Macwheel 26-Inch Electric Bike

January 28, 2022

By Nate


Are you searching for more information about the Macwheel 26-inch electric bike? According to the specifications, this bike is an excellent entry-level model into the emerging E-Bike market. It is not prohibitively expensive, and it contains the majority of the features you would want in a bike for commuting about town on a daily basis.

So let's get started with an unbiased evaluation of the Macwheel 26-inch electric bike.


The bike was sent in a large cardboard box, which was well-protected with foam wrap before being delivered. The instruction booklet is sparse and might benefit from a little more explanation. In the end, it only took me about 2 hours of work to figure out the details and put the bike back together again.

Getting the front tyres to fit into the fork assembly was the most difficult part; because they were spanking new, it took a little of force. The set includes several fundamental equipment, such as hex wrenches, which proved to be really useful. I discovered that using my own adjustable monkey wrench was more convenient, although it was not required.

The Instruction Booklet

One thing that was missing from the instructions was information on how to turn on and off the LED light in the head. I had to go online and search through user forums in order to figure out how to do this. My email was also forwarded to the customer service team, who responded within 24 hours with the same resolution.

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To turn it on, you must press and hold the (+) button on the left side of the screen for 2 seconds, and to turn it off, you must do the same. Another element that was lacking from the instruction handbook was an explanation of what the battery indicator was supposed to be used for. There is a button with a row of LEDs on it, which I assumed was for indicating the amount of charge remaining.

Adjustments And Indicators

There are only a few settings on the E-Bike. The handle bar height, handle bar tilt, and seat height are all adjustable. All of them may be simply modified with the hex wrenches that are included. Various other changes, such as the tension of the front and rear brakes, are equally simple to perform. The bike comes with seven gears, which are easily changed with the right thumb on the handlebars.

The throttle, which allows you to engage the motor drive with a twist of the right handle shaft, is the most impressive element of the bike. This is especially useful when starting from a standstill because there is no need to pedal. In addition to the other controls and indicators positioned on the left side of the handle bar, this one allows you to turn it on and it displays the level of aid with an available range of 0-5. You can adjust the level of assistance by pressing the + and – buttons alternately.

The LED indicator has a brilliant blue colour, and it works well in most lighting settings, with the exception of extremely intense sunlight. The only thing I want was that the indicator would also show the speed and the number of miles travelled. I was able to locate an iPhone application that maintains track of the mileage travelled, as well as the route taken and the average speed travelled. It's called “Bikemap,” and it's completely free.

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You have the option of recording your trip at the beginning and saving it at the finish.

Riding Experience

The bike travels similarly to a standard road bike, with no assistance. You can quickly move between the seven speeds while you are going and peddling on the bike. Because of the strong frame and motor drive, as well as the Lithium Ion battery, it is on the heavier side, weighing approximately 50 pounds.

The battery can be removed for charging if necessary, but it will charge while still in place. It is protected by a key lock for added security. This item is equipped with an LED light that is red when charging and turns green when the battery is fully charged.

When you ride with help enabled, it will automatically turn on and make your pedalling more comfortable for you.. You won't have to peddle at all because the throttle will take care of everything. You will need to peddle to assist you up a steep incline, which is the only thing I have discovered so far. The motor drive isn't powerful enough to run on its own, thus it needs assistance.

An Overall Review

  • This is an excellent entry-level electric bicycle.
  • The bike is simple to put together.
  • It has all of the features of a class 2 E-Bike, with the exception of a speedometer and odometer.
  • The indicators are a simple add-on that may be purchased separately.
  • The motor's power is on the low side, but it is plenty for the majority of slopes. If you are climbing a severe slope, you will need to pedal to help you.
  • The battery capacity is sufficient for the majority of road journeys.
  • If you plan on taking longer road trips, you may want to consider purchasing a second battery pack as a backup.
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Closing Thoughts

When compared to the Rad Power E-Bike, this bike does not have disc brakes, but the regular brakes are adequate and simple to maintain. Also, although this bike does not have shock absorbers, it is quite safe to ride on most paved roads and even off-road terrain without feeling jarred. The Rad Power includes a more powerful motor as well as the option to double the battery range of the device.

The price differential is absolutely something to take into consideration. The price of this bike is approximately half that of the Rad Power bike. I especially appreciate the wide tires, which provide excellent traction on wet surfaces and even in light rain. Overall, MacWheel is a game that I would recommend to others.

I hope this post on the Macwheel 26-inch electric bike has been helpful to you.

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