Lanshan 1 Pro Tent Review

July 4, 2023

By Nate


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3F UL Gear Lanshan 1 Pro is an ultralight single wall tent designed for beach camping by solo campers. Its lightweight construction and compact size make it easy to carry along trails.

This tent employs silicone-treated 20-denier silnylon on both sides for seam sealing purposes at home rather than at the factory, making the tent less expensive overall.


The 3F UL Lanshan 1 Pro Tent is an ultralight single-wall tent designed for backpackers and wild campers who seek lightweight shelter without compromising comfort or durability – ideal for backpacking trips and wild camping trips alike! Additionally, this tent makes an excellent option for stargazers.

This tent is constructed from silicone-impregnated 20-denier nylon on both sides, giving it breathability in hot weather conditions while not providing waterproof protection. Due to this non-waterproof property, users will need to manually seam seal it before use – an easy process which can be completed within minutes using silicon glue – making this tent more cost-effective for budget hikers.

Lanshan 1 Pro tent stands out with its bathtub floor, which floats above the ground to allow airflow around it and help prevent internal condensation. This feature is particularly advantageous in single-wall tents to help avoid internal moisture build-up.

This tent features a spacious front vestibule for gear storage and is divided by a zipper to make entering and leaving easier. Furthermore, there's an air vent in its peak to enhance airflow and prevent condensation build-up.

The Lanshan 1 Pro tent comes in multiple colors, such as green, gray, or khaki and only weighs 690 grams to set up with just one hiking pole required for setup. Ideal for solo beach camping due to its lightweight yet durable design – making this tent perfect for solo camping enthusiasts!


Lanshan 1 Pro is a one-person tent designed specifically for backpacking and ultralight camping. Constructed of lightweight materials – including silicon-impregnated nylon (silnylon) and ripstop nylon ground cloth – the tent offers durability but remains light enough for long hikes. Three season rating allows use during colder temperatures with suitable sleeping equipment; it even comes equipped with an absid for boots!

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The Lanshan 1 Pro tent is a single-wall design, which means it will get wet during periods of heavy rainfall. However, its ventilation or closure options can be adjusted according to changing weather conditions and are also easily adaptable when setting up and dismantling this tent.

It can be easily pitched using just one hiking pole, making this tent perfect for those seeking to reduce pack weight. Furthermore, its vestibule can be opened or closed as needed to minimize condensation issues.

This tent is very similar to the Zpacks Duplex; both are lightweight tarp-style tents without tent pegs. Their main differences lie in material and size: Lanshan is slightly lighter thanks to silnylon material which stretches less when wet; both tents however still need seam sealing to become waterproof.

Slick Design

3F UL Gear's Lanshan tent boasts an innovative design that allows it to be pitched with just one hiking pole, dramatically reducing weight and making assembly and dismantlement an easy process – perfect for backpacking adventures.

3F UL Gear manufactures the Lanshan tent, and you can find it online shopping websites at an extremely reasonable cost. Perfect for backpackers seeking to reduce camping expenses!

Lanshan Tents offer excellent value at an amazingly low price point, constructed of high-grade materials for maximum durability, making them the ideal choice for backpackers on a tight budget who still wish to enjoy nature and wilderness experiences. In addition, it comes equipped with lightweight yet breathable groundsheet and is offered both 3-season and 4-season variants.


The Lanshan 1 Pro tent combines features from both tarp and tent shelters to form a versatile ultralight shelter, making it an excellent choice for hikers seeking lightweight shelter. Made from high-quality silnylon material and designed as backpacking tent, its setup requires no poles – instead using walking sticks may assist.

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The Lanshan 1 Pro weighs only 690 grams, making it an ultralight option for backpackers. Yet despite its lightness, the tent remains spacious enough to comfortably house one person; plus there's even a vestibule so your gear won't get wet when rain drops unexpectedly! Plus it comes equipped with rainfly and mesh windows – plus waterproof capabilities too.

Hikers looking to reduce pack weight without compromising safety or comfort can consider this lightweight single-wall tent as an option. It features an easily customizable design so you can tailor it according to weather conditions; furthermore, this tent can also serve as either a solo tent or two-person shelter.


This tent weighs less than one pound and includes all of the features necessary for camping comfortably on any trail. Setup and pack-up are easy, while its variety of green, grey and khaki colors will match up perfectly with any hiking outfit – it would make an excellent addition to your backpacking gear collection!

Lanshan tent is a single-wall shelter with an inner tent designed for use as either three or four season shelter. Constructed from 15D silicon coated nylon material, its outer tent and inner tent can be separated to enable temperature flexibility. Furthermore, this tent comes equipped with an ample front vestibule which provides space for backpacks or hiking gear storage.

The Lanshan 1 Pro tent is a single-wall model, featuring an easy set-up process and convenient vestibule to protect gear from the elements. Weighing just under half a pound, it offers great value to hikers on a budget.

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The Lanshan 1 Pro ultralight tent has quickly become a favorite among hikers and backpackers due to its exceptional combination of size, weight and durability. At an extremely reasonable price point, anyone can take advantage of having such an affordable lightweight shelter on their journeys.

The Lanshan Pro stands out from its counterpart by shedding half-pound in weight; this represents a substantial savings on long thru-hikes when every ounce matters and may mean the difference between having enough energy to finish sections or not.

Pro tents feature a larger front vestibule which can be opened for ventilation and views of nature, and also feature a vent in its peak to facilitate airflow and reduce internal condensation – this feature is especially important when dealing with single-wall tents which tend to trap warm air near their ceiling and result in condensation issues.

Closing Thoughts

Lanshan 1 Pro tents feature the ability to be pitched without tent poles, making them suitable for setting up on flat surfaces such as beaches or fields; though not as stable on uneven ground.

The Lanshan 1 Pro tent is constructed using silicone-impregnated 20-denier nylon, a high-quality fabric suitable for tent construction. Typically this type of fabric is reserved for more expensive tents with flat-felled seams; however, since the Lanshan 1 Pro does not follow that tradition and must be manually seam-sealed before being used in rainy weather – an easy process that won't take very long.

The Lanshan 1 Pro tent is an ultralight two-person shelter that offers plenty of room. Featuring an ample entrance and vestibule area with plenty of headroom for taller hikers, as well as being highly breathable – making it suitable for hiking in warmer temperatures – as well as being pitchable without using tent poles, making this tent an excellent lightweight choice for backpackers seeking weight savings on their packs.

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