Lanshan 2 Pro Tent Review

September 9, 2023

By Nate


Are you seeking more details about the lanshan 2 pro tent? If so, welcome to Trad Climbers. I hope that this review post will be helpful to you.

Lanshan tents have quickly gained recognition among ultralight backpackers for their superior quality and competitive price, not to mention their adaptability and portability.

As an example, you could remove the inner and use it as a tarp – saving a pound or two when traveling long distances. This feature can also come in handy for long distance hikers looking to reduce pack weight.


No matter if you're new to ultralight backpacking or looking for a tent to use while thru-hiking, this tent is an outstanding value. Not only is it ultralight and packs small; the price point makes it hard to beat. Though its construction may not match up with established brands' top models, but it will still perform under most conditions.

This 3-season shelter comes equipped with waterproof flysheet and groundsheet features with an impressive rating of 5000mm for protection from varied climate conditions. That should provide plenty of shelter when hiking across multiple seasons.

Lanshan 2 Pro can also make for an excellent lightweight tarp if you have enough flat space to lay it on its side, so that no water pools underneath. While setup may take more time, this solution might just save money or simplify packing processes!


This version of the 3FUL Gear Lanshan 2 comes equipped with some upgrades. Most noticeably, its inner tent has been integrated into the outer shell instead of being removable, saving weight while increasing durability. Furthermore, its outer skin uses 20D material as opposed to 15D material – both factors contribute to weight reduction.

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The Lanshan 2 Pro tent is an excellent way for hikers who wish to reduce pack weight without compromising protection or comfort. Ideal for thru-hikers, this lightweight option saves half-pound from its predecessor (the standard Lanshan 2) as you hike along. While slightly more costly than similar DCF or Dyneema tents such as Zpacks Duplex models, its value proposition lies in helping keep pack weight as low as possible.

While analyzing a tent's specifications can give you some indication of its performance, reviews from actual users will give a better indication. By reading what others think about the 3FUL Gear Lanshan 2 Tent you will gain more of an idea as to its utility in practice.


While the Lanshan 2 Pro may lack the same high price tag of other ultralight 2-person tents, it does not sacrifice features either. Ideal for hikers seeking to reduce weight without compromising functionality – featuring generous head and foot space so both people can sleep comfortably – plus being easy and fast to pitch with no prior experience needed to set it up.

The Lanshan 2 Pro tent is a lightweight yet waterproof tent made of strong and waterproof materials, such as 15D silnylon combined with slightly stronger 20D silnylon to keep weight low while remaining durable and lasting long enough. Furthermore, its pyramid-style build requires only two hiking poles for assembly.

Backpackers know the value of having a lightweight tent when embarking on long-distance hikes. Extra pounds can add up during an entire thru-hike, so finding something lightweight yet sturdy like the 3F UL Gear Lanshan 2 tent is essential to cutting back weight without compromising protection or quality.

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The Lanshan 2 weighs an impressive 1155 grams – making it one of the lightest ultralight tents available today. Additionally, it includes an optional footprint which you can use to help lighten it even more; however, cutting one from Tyvek or Polycro is often cheaper and lighter overall – saving both money and weight in your pack!

If you're on your next backpacking trip and searching for a lightweight tent, the 3F UL Gear Lanshan 2 tent may be an ideal choice. Easy to pitch and spacious enough for two, its solid foundation allows it to stand the test of time; plus AliExpress sells it at a fraction of the price compared to similar lightweight options – plus you can learn more here about its Pro version, saving an extra half-pound by purchasing this model.


The Lanshan 2 Pro tent from 3F UL Gear has become immensely popular among ultralight backpackers and wild campers, especially since its introduction. While maintaining all of the same basic qualities of its predecessor (tarpaulins and tent), this version features thicker outer skin (20D instead of 15D), single wall construction, seam sealing technology to reduce weight by half a pound and seam sealing to significantly cut down its footprint.

A lightweight three-season shelter designed for everyday hiking adventures. Though not intended to withstand harsh winter conditions, this model provides adequate protection for most standard hikers during long treks.

High Quality

Even though this tent is lightweight and inexpensive, its construction from high-quality waterproof materials ensures durability. The fly is made up of 15D and 20D silnylon while its floor consists of 20D silnylon making this tent both lightweight and inexpensive.

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Pitching the Lanshan 2 Pro tent is fairly easy, though there may be an initial learning curve to getting everything perfectly anchored down. Once you know how, pitching should only take five minutes on average and can be fine-tuned using various buckles and guy lines as necessary.

Like its Lanshan cousin, this tent features doors on either side to easily access its inner tent from either side. Furthermore, two vestibules allow you to store gear or change without leaving your tent.

One of the key draws of the Lanshan tent is its versatility: you can set it up without using its full 3-season tent to enjoy al fresco camping on warm, sunny days or in areas without too many bugs; or use only its outer tent as protection from rain and wind while remaining much lighter than full 3-season shelter.


Though classified as a two-man tent, the Lanshan 2 Pro is actually very spacious, easily fitting two wide sleeping mats side-by-side. There's enough space inside for sleeping two campers comfortably or solo campers who need space for gear storage in vestibules (porch areas).

Furthermore, ultralight hikers looking to reduce weight further may opt for this version which doesn't include an interior bug net – so ultralight hikers may opt to modify this tent into an extremely lightweight shelter (optional extra); 3F UL Gear have published plans on how this modification could work.

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