La Sportiva TX5 GTX Hiking Boot Review

March 30, 2023

By Nate


Seeking new details about the la sportiva tx5 gtx hiking boot? La Sportiva's TX5 GTX approach shoe grip and hiking boot protection offer the ideal combination. Drawn from their iconic Trango series, this high-cut ankle cuff provides support and security with 3D Flex system for optimal freedom of movement.

Vibram Megagrip rubber compound provides excellent grip on grass and rock, while an impact brake system gives you added confidence to go big. Furthermore, this shoe features a special Mythos lacing system for secure fitting with minimal heel slippage.

How Do La Sportiva TX5 Fit?

La Sportiva TX5 GTX is a mid-height approach boot designed for walkers and backpackers with heavy loads. It boasts a high cuff, Gore-Tex Extended Comfort membrane to protect your feet from water. In addition, debris while hiking, plus 3D Flex System precision holds and freedom of movement while you're outdoors.

Nubuck leather uppers are comfortable and breathable, while the Impact Brake System on the outsole provides great friction against ground. It also has a wrap-around abrasion-resistant rand, heel and toe bumpers. Thus, will protect from rocks or other debris hits. Also, Mythos lacing system which has minimal to no heel slippage – ideal for climbing shoes!

This 4mm OrthoLite footbed features a shock-absorbing EVA midsole and built-in STB control inserts to stabilize your feet. It makes an excellent all-day wear option due to its comfortable synthetic tongue. In addition, ankle area that won't chafe your feet or cause blisters.

What is GTX in Hiking Boots?

Hiking boots with GTX (Gore-Tex) membranes keep your feet dry and comfortable when hiking in the rain. They may also protect them from abrasions and cuts while exploring nature. In addition, you might want to wear them on an expedition. Thus, in order to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

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Midweight hiking boots have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. So, reflecting the demand for lightweight yet reliable gear for backpackers and serious day hikers. Yes, these models tend to be stiffer than lightweight options. That being said, they're still not as rigid as heavyweight models such as Salewa's Mountain Trainer 2 Mid GTX.

Boots in this category are ideal for climbers or scramblers who plan on traversing rugged terrain. Their high-cut ankles provide enough support to prevent rolling an ankle while traversing uneven ground. In addition to scrambling up steep slopes, while the upper material remains relatively stiff when laces are tightened securely.

The La Sportiva TX5 GTX is an ideal approach shoe for hikers and backpackers with heavy loads. Also, offering protection from twisting, turning and slippery terrain encountered on longer routes in mountains or deep forest. Its Vibram MegaGrip sole and Impact Brake System provide traction on various terrains.

How Much Does a La Sportiva GTX Weigh?

One of the most frequently asked questions about La Sportiva TX5 GTX is its weight. Fortunately, it only weighs 1 pound 3 ounces – lighter than most mid-height boots on the market! Unfortunately, the La Sportiva TX5 GTX isn't the lightest item in your pack. Fortunately, La Sportiva's lightweight hiking shoe rivals Salomon, Grivel and Patagonia all offer impressive offerings as well. We tested a number of boots from the major three and were delighted by how many lightweight alternatives we discovered during our extensive testing. In particular, we're particularly fond of Patagonia Microloft boots due to their impressively lightweight breathable waterproofing system.

La Sportiva TX5 GTX Men's

If you're searching for a lightweight mid-cut approach shoe with excellent support and grip, La Sportiva TX5 GTX is an ideal option. Constructed with leather uppers, these shoes feature an abrasion-resistant rubber rand and Vibram's solid toe cap.

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Gore-Tex's GTX Extended Comfort membrane keeps your feet dry on the trail. Plus, these boots are lightweight at just 2 pounds 1.6 ounces per pair – an amazing feat for this kind of footwear!

The TX5 GTX features a special Mythos lacing system to guarantee a secure fit with minimal heel slippage. Furthermore, its wrap-around abrasion-resistant rubber rand adds to its durability.

The TX5 is sized according to European EU sizes, which are finer-grained than US sizes for the perfect fit. I personally chose a 44EU men's.

La Sportiva TX5 GTX Womens

La Sportiva TX5 GTX, a mid-cut approach shoe designed for hikers and backpackers with heavy loads, is waterproof and comfortable thanks to its Gore-Tex Extended Comfort membrane and soft Nubuck leather uppers enriched with an all-round protective rubber, abrasion resistant rand and toe cap. Additionally, its high cuff protects your foot from stones and mud while its 3D Flex System gives maximum precision on holds while freedom of movement in complete safety; an underfoot stabilizer makes it ideal for extended use as well.

Vibram MegaGrip outsole with differentiated lugs provides superior grip on any terrain, while the Impact Brake System improves shock absorption. Paired with Ortholite Approach footbed, stabilising insole, and cushioning EVA layer, the TX5 is one of the most comfortable and supportive approaches shoes available today.

For women looking for a reliable and highly technical approach shoe to tackle tough crags, scrambles or long-distance hiking, the La Sportiva TX5 GTX womens is an excellent option from Italy's premier mountaineering brand. At less than 1 kilogram per pair, they're perfect for everyday wear as well as trail walking or longer-distance hikes on dry days.

What is GTX in Hiking Boots?

If you're searching for a waterproof hiking boot that keeps your feet dry, La Sportiva TX5 GTX is an excellent option. Not only does it boast some of the best waterproofing on the market, but it's also highly comfortable to wear.

Hiking boots with stiff outsoles provide superior traction on steep rock faces, mud, or other terrain that requires high levels of grip. Furthermore, they help to prevent stumbling and rolling of the ankle.

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Lightweight outsoles, however, are typically preferred for less technical trails where traction isn't a necessity. They allow the foot to slide more freely which can reduce fatigue during long hikes or when carrying heavy backpacking loads.

Midweight hiking boots are becoming a popular choice among serious day hikers and backpackers, who want to carry heavy loads yet still feel secure beneath their feet. These shoes represent an expert compromise between lightweight trail runners and robust hiking boots.

Waterproof hiking boots with a Gore-Tex membrane are the ideal companion for any backpacking trip, but they may become uncomfortable in warm weather due to their heavier design that makes them less breathable. In cooler temperatures, this tradeoff between water resistance and breathability often leads to blisters.

How Do La Sportiva TX5 Fit?

La Sportiva offers a range of last families designed for different foot shapes and climbing styles. Their Nucleo series boots have an arched toe, allowing for natural movement in both heels and forefoot; on the other hand, their TX5 features a high cuff and 3D Flex System for ultimate precision on holds while still offering full safety.

The TX5 GTX is the perfect balance of technical approach shoes and supportive hiking boots that provides superior support without sacrificing precision. It boasts a high cuff, Gore-Tex Extended Comfort membrane to protect your feet from water and debris, as well as 3D Flex System that allows for precise holds with complete safety.

They boast a number of other impressive features that are sure to please. For instance, their wraparound abrasion resistant rubber rand adds grip while significantly extending shoe life expectancy. Furthermore, the TX5 comes with an ortholite foam footbed designed to absorb shocks and wick away moisture.

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