rope when the climber's end of the rope produces a high level of tension.

Passive ABD's are not as common, and they typically resemble tubular or plaquette style belay devices. However, some of them do not have a notch in the belay device, and they instead rely on the shape of the belay device and the position of the belayer's body to aid braking.

Easy to Use

The Mammut Smart 2.0 Belay Package is a great choice for beginners and those who want to add a bit of extra safety and security to their sport climbing. The assisted braking device can be used by both lead and top rope climbers, and it's designed to work well with ropes between 8.7 and 10.5 millimeters wide.

The belay device is easy to operate and comes with no moving parts or levers. It operates like a tubular belay device, but the well-designed brake insert interacts with the belay carabiner in order to maximize safety for single rope lead climbing and top-roping through improved braking effectiveness.

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The included Smart HMS carabiner is specifically designed for the device and features a safety gate to prevent cross-loading (a common nuisance when using a tube-style belay device). It also has keylock nose to eliminate snagging when taking partners on or off the belay. Weighing just 2.8 oz, the Smart HMS is also small enough to clip to your harness while not in use.

Safety Gate

The Mammut Smart 2.0 Belay Package combines the best of the best in terms of functionality, design and safety. The Smart 2.0 is a cleverly designed geometry-assisted belay device that has no moving parts and is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It is a must have in the hands of any beginning climber or even experienced professionals looking to maximise their safety and enjoyment. The Smart HMS carabiner has a lot to offer, from a smart design that minimises rotational forces, to a top-of-the-line locking mechanism.

It also happens to be one of the lightest ‘biners in its class, which is a major plus for a beginner or even a long-time pro. The Mammut Smart 2.0 Belay Package also includes a gimmicky but very cool ring-shaped belay device that will help you see the night skyline in a whole new light. The Smart 2.0 belay device comes with a handy carrying case to keep your new purchase safe and secure between adventures.

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