La Sportiva TX2 Hiking Shoe Benefits

March 30, 2023

By Nate


Aiming for more information about the la sportiva tx2 hiling shoe? The La Sportiva's TX2 lightweight approach shoe is an ideal choice for climbers. In addition, those who prefer to keep things light during their hikes. They feature a knit mesh upper and durable re-soled soles.

Vibram MegaGrip rubber provides the sole, with a flatter “climbing zone” under the toe. So, this provides for great grip in all kinds of conditions.

What is the Difference Between TX2 and TX4?

La Sportiva's TX line of approach shoes offers the ideal balance of weight, support and durability. Choose from four models including the ultralight TX2 or heavier-duty TX4 (both weigh 9.8 ounces).

The TX2 is ideal for fast, technical approaches. To attach it to a harness, simply use the C2 Combo Cord. This strap tightly holds the shoe together for reduced profile when attached.

For more advanced climbers, the TX4 offers durability and comfort with its Vibram Mega-Grip outsole. It's ideal for approaching rock walls or scrambling up large slabs. The reason for this is due to its full wrap rubber rand and rubber toe cap that provide additional grip on small footholds.

The TX4 is a go-to among outdoor adventurers for its durable support, all-day comfort and sticky traction. As one of La Sportiva's most popular shoes, its leather construction can withstand years of intensive use.

Is La Sportiva TX Guide Waterproof?

The TX Guide is not fully waterproof, but it does have some water-repellent capabilities. Its upper is constructed out of split leather suede and nubuck, both naturally water-resistant materials.

Vibram MegaGrip soles are designed with an abrasion-resistant construction, allowing the shoe to penetrate unpaved roads and mud with ease. In addition, their sticky rubber provides great traction on dry scree and rocky approaches. Also, while helping prevent your feet from sliding around while walking or climbing in them.

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The TX Guide's asymmetrical lacing. Also, approach-style lacing combined with Mythos heel support prevent lateral movement of the foot, offering superior stability. We have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone searching for a high-performance trail shoe.

La Sportiva is known for their shoes that offer durability and stability. In addition, comfort during all types of hiking or climbing activities. Of course, these shoes may not be cheap, and they occasionally experience delamination issues. That being said, if you're willing to put up with some wear-and-tear, then the TX Guide offers excellent value.

Is La Sportiva made in China?

The La Sportiva TX2 Evo is an excellent shoe that has been modernized with a new sole and upper. The breathable air-mesh upper features Nano-Cells technology for maximum grip on technical routes. Also, on pitches, plus it also has GORE-TEX lining. In addition, Vibram IdroGrip sole featuring climbing zone for extra traction when climbing.

The TX2 Evo is the ideal hiking shoe for anyone searching for a lightweight, high-performance shoe that won't let them down. It offers various technological solutions such as the patented STB Control System which wraps the midsole in the medial part of the shoe to provide torsion resistance.

The TX2 Evo boasts a 100% recyclable tread made of recycled materials, giving it double the life cycle and easy replacement at authorized La Sportiva resolers. Other environmentally friendly elements include GORE-TEX lining, Ortholite(r) Hybrid Approach footbed and part of the midsole. Making this hiker friendly choice an ideal choice for anyone wanting to look stylish while being responsible at the same time.

What is the Difference Between TX3 and TX4?

La Sportiva offers a selection of approach shoes, with the TX3 and TX4, sitting somewhere in between light hiking/climbing shoes and heavy mountaineering boots. The TX3 is lightweight and breathable for hikes; on the other hand, the TX4 boasts greater durability and capability.

The TX3 boasts a firm, injection-molded MEMlex EVA midsole designed to offer plenty of cushioning and support. This makes it an ideal option for climbers who want to be able to go long approaches on tough terrain without fearing their feet getting worn down.

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In addition, the TX3 features a full-wrap rubber rand for added grip on small footholds and rock jugs. The Vibram MegaGrip rubber compound sole offers surefootedness on both dry and sloppy approaches, while leather construction provides added durability.

The TX3 is an ideal option for approach hikes or short backpacking trips, and it can also handle more technical terrain. Unfortunately, maintaining traction on rocky terrain with these shoes may be challenging since their uppers lack as much protection as the more robust TX4 model does.

La Sportiva TX2 Leather

La Sportiva TX2 Leather is an all-around shoe designed for technical approach routes and rock climbing in crags. Lightweight yet providing great grip on steep rocks and high boulders, it offers protection and traction on any terrain.

This lightweight approach shoe features a knit upper similar to what you'll find in lighter-weight running shoes or casual footwear. This knit allows for improved airflow and drainage, keeping feet cool throughout the day.

These shoes boast a TechLite toe cap made of PU, providing protection against abrasions. Furthermore, the TX2 has a Vibram Megagrip sole that delivers reliable grip performance on various terrains.

These shoes are an ideal choice for guides, scramblers and ridge runners who require adequate support while performing challenging approaches or technical climbs. Furthermore, free soloists who require shoes that can handle rocky terrain will find these shoes to be an excellent option.

How Much Does La Sportiva Weigh?

If you need an approach shoe that can handle everything from hiking to climbing, the La Sportiva TX2 is a great choice. At 1lb 3oz for both men's and women's versions, this shoe weighs in at half as much as the La Sportiva Boulder X and slightly lighter than other light-to-moderately lightweight options on the market like Evolv Zender (198g) or Five Ten Guide Tennie (407 g).

This one-piece knit upper provides optimal drainage and breathability while staying durable. Plus, its Vibram Megagrip rubber provides all-around sticky traction on wet or dry terrain.

The TX2 features an integrated combo cord around the heel for easy pairing with your harness or pack. Crafted with knitted polyester upper and non-slip mesh liner to keep dirt and sand out while rubber rand provides extra abrasion protection, this shoe also features a knitted polyester upper for optimal fit.

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La Sportiva TX2 EVO Sizing

La Sportiva TX2 EVO is an ideal approach shoe, suitable for climbing or scrambling short approaches to 5th-class routes. It's lightweight and comfortable – ideal for hikers with sensitive feet.

The TX2 has a Vibram MegaGrip sole with a climbing zone, providing superior traction on technical rock faces. However, be aware that this sole wears quickly.

These shoes require more frequent resoling than other footwear, making them unsuitable for alpinists who frequently traverse talus or undertake long alpine treks.

On shorter hikes or when ascending and traversing 4th or 5th-class terrain, the TX2 offers enough durability to last a while.

The TX2 features a breathable knit upper designed to drain and breathe more than other approach shoes, providing it with greater comfort and resistance to abrasion than leather or suede models.

Do La Sportiva Run Large?

La Sportiva TX2 is a hybrid running approach shoe designed to climb and run quickly. Think of it as the cross between trail-running shoes and approach shoes, featuring sticky Vibram Megagrip rubber outsoles and dedicated climbing zones at the front for optimal grip.

The TX2 is the ideal hiking shoe for hikers seeking a lightweight, breathable approach shoe that's capable of moving quickly on flat or near-vertical terrain. It also makes an excellent choice for mountain guides and scramblers needing fast draining shoes with excellent traction on technical rock faces.

Tested without socks, the TX2 proved to be comfortable in a range of climbing scenarios with both light and moderate loads. I was especially delighted by its soft, pliable midsole which provided excellent cushioning when going slow at slower speeds with light loads.

In addition to its woven upper, the TX2 also features a knit mesh that alters flexibility in different zones. This type of construction is popular for weight-conscious running shoes as it provides better fit with reduced water drainage. Plus, La Sportiva's Mythos lacing system lets you adjust fit at each eyelet for added comfort.

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